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From : Abhishek Kumar, India
Date: July 2016
Subject : I am speechless to describe my improved mental and moral conditions.
Country : India

Hello Neeta Di,    I am speechless to describe my improved mental and moral conditions.This all could becoming possible only just coz of your recommendation .It has developed a great never lasting faith in you.Everyday I feel effects changing my life positively. I honestly admire your research and feel lucky to get your consultation at crucial point on the way of my life.Again I am thanking you for you noble healing of my chakras. Financial issues also has got much more shortened and generally scarcities doesn't occur.   Sincerely with good hopes, ABHISHEK KUMAR

From : Szilvia and Tamás, Hungary
Date: October, 2015
Subject : We hope and also trust, that with your great knowledge we can help others heal and also find their path in their life
Country : Hungary

Dear Aashish, We would like to inform you with great happiness, that we came to a point to decide and also afford to be a full member in your global network. Aashish's wisdom gave a lot to us, and from day to day we are more passionate and happy to learn more, have a higher knowledge to bring them in to people's life to uplift their life, heal them, and lead them to their highest potential. This is our common goal, and also a call from our heart. We hope and also trust, that with your great knowledge we can help others heal and also find their path in their life, and by serving them, also fulfilling ours. Now we decided and finally could get the money to do it with full power, as full partners. We both realized it has to be a full, strong start by undertaking that wonderful role to be a healer within your partnership. We are very greatful for both of your kind help! We send our warm regards.  Szilvia and Tamás

From : Samantha and Mark, Turkey
Date: November, 2015
Subject : Your guidance has saved my sanity
Country : Turkey

Namaste Neetaji:   I am infinitely grateful for your generosity and the angelic guidance you provided through the report you sent. I am reading, re-reading and internalising the information whilst noticing my thoughts. This amazing process has slowed me down, enabling me observing, appreciating rather then dismissing. I am in the process of transforming myself and my life. Facing my fears and releasing them is an ongoing process and your guidance has saved my sanity. Much love n light from us both   Samantha and Mark

From : MILIEND, India
Date: June, 2015
Subject : I have started feeling more energetic and enthusiastic
Country : India

Dear Neetaji, Thank you very much for the free online consultation through email and further recommendation of Rudraksha beads and Gems for business success, joy and happiness. I have received parcel on Friday, June 26, 2015 and as recommended started wearing bracelet and Mala on Monday, June 29, 2015. As I strongly believe in Rudraksha beads and their positive impact, I already started getting positive results and attracting events and people to help achieve my goals and wishes. Further, have started feeling more energetic and enthusiastic. I take this opportunity to thank you very much for the recommendation from bottom of my heart and also thank Rudra Centre team for this commendable job of sending the parcel swiftly. I take this opportunity to wish you success in your great work of transforming lives of people across globe. With best regards and luck, Miliend

From : V. Subramaniam, Malaysia
Date: January 2015
Subject : Thank you for rendering assistance and you have given me good suggestions and options
Country : Malaysia

Dear Aashish, Thank you for rendering assistance and you have given me good suggestions and options, whereby your guidance has been very helpful to me in making the right decision. Most of all you have been very patient in handling my questions and issues even though I tend to be impatient at times. I would to take this opportunity to thank and compliment all the staff at Chakrayog and appreciate all the effort that has been put in to assist me. Keep up the good work. Best regards, V. Subramaniam (Malaysia)

From : Samira E, UK, UK
Date: October 2012
Subject : Thank you for making the genuine product available
Country : UK

Dearest Neeta-ji, Thank you so much for your advice. I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I particularly resonated with your Blog of September 22nd, 2012, I have read the line Everyone of us has a duty and a birthright to realize and execute our powers in every given situation to our advantage over and over. I was raised to think that was selfish and you should always put others needs first. These ideas were shared with me by a well-meaning mother and it is interesting to note, she died at 62 years of age and suffered from diabetes. Successful survival, better late than never!! I am happy to report my son and daughter-in law are in counseling and I know prayers are helping. I am also seeing the effects of the rudraksha are cumulative. The more I wear them, the more they help. Thank you for making the genuine product available to me and for being so generous in sharing this knowledge. I am so grateful. Samira E

From : Suhrud, INDIA
Date: March 2012
Subject : Thank you for great customer service
Country : INDIA

Hi, I received the parcel today in excellent condition. Thank you for great customer service. Please give my best regards to Neetaji and Tusharji who have been responding to all my queries on time. I am definitely recommending your site to whoever is interested in Rudrakshas. Keep up the great work. Kind Regards, Suhrud

From : Vignesh, Calcutta, Kolkatta, INDIA
Date: March 2011
Subject : Words are not enough
Country : Kolkatta, INDIA

Thanks for your Rudrakshas recommendations. Rudrakshas have started working now. They are showing positive effects. What surprises me is that I took Java beads because of budget and even they healed my legs and back problem. I am convinced of their power now. My father will contact you shortly for his Migraine problem. Please help him. Again thanks for your help.

From : Gopinathan Ponmanadiyil, Ontario, Canada, CANADA
Date: January 2011
Subject : I am getting more and more closer to the family members
Country : CANADA

Most respected Neetaji, I just wanted to take this opportunity to provide my experience with Gaurishankar Rudraksha that I am wearing based on your recommendation. As you know that I have started a new assignment in the beginning of December 2010, around 500KM away from home and at that time I had requested to allow me to work remotely and the employer was not agreeing for it and wanted me onsite 5 days a week. This was a difficult situation. Long story short, I am very happy today that the employer is allowing me to work remotely, I have to be onsite if there is an emergency, still there is travel involved but I can be home with family most of the days and working remotely from home. I strongly believe that this change in my employer happened because of the Gaurishankar I am wearing. I also noticed that I am getting more and more closer to the family members. I even got a call from my professor that have not contacted me for the last 6 years. Over all things are getting better on a daily basis and all this happened because of your knowledge and guidance. Appreciate your help and advices. Thanks Gopinathan Ponmanadiyil

From : Kerry M, Sydney, Syndey
Date: January 2011
Subject : My pains are gone
Country : Syndey

Dear Mrs Neetaji, As you know I was suffering severe shoulder & neck pains for 2 years and nothing could cure them even though I went to several doctors and attended hospital appointments. Thank you for recommending and guiding that I take up Aura-Chakra Therapy which found that I had throat chakra problems. I love the special mala you made for wearing near my throat. Its helped me a lot. I can say 80% of my pains are gone ever since I started wearing the mala. Previously I could only look downwards as movement of my neck was restricted by pain. Now I am able to look upwards and downwards with no problems. The beads are so beautiful (especially the 11 mukhi) and they are strung so professionally. I love the way they are personalized and I feel a deep connection with them. I\\\'ve told my relatives and friends about your website and they will be sure to ask for recommendations from you. Meanwhile they are admiring my mala and bracelets. God bless you, Kerry


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