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Personal Consultation

Are you aspiring for the next Level in Life?

  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Holistic Health
  • Happier relationships

Are you suffering from any recurrent health issue such as Back Pain, Knee Pain, Body Aches, Headaches, Migraine, Sinus Congestion, Acidity, Diabetes etc?

Do you have these symptoms:

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Making poor judgments
  • Having difficulty remembering
  • Re-occurring negative thinking
  • Feeling anxious & nervous most of the time
  • Forgetfulness
  • Feeling irritable
  • Feeling of hopelessness

Do you feel stuck in your Career or Personal life?

I invite you to contact me for a personal consultation wherein I will determine which Chakra of yours needs attention and will suggest Rudraksha and Gem combination to help you achieve Health, Empowerment and Success.

Rudraksha and Gems work on balancing your Chakras and give you empowerment as you go through different challenges of life given by the planets. Balancing your Chakras increases your aura, improves your health, and well-being: physically, mentally and emotionally. And that actually translates into Personal and Professional success. You attract good relationships because you are mentally and physically healthy. You perform better in your Job, do better administration, take good decisions and attract opportunities because of your well being.

So experience Healing, Empowerment and Success with Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy.

7 Chakras


Lord Shiva

Lessons of Chakra

Benefits Chakras 7 Chakras Chakra Therapy

Personalized Email / Phone Consultation with Neeta Singhal

You will need to fill a form and based on this, you will get a detailed email report having  Aura Chakra analysis report Astrology chart and interpretation Understanding your life the right way Recommendation of:

  • Rudraksha - Suitable combinations for empowerment.
  • Gems-This includes Gemstones that are best suited as per your astrology and chakras. Also verification of suitability and correct placement of Gemstones you are wearing currently.
  • Suitable Yantras for wearing and for your altar
  • Mantras and Daily affirmations.
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Rs 2,800 / $42.84 On payment, we would email you form to fill or fix time for telephone appointment. Thereafter you would receive a detailed report with astrology analysis, chakra analysis and remedies of Rudraksha, Gemstone and Yantra.

Personalized Consultation With Neeta Singhal

1.5 hours of private consultation on Skype


Work on your belief system Helping you to understand yourself and life Cleansing through meditation Astrology chart and interpretation Detailed chakra analysis Identification of suitable metals, colours, numbers, directions and Istha Devas Recommendation of:

  • Mantras
  • Gems
  • Yantras
  • Rudraksha

Indepth solutions for new approach to life with affirmations

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Rs 4,950 / $75 This amount will not be adjusted against purchase.

Puja Services Consultation

Would you like to achieve Grace for?

  • Business Success
  • Career Growth
  • Education Success
  • Marriage
  • Good health and longevity
  • Spiritual augmentation

Vedic Mantras chanted by priests and Homa ceremonies are a very quick way to please Gods for overall wellbeing, protection, peace, stability and success in life. What we offer in this consultation:

  • Detailed analysis of your astrological chart along with Doshas, Antar Dasha and Mahadasha in the charts
  • Identifying your malefic and benefic planets and suggesting appropriate puja remedies for these.
  • The Puja discipline to follow along with the Ishta Devtas and mantras
  • Suggesting puja remedies for your specific concerns

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Rs 2,800 / $42 This amount would be adjusted fully against the purchase you make against the recommendations.

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Consult for Your Child

Children Month
  • Problems related to focus, concentration, memory, knowledge, grasping power, intelligence etc.
  • Teaching a child to identify bullying, react and deal it at their level and also seeking help, need to be told to the child.
  • Helping the child identify positive peer pressure and keep negative peer pressure away.
  • Stress can lead to anxiety, withdrawal, aggression, physical illness etc.
  • Low self esteem; judging self; suicidal tendencies, competitive pressure.
  • Dealing with the child's transition from child to teen, their rapid growth, their changing habits, lifestyle demands, consciousness, maturity.
  • Helping them to deal with substance abuse by instilling values in them.
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Chakra Vastu Consultations

ChakravastuChakra Vastu is the science of balancing universal energies and maximizing their benefits in a Home or Workplace by enhancing the Chakras and Elements of Vastu Purush. It's a simple yet powerful system of reaping maximum benefit by managing energies and influences of the Five Elements, Planets, Chakras, Geometries, Directions and other tools. The entire universe is made up of Panchbhuta or the five elements - Ether (Akash), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal) and Earth (Prithvi). These elements and their energies reside both inside and outside of human beings and human dwellings too.

