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From : Sriram, USA
Date: April 2017
Subject : The Indrakshi Mala has transformed my personal, professional and spiritual life in a very profound way.
Country : USA

Dear Neetaji, I am writing this mail to thank you, Vijayaji , Mr. Premanand and the entire team at Rudra centre for once again helping me to add the Tirjuti to my original Indrakshi mala that I purchased from your centre last year. The arrival of the indrakshi mala has transformed my personal, professional and spiritual life in a very profound way. My meditation has started becoming more and more enriching and rewarding. My professional and personal life has changed for the better . My relationships have improved in the last few months. Overall, I feel very blessed and satisfied. I owe all these positive developments to you, Vijayaji , Premanand and the team at Rudra centre for your help to put together this beautiful mala for me with beads of the highest quality. I am so glad that I made this decision to purchase the mala from Rudraksha Ratna. With Best Regards Sriram

From : Cosmina, USA
Date: December, 2015
Subject : My confidence increase I love myself more and I look at people with more love too
Country : USA

Thank you very much for Rudraksha combinations what I wear today Indra mala and sarva siddha,I convinced myself that is irrelevant if the beads are Java or Nepal,both work the same,in fact I wear more Java ones now, I feel I have more knowledge when I talk to people.   My confidence increase,I love myself more and I look at people with more love too.   At work I've been appreciated and complimented now like I never been before,I even got a bonus people respect me treat me nice.money come to me easily and more.   My permanent residency was a success everything went perfect exactly like I desire.    I remember when I had to shift my house I was praying to find a very close place..and I found in the same building from 10th floor to 1floor,I couldn't ask for better. I've received unexpected presents from random people flowers, money. I know are more great things to come in my life i can wait and I will let u know.to be positive and grateful is very important this is what I've learned and realise. Love you and your team and I recommend your beads to everyone.  

From : Marb, India
Date: September 2014
Subject : I have to say Indra mala and Gauri Shankar katha java malas is indeed very powerful put together by my Guru Neetaji
Country : India

Good morning Namaste My Dear GuruNeetaji This is updates on mom conditions after she wore the recommendations from you. Its about seven days now her condition improve tremendously. She is not confuse, she realize her own name and able to use her spoon to feed herself. She recognize who I am and able to remember my name as her daughter while I was feeding her. I am very very thankful for the Divine Grace of Lord Shiva and Guru Neetaji and the rest of rudra centre for helping healing my mom illness no words is enough to say thank you. I been with rudra centre since 2010 and still very satisfied and mostly happy. And I myself just love my indra mala silver very much, life has been happy etc... family, financial. I have to say Indra mala and Gauri Shankar katha java malas is indeed very powerful put together by my Guru Neetaji. I can feel its power just by holding them in the palm of my hands before put it on myself. ITS ALL VERY BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! AS ALWAYS Love and Light Marb and Family

From : Giridhar, INDIA
Date: August 2012
Subject : To make GENUINE RUDRAKSHAS available even in this darkest age of Kali is a superb achievement
Country : INDIA

Pranaam Mayanji , Hara Hara Mahaadev !! This email is to thank you & Rudra Centre for everything - suggestions for Rudraksha combination,making Rudrakshas available, affordable prices (your prices are much less compared to others in India), wonderful packaging of Rudrakshas, genuine Rudrakshas,superb Rudraksha work, & for Energising Rudrakshas at the Lords Holy feet. I received the Sarva Siddha Combination of Java beads yesterday. I am really happy,for Rudrakshas are the ornament for the devotees of the Only Lord. I purchased your Parad Rudra Linga a year ago. IT has really changed my life spiritually & there are no unnecessary material wants.I can say that if one purchases products from Rudra Centre with strong faith, they have a powerful effect on ones mind because they are genuine. To make GENUINE RUDRAKSHAS available even in this darkest age of Kali, is a superb achievement on your part. I bow to every one in your department for the service rendered to devotees of the Only Lord. You will definitely prosper more & more, spread to bigger places - both the company & the people working there. Hara Hara Mahaadev !! Giridhar

