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Dasmahavidya Mantra Jap - Matangi


Matangi Mantra

Dus Mahavidya Maa Matangi

Maa Matangi, the ninth of the ten Mahavidyas is a barbaric goddess. Maa Saraswati’s Tantric form is the violent & extreme energy goddess of learning as well as music. Most strange aspect of this goddess is that she’s offered left over or half eaten food. Maa Matangi’s Mantra’s helps people in attracting people to self without considering their will or wish (Vashikaran)

Following is the most effective mantra one chants to please Maa Matangi:


Appearance & Attire

Like lord Shiva with a crescent Moon on her forehead, Maa Matangi is observed as in green color. She is holding a veena in a hand & a sword in the other. Her golden throne is richly jeweled. Rest two hands have sword & human skull. She is gracefully bejeweled and has a beautiful smile & eyes causing intoxication. Her garland is that of Kadamba Flowers. In some of her forms shes also observed as Goddess Tripura Sundari holding the floral arrows & sugarcane bow. She has pure & everlasting love for Parrot.

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Significance of Maa Matangi Mantra

Maa Matangi’s Mantras help gain full-fledged prosperity in all aspects of life. Human psychology is such that we are never satisfied. Our wishes are endless. People try & wish to gain more & more once they get what they desired for. Maa Matangi’s Mantra helps fulfill all the desires & wishes one have, all the desires & wishes that are endless also gets fulfilled by regular chanting of Maa Matangi’s Mantra. Be it favorable public reputation or the state of affluence, who so ever wishes for a plentiful life can also hope for a life full of all fulfilled desires by chanting Maa Matangi’s Mantra regularly.

Astrological Significance

Alms of any form are the best means to please Maa Matangi, as quoted the more you give, the more you get. Maa Matangi’s worshipping & Mantra chanting guides human & gives them strength to give alms & donate and maintain the balance in the universe. When one give away hard earned precious possessions one gets self-consolation. One lifts ownself by lifting others, be it emotionally, physically or financially.


Being the incarnation of Maa Saraswati, Maa Matangi Mantra chants fulfill all the desires & aspirations one have in life. Goddess Matangi Mantra chants help please the goddess & she blesses one with the supernatural powers, and one can gain the control over the enemies and also attain the higher level knowledge of supreme being & self.

Regular chanting of Maa Matangi’s Mantras protects a person from the following:

• Helplessness & poverty
• Evil eyed people & black magic
• Black Magic
• Mental, Physical & Financial Instability

Maa Matangi Mantra is considered as the mool mantra to attain everything positive one desire to have in life for a comfortable as well as luxurious survival.

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