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From : ShivaPrasad, India
Date: December 2014
Subject : I purchased several products from Rudraksha Ratna
Country : India

I purchased several products from rudraksha ratna. For eg. I ordered kanakadhara yantra. They sent me by performing puja. Now i am purchasing gold atleast twice in a month. Thank you.

From : Margareta, UK
Date: August, 2015
Subject : I am more optimistic and fi ding my old energy again
Country : UK

Hllo,  Namaste,  Dear Mrs Neeta Singhal and colleagues,  Many thanks for the items sent! Effective and the Yantras are beautifully made. I havent tried the mukhi beads till now, and already I am more optimistic and fi ding my old energy again!I used to be far more confident, but after many, many problems, I had a bit of an emotio al bashing,.My dear 2nd husband died of cancer, although we had ahealthy lifestyle, and I was ill, with a lump in my breast Ater that a friend died in a fire and I had a lot of vandalism at my former address, yet was leading a quiet life, not causing trouble. My mother fell ill, after many years of being partly disabled and my sister tuened against me.My first husband died 3-4 years ago, and our daughter turned against me.This has improved, but not quite to the happy mum and daughter that we were.I have other children and gramdchildrenall doing well.and even so, the eldest girl is, also.In the past, I tried many talismans and have put these away.I had much faster result with your items.I have been meditating ober 21-23 years amd recently restarted yoga, which I did in the past.I also keep fit by long walks and swimming.The meditation has helped me to be calm, but materially , my life is far worse.However, with ypur items,I think I have found a better way forward.In the past, I have had some success in music and am a professionally-trained singer-also worked in alternative therapies.I am partly retired at the moment, but would like to do more with my life.I do feel I amnow in touch with the right people.

From : Abhishek, Mumbai, India
Date: October, 2015
Subject : Am really grateful to you
Country : Mumbai, India

I am really grateful to you. Although I purchased a small Kuber pendant in copper, I was really satisfied. I requested to send me an extra string which this company has rightly did. Moreover it was energized too as I could rightly get the fragrance of typical Puja and Havaan. Thanks again. This goes in to show the best practices followed by this company.  Good luck.

From : Jaya, TX, USA
Date: July, 2017
Subject : You are truly inspiring
Country : TX, USA

Hi Neetaji,I just saw your hrit Padma chakra video and I would like to say a big thank you for sending this video across. I have attended many yoga and meditation camps and workshops in India but never got this type of knowledge on chakras . You are truly inspiring . And also I ordered the Sri chakra as a gift to someone and I must say it's so so magnificent. There have been some delays and confusions with orders but I must say that each and every product I ordered so far exceeded my expectations . I would love to attend your workshops when I am in India .It's amazing to see someone like you who is so progressive talk about these in a scientific way. Loving your videos on yantras, parad , and chakras. Thanks for making these available .ThanksJaya, TX, USA

From : Annapurna, USA
Date: July, 2017
Subject : Things in my life look like they are moving in a positive direction
Country : USA

I wanted to give you an update. I am very much feeling the benefit of my Rudrakshas. I wear them 24/7 and I am less fearful and more trusting of the world. I am feeling happier. Things in my life look like they are moving in a positive direction. I have been meditating too and my meditations feel much deeper from the first week of wearing the bracelet and necklace with all the mukhis.ThanksAnnapurna, USA

From : Mrs Alpana Sinha, Mumbai, India
Subject : Suganghit sandal incense
Country : Mumbai, India

Your sugandhit sandal incense is excellent .. I use it regularly .. helps me purifying home aura with divine energy

From : Digvijay Singh Tomar, ahmedabad
Date: May, 2017
Subject : it's wonder
Country : ahmedabad

Dear Mam, I am very surprise when i wear 7 mukhi java rudraksh cost only 400 rs initialy. Mam my job is left bcz of some problem in with my team leader. I am in notice period and find job but no opportunity come. After wearing 7 mukhi new opportunity come and i select in 3 company withnin 20 days. It wonder, my bad luck is gone. Thank you very much.

From : Anna. P., India
Date: May 2017
Subject : I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you
Country : India

Dear Neeta, I trust all is well with you. I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. I have valued your advise. I've been wearing my bracelet and 15 mukhi pendant constantly and I am starting to feel the benefits. I think the most obvious is that my fear is dissipating and although I still have bursts of anxiety and worry about how things will happen as it seems to be an uphill struggle, I am immediately relieved with a knowledge that all will be well. I feel healthier and more trustful and at peace with the universe. I believe the other benefits will unfold and the rudrakshas will help with my other issues.Thanks again.Annapurna.

From : Tanya, Australia
Subject : I love Rudraksha Ratna
Country : Australia

I love ordering from Rudraksha Ratna. They care about their clients and made every effort to ensure that my order reached me in a timely manner. You can see that this company is run with a lot of love and a solid vision. Many thanks, love the world you do.

From : Anuradha, Nagpur
Subject : I am awestruck!
Country : Nagpur

Pleasantly taken aback by your splendid products, communication and fastest delivery! Now would buy products from your website only in future as its a one-stop shop for all good products!Thnx a lot.Anuradha


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