From : Nandanvan, INDIA
Date: February 2011
Subject : Its like wearing a meditation machine around oneself
Country : INDIA

Dear Neetaji, Namaste. After I received the rudraksha malas we went out of town and were back only during the last week. I have adjusted the upper arm malas only during the last week and started wearing from the last couple of days. Even the neck mala I started wearing regularly and for longer time only during the last week. I would say there is a very big difference after wearing this malas in only couple of days. Its like wearing a meditation machine around oneself. The energy difference is huge. Definitely the scientific combinations seem to make a world of difference. The power of rudraksha beads is great. I hope to make positive changes in life. Thanks and Regards, Nandanvan

From : W Kumar, INDIA
Date: February 2011
Subject : I felt immense divine love and energy
Country : INDIA

Dear Neetaji and RC centre, Namaste. I have received the Indrakshi mala, Indrakshi idol (sent as a gift) and the Indrakshi Yantra. Words can not describe the beauty and divine energy of all of these items. I felt immense divine love and energy and could not help giving maa Indrakshi a hug-she has so much motherly love. I felt like maa was extending her hand out in blessing as soon as I opened the package. The Indrakshi Mala is exceptional in beauty and make as well. I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to you and your centre for the generosity of the beautiful gifts as usual and sending a loving and beautiful maa in the form of maa Indrakshi idol of marble. My purchases with your centre do not stop here as I have a lot of faith and trust in your exceptionally divine products. I will definately make a point of paying you all a visit one day when I visit India. I shall keep you posted in future. With many thanks W. Kumar

From : Marb In, USA
Date: January 2010
Subject : I love my Indra mala very very much
Country : USA

Dear my wonderful guru Ms. Neeta and amazing rudra staffs: I have received my order this morning 1 day ahead of delivery schedule. I am very very happy to see my powerful and beautiful Indra Mala silver that you and your hard working staffs have put it together specially for me. Also along with that thank you soooo very very much for the marvelous free gifts that came along you spoiled me very much and i don't know how to express myself to you. I love my indra mala very very much. Now i'm going to wear my special sidhh mala silver nepal beads and akarshaya java beads with it that i previously purchase from your site. The beads are so pretty even the color that you have chosen. Everytime when i took my mala off before bed i always felt like i am missing something of me i felt like i am so attached to the beads. Thank you for making my dreams come true and without you my dearest guru Neeta it would not happen. I deeply thank you very very much for all of your hard work. May Lord Shiva continues to shower his blessings on Rudre Centre and the universe and i will keep you inform down the road Marb In

From : Rajiv, INDIA
Date: January 2009
Subject : I am overwhelmed with joy with my Indrakshi mala
Country : INDIA

Dear Neetaji, Thanks for making my dream come true. I am overwhelmed with joy with my Indrakshi mala which would not be possible without your effort/initiative and after actual processing it  I am blessed. I wish whole team of Rudraksha Ratna success in propagation of the holy bead Rudraksha. Thanking you all. - Rajiv.Kakeri.

From : Hiroppo
Date: June 2008
Subject : It is greater than if you became A billionaire
Country :

Namaste. Hello. If you get Indra mala, You are blessed by All gods. You are very fortune person. What you possess indra mala , it is greater than if you became A billionaire. Because you are always with all gods. When you die, you can not take any material world. So, for your happiness, I hope to wear Indra mala. Om

From : Sai
Date: December 2006
Subject : My career and family life has been perfect
Country :

I have been wearing Indra Mala for a year now, I would like to share the following: Indra mala should be bought from very reliable source who knows everything about effects of rudraksha (so they dont cheat customers by selling fake beads). You should do your mantra daily,(as suggested by your guru). I have been doing certain kind of meditation the results have been wonderful and fast after wearing Indramala. Though I had Indra mala for spritual purpose, My career and family life has been perfect and very fulfilling as well. Last but not least I suggest that Indra mala should be taken only after Rudra abhisheka is done on a monday. Thank You Sai Posted on Rudraksha Beads Societies Club


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