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Rs 2,800 / $42 This amount would be adjusted fully against the purchase you make against the recommendations.

About Neeta Singhal


The Brilliance behind RRST

Chif Executive Director

Neeta Singhal took over as Chief Executive Director of Rudra Centre in 2000 after her return from Indonesia where she stayed for 10 years. Since then she has been helping people from across the world and doing research on correct usage of holy items. She leads a very busy life counseling people, speaking at seminars/conferences and her sessions have benefited CEOs, film stars and the masses in general,

  • She is considered by many as the epitome in the world of Counseling and Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy as she has spent more than a decade researching about Rudraksha and Gemstones and how these natural beads and Gems can have a positive influence on people's lives.
  • She has been conducting Aura/Counseling programs that have benefitted thousands of people from all over the world & also possesses expertise in selecting authentic and high quality Rudraksha and natural Sattvic Gems from remote areas of the world.
  • After therapy, people have rediscovered their inner strength and started living a more happy and meaningful life. She also says that to get full power of Rudraksha and Gemstones, it is necessary to select them with due diligence and wear them in the right manner. Most people disregard this aspect of the correct usage of these powerful items and hence do not realize their full power.
  • In her 10 year research on Rudraksha beads and Nava Ratna, she has identified how to tap the power of these miraculous holy items to achieve good health, wealth, success, bliss and completeness in all areas of life.
  • She identifies your planetary, mental and emotional blocks and suggests remedies to overcome them in the shortest time span in a very simplistic manner
  • With a Masters in Computers Science degree (MCA from Delhi University), she obviously is aligned to 'logical' reasoning and is revered by her admirers within India and world over. A mother of 4 bright grown up kids, she is always bursting with enthusiasm and is a Sister, Mother and Friend for her clients and associates. At present, she is writing a book on 7 Dimensions which would be released soon.
  • Neeta Singhal was honoured with the Jyotisha Vaghdevi title by International Astrological Association. She was Awarded for "Best Research in Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy" by Big Research Business and Service Excellence Awards in September 2012.

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Neetaji has been awarded by Srishti News in July 2013 for her outstanding research and work done in the field of Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy.


Neeta Singhal honoured with “Jyotish Shiromani Award” by All India Business Development Association


Neeta Singhal receives award for “Best Research in Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy” from Cricketer K Srikkanth. Know more


Neeta Singhal being honoured in Agarwal Sewa Samaj Annual celebration function as a Honorary dignitary for Her work in spreading Rudraksha Ratna Therapy for the benefit of society. View pictures...


Neeta Singhal was honoured with the Jyotisha Vaghdevi title by International Astrological Association. View pictures...


Om Swami Guruji visits Rudra Centre


Wilbur Glen Colaco, world known speaker on Universal Laws visits Rudra Centre


Rishi Hans from Goodluck stores, USA with Neeta Singhal


Canadian Associate Mr. Gopinathan visits Rudra Centre


Pervin Clasper from Hongkong, Shakti Healing Circle with Neetaji


Neeta Singhal Along With Krishnamachari Srikkanth, Former Captain Indian Cricket Team

Hear from our clients.

The Mala of Success

By Joe Vitale on ,January 19, 2013

"Joe, what's with the beads?"

People sometimes ask me why I wear a string of beads. I've been wearing them off and on since 1979. It began as a mala (prayer or meditation necklace) my spiritual teacher at the time asked me to wear. Over the years it evolved into something more.

Wearing beads in The Secret

I wore beads when I was in the movie The Secret, and when I appeared on Donny Deutsch's television show, The Big Idea.

I didn't wear them on either of my Larry King Live television appearances and the studio asked me why not after the shows. They considered them part of my outfit.

I learned my lesson. I'm almost never without them today.

Why is that?

