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From : Samantha, Honolulu, Hawaii
Date: November, 2015
Subject : I appreciate you and Rudra Centre so much
Country : Honolulu, Hawaii

Hi Neeta!    Thank you so much... I received my package today....and thank you for the extra gifts!! I have a question... How many days do you wear the red thread Moli? I think you told me the last time 9 days. P.S. My husband, My son and I have found a beautiful home at a awesome location in Honolulu, Hawaii. I purchased a Puja service January of this year from Rudra Centre on buying a house... We waited patiently and found a wonderful home. I appreciate you and Rudra Centre so much.... Lots of Love to you all!!    Thank you & Love,  Samantha

From : Krishi, India
Date: June 2014
Subject : Thank you so much for your kind consideration
Country : India

Thank you so much for your kind consideration. As per your suggestion, I was able to call the head Priest Shri Rajeev Ji and listen to the sankalp. Today I have received a video of the sankalp through mail which i have visualized with elation. May I be sincere to you, after the puja truly I feel peace of mind and happiness. My gratitude to all of you, Kind regards Dr. Krishi.

From : Krishi, India
Date: June 2014
Subject : My thanks to your team of Rudraksha Ratna Puja Services
Country : India

Namaste Mr. Rajeev Gurudutta ji, I am very much obliged to you for your help and support through the puja. My thanks to your team of Rudraksha Ratna Puja Services. May I express my Gratitude to the Esteemed Head Priest Shri Rajeev Ji, together with the other equally respected nine Priests who have have performed the very difficult (Shri Dhumavti Puja) with sincerity and enthusiasm for me. Thankyou May you all be blessed Regards Krishi

From : Shonan, Doha
Date: June 2014
Subject : Rudraksha Ratna for doing my Pitradosh Puja
Country : Doha

Thank you to Rajeevji and others at Rudraksha Ratna for doing my Pitradosh Puja. very grateful...seeing effects already. Om namah shivaya

From : Tatyana Levine, USA
Date: April 2011
Subject : Something was removed during puja ceremony
Country : USA

Dear Neeta Ji! Namaste. Thank you for your excellent customer service skills, ability and desire to help. I had a very nice experience when in the last moment I was ordering extra pujas and you were able to perform them + communicate with the priests. Thank you for all your help and especially your personal opinion. Definitely, i would use it . Also, please tell to the priests my personal\\\\\\\" thank you\\\\\\\" for they are point of view , services and recommendations. During 5 th day puja i saw a dream - something was removed during puja ceremony. Many blessing and appreciation to you guys from all my heart !! Sincerely , Tatyana Levine.

From : Madhu, INDIA
Date: March 2011
Subject : You are really bringing home one step closer to us
Country : INDIA

Thank you so much for your help. This means a lot for us who are residing outside India. Being far from home it is not always easy for us to do these kind of pooja and yagna all by ourselves due to lack of resources and knowledge. You are really bringing home one step closer to us. Thanks, --Madhu

From : Radkar, INDIA
Date: January 2010
Subject : My wish doing Ganesh Yagna is fulfilled
Country : INDIA

Rudra centre team, Finally my wish -doing Ganesh Yagna is fulfilled. I am ever greatful to your Rudra centre. Thank you very much. Mrs. Radkar and family

From : Steve Barlaam, USA
Date: October 2009
Subject : It was incredible
Country : USA

Dear Ms. Neetaji,   I wanted to let you know that I loved the energy coming from my Japa/Puja. It was incredible. I am planning to order more in the near future.   Thank you very much again for your help.   Om Shanti Om, Steve Barlaam

From : Roshni, USA
Date: September 2009
Subject : May the Lord always bless you all
Country : USA

Dear RC Team,   Namaste.  Thank you very much for all your help and effort during the pooja.  I am gratefully thankful to all of you at RC.  You are a great team.  I look forward to the prasad and vcd of pooja.  May the Lord always bless you all.   Thanks heaps God Bless Roshni

From : Jaisimha
Date: March 2010
Subject : I was wonder stuck by the power and beauty of the mala
Country :

Respected Neeta Ji / RC team, I got introduced to Rudraksha by chance (indirectly) from my mother-in-law at her native place. After that I became very curious about Rudraksha and started searching the internet for more and more information and I landed up on your website and subsequently got my (first) Nepal Sidha Mala from you. The day I got it (around July 2008) - and when I saw it - I was wonder stuck by the power and beauty of the mala and the beads and the divine sandalwood aroma too !!!. It has been a roller coaster ride for me after wearing Sidha Mala - all mostly good and anything supposedly negative is due to my own mistakes. This rudraksha wearing and pooja and the tiny little bit of sadhana that I have done till now has helped ride over a career crisis last year when I had to quit my job in March 2009 in Bangalore India, due to various circumstances. Infact it has saved my life and also my family (I have two little kids - 6 years girl and 1.5 yrs baby boy) during a difficult time. I got a job in Singapore and relocated in July 2009. Along with our prayers and blessings of God/elders etc. - the rudrakshas have helped us get the right guidance from guru at the right time and also by grace of Lord Shiva - I visited the Shani + Darbanyeswara temple in Tirunallar plus the Nataraja Temple in Chidambaram (both in Tamil Nadu) - for some astrological remedies. These are very holy sites - I guess you already know their importance. All this is happened during the Sade Sathi period(still going on). Other benefits include - increase in faith and devotion to God and also practicing that faith in daily life, calming of short temper and help in contemplative thought process for spiritual and other related topics. Other subtle benefits - may be I have not been able to notice also! My parents and in-laws and some friends are also now wearing rudraksha malas from RC after I recommended to them. As I told you the other day on phone - I am trying to spread the benefits of Rudraksha to other people whenever the situation permits and of course I recommend them to look at the RC website first. Hope to hear good news about your further research. I just had a thought and a humble request - I hope you will publish a scientific + vedic encyclopedia about 'rudraksha/other holy items plus your research' so that it may be a guiding light for the future generations of humanity !. Best Regards, Jaisimha


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