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From : Bob Reecer
Date: January 2003
Subject : I feel fortunate that there is an organization such as yours
Country :

Dear Neeta, The replacement shipment for the package which was lost arrived today. The malas and the CD appear to be in good condition. Thanks again for your prompt attention to getting the replacement to me. Again I would like to say that I feel fortunate that there is an organization such as yours. Love, Bob

From : Jayashree
Date: January 2003
Subject : Your professional and compassionate service
Country :

Dear Neetaji, We received the rudraksha package today. We are very pleased with the items as well as your professional and compassionate service. with very best wishes Jayashree

From : Jorge Lourenço
Date: January 2003
Subject : I could fell an intensification in the heat
Country :

I wonder if anyone in this group knows Vedic Recitation or has a cassette with Vedic recitation. Yesterday I was filling very tired and so I put my mala, and, as I was driving I put a cassette in the radio that I received from Rudra-Ratna with Vedic chants to Shiva and Ganapati. Let tell you that I could fell an intensification in the heat I was receiving from the mala, and after a while the tiredness disappeared. Any similar experiences? Jorge Lourenço

From : Syzenith
Date: December 2002
Subject : Have almost cured the ailment in two days
Country :

Couple of days ago, a parcel arrived from Neetaji. I am setting up to be an "Australian distributor" very slowly and gradually and have much to learn from everyone here. Could not sleep at all with the 5 mukhi near me or on the person. But when I put it on in the morning, could feel it working subtle cooling currents through the system. The sphatik mala helped too. Being prone to heat rashes (its skewering Hot summer in Ozland), the sphatik removed the condition when it was round my neck along with 5 mukhi beads on a string. Prior to this, I'd used all the creams, lotions and potions one could think of and nothing helped the heat rashes. Its amazing how the 5 mukhi and sphatik mala combined, have almost cured the ailment in two days! I'm stunned and awed. Btw, the sphatik also enhanced clarity of mind. Om Namah Shivaya,

From : Nanda kumar
Date: December 2002
Subject : Already experiencing the peace and tranquility
Country :

Dear neetaji, how are u? I am already experiencing the peace and tranquility of wearing rudraksha, especially after wearing 13 mukhi(3 beads) sent by you. What I would like to ask (I have already asked this question to you)is whether I should take the mala off from around my neck while consuming non-veg food/consuming beer etc.Iam specifically asking this because even now Iam having the habit of taking both occasionally.I only take beer(no other hard liquor).Occasionally while going through some testimonies, I find some persons stressing about this point.Pls clarify. Nanda kumar

From : Kamal
Date: November 2002
Subject : I felt an intense rush of energy
Country :

When I was in India, I saw people wearing rudraksha and so I asked my aunt what they were and why people wore them. She simply said that people wear them because Siva wears them. Later, after I had returned to the U.S., she sent me 3, 5 mukhi rudraksha. One day I decided to put them on, so I strung them up and wore them. I felt an intense rush of energy, I felt like I was going to be swept away by it. It was so intense that I had to go outside and walk. It was almost too much for me to handle. The experience lasted for about half an hour. After that, whenever I put those beads on I felt like I was a foot taller, my voice even got deeper, and I noticed that people were a lot nicer to me. I decided to keep them near my Siva linga, and no longer wear them. The power in those beads was a bit too much for me. I also ordered a mala from rudra center with 3 -11 mukhi beads. The effects of the mala came on a lot slower and were more bearable. At first I just felt peace. The more I wear the mala the more energy I feel flowing through it. I think it's important to not expect anything when wearing rudraksha or doing any spiritual practice, one should rather have an intense aspiration, faith, and should surrender everything one does to the Divine. Then the Divine will do what is the best for you, and there will be no disappointments. Namaste,

From : Peter Leadbetter
Date: November 2002
Subject : I feel this amazing feeling of positiveness
Country :

"Thanks for this extremely useful and informative site. I am very happy with the quality of Rudrakshas supplied by your Centre . It has given me excellent results. I have been wearing it for 2 months now, and I feel this amazing feeling of positive ness in me that I never felt before. Things have never been smoother in my life before . I am very happy I bought the Rudraksha from Rudra Centre . My best wishes."

From : R.Maran Chandraraja
Date: November 2002
Subject : Very informative especially on Rudraksha
Country :

Greetings. I am truly happy to come across this website which is very informative especially on Rudraksha. I believe Rudra Centre ia a genuine source to get quality Rudrakshas. A lot of Malaysian Hindu will be happy to know about this website.

From : Markandeya
Date: November 2002
Subject : It is my sincere prayer that the fruits of my austerities
Country :

Namaste, This has left me a little stunned. I have been drawn to Lord Ganesha for about two years now, as well as the mantra 'Om Hreem Namah Shivaya' (you had recommended Lord Ganesha and chanting Hreem throughout the day), for a few months. These suggestions and interpretations of things are so very right on and 'hits the nail on the head'. I consider it a blessing and the grace of Sadguru that I have been able to receive all of this, along with the beads that are coming, through your institution, your temple and your site on the web.It is my sincere prayer that the fruits of my austerities, with special emphasis on Neeta who has been so patient and helpful in several ways, may be yours. aum Guru Om Markandeya (Marcus)

From : John
Date: November 2002
Subject : healing with Indonesian Rudraksha
Country :

Dear Ms Neeta Here's some update on healing with Indonesian Rudraksha. I was already using a bracelet of 21 (7mm), 5mukhi beads on my right hand. Began to sneeze and nose started running. Head felt heavy, felt very sluggish - onset of flu. It did not get worse nor improved. I had an intuitive feeling to switch the braclet to my left wrist. After switching I felt a tingle of prana moving up from my left wrist to my left elbow. My nose started to dryup and the sluggish feeling went off. No medication. Before using this, I would have gotten medication. After a few days there was another round of very mild sneezing but that was all. It did not worsen. Ever since, I have been using the bracelet on my left wrist. Another observation, after I started wearing Rudrakshas, my energy level is very constant. I do not need to reiki myself. Best wishes. John


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