There are at least four reasons

1. They were gifts and have sentimental value.

Legendary self-help author and today my dear friend, Debbie Ford, gave me one set years ago. A friend in Dallas made a set for me from rubies. A few sets have come from friends in India. I cherish these gifts. They are loaded with emotional meaning and love to me.

2. They are reminders of the spiritual side of life.

Because malas are usually religious tools, they are like rosaries and prayer beads. I often repeat the ho'oponopono mantra of I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me and thank you, as I touch each bead, which is similar to what others do with their rosaries and prayers. The necklace is a spiritual reminder.

3. They are power centers.

Some beads are inherently powerful. Rubies are power gems. Rudraksha seeds (which I'll explain in a moment) are historically potent. They are said to attract prosperity to wearers of them. I like prosperity.

4. They make me look cool.

You'll have to decide this one, but I think it's part of my image, or brand. Apparently so did Larry King. Some people wear fancy hats or colorful scarfs. I wear beads.

These beads are part of my secret to success. They not only add to my look, but they are gems infused with power, and help assist me in attracting what I want. They don't replace action, but they do assist my own action.

Even if you think this is a placebo and it's all in my mind, isn't it your mind where *everything* actually takes place?

Please hear me out. This could transform your life. (And no, you don't have to wear any beads to make this work for you.)

The "mala" or prayer beads I'm wearing these days is a custom made one out of real gold and special seeds called Rudrakskha, or prosperity seeds. It is called The Indrakshi combination.

It was put together in a precise, scientific way, by a woman named Neeta Singhal. She is a leading pioneer in the world today on Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy. She has been practicing this since 1997.

This is not religious but is very spiritual, and is very scientific. Rudraksha beads open up the chakras in your body in an unbelievably short time in less than 3 days.

This starts the process of physical and emotional healing. These miracle items from Neeta enhance your aura (energy field) and help you attract wealth, good relationships and success.

The secret, however, is to string the Rudraksha beads in the correct manner. This is the exact art Neeta has mastered and wants to share with you.

I'm not the only one to feel this way. Here's an email I received (used here with his kind permission):

I just saw your recent testimonial on Ms. Neeta's site: www.rudraksha-ratna.com.

"I have been a customer of Ms. Neeta for several years and it all started with me obtaining a 19 mukhi Rudraksha from her back in August 2010. Slowly I have been very fortunate to be a care taker of the splendid Indrakshi Mala which I see you wear as well based on your testimonial. I purchased this Mala for my 32nd Birthday this October. It was this or a gold Watch which I had been eyeing. Believe it or not After purchasing the mala a few weeks later I got a watch which was much more amazing that I wanted and I did not have to pay a single dime for it (I traded a gem which i wanted to sell for a while). I can give you countless examples of rare mystical transformations after wearing different types of Rudraksha beads.

I truly believe I am fortunate to be able to wear such a mala and I can attest, just as you can, the splendid power of rudraksha and this mala.

I wanted to reach out to you since I have watched The Secret and I truly believe that the Indrakshi Mala is a manifestation of the positive thought vibration as discussed in your videos.

There is very little information of personal experiences of those who wear the Indrakshi mala because it is such a rare possession. I would like to open a dialogue in to let the world know more about this Mala and mystic bead ".

God Bless,

Dr. Gurpreet Khurana

You can discover more for yourself with a personal consultation from Neeta. You'll find it eye-opening and useful. Neeta will give suggestions for you on

  • Chakra analysis
  • Astrological interpretation
  • New types of affirmations
  • Suggestions for mantras
  • Suggestions for the right gems for you to wear
  • Suggestions for Yantras to place in your home
  • Rudrasksha suggestions (not just for wearing, as you can also carry them in your pocket or purse, etc.)

The list goes on.

What will Neeta say about you?

Just go to - What will Neeta say about you? - and select the middle section titled "Email consultation with Neeta Singhal."

I do not make a dime from my endorsing her. I simply believe this is a great service and she's a wise woman. This may be the ticket you need to jump to the next level in your life.

I'd be curious to know what she suggests for you.

Go see.
Ao Akua,

PS - Below is a clip of me in Chicago answering a question about my beads.

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