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From : Ganesh Prasad, Bangalore
Subject : I am so pleased!
Country : Bangalore

"I have tried to balance my chakra's in the past on my own, but I was not very successful! I am so pleased! I can honestly say that I have not felt so good for years...."

From : Pritesh Meisheri, Mumbai
Subject : I am so grateful
Country : Mumbai

Whenever I feel down, stressed out, or tired for no reason, I just put on the rudraksha. This stuff works! I am so grateful.."

From : Baladevan Balakrishnan, Malaysia
Subject : I can fly again
Country : Malaysia

I can fly again, My spinal chord injury got healed miraculously

From : Roshni Devi, Australia
Subject : My financial situation improved drastically
Country : Australia

Don't feel any negativity now. My financial situation improved drastically.

From : YASHAS UMESH CHANDRA, Toronto, Canada
Subject : Great website to buy spiritual items
Country : Toronto, Canada

I simply have to say - Rudra Centre is THE BEST website to shop for spiritual items! I have bought several items from Rudra Centre and every single one of them was genuine and so carefully and beautifully crafted (and packaged)! I would definitely give Rudra Centre a 10/10! Keep up the good work! You are providing a great service, particularly to NRIs, who don't have access to these kind of items abroad!

From : Rinki Pradhan, Burla,Sambalpur,Odisha,India
Subject : Very Impressive
Country : Burla,Sambalpur,Odisha,India

I am impressed with the beads of rudraksha and their effects.Me and My younger brother,Chittaranjan Pradhan,both wore it.My Parents are also very glad after seeing the beads of rudraksha.

From : Sreekanth
Date: December 2016
Subject : Very highly committed, professional, knowledgeable, patient, polite and understanding team
Country :

Dear Neetaji,Kindly accept my humble testimonial for your holy organization 'This is my second testimonial and I fall short of words to express my gratitude or appreciate Neetaji and her team. Very highly committed, professional, knowledgeable, patient, polite and understanding team. The packaging is beyond excellence and the lovely workmanship of every item which clearly demonstrates lot of sincere hardwork and affection. Priti , Prem and every member deserves a standing applause! Neetaji, your work is beyond human appreciation... God bless always'Wishing everyone of you a very HAPPY , PROSPEROUS FUN FILLED NEW 2017........Love n regards Sreekanth

From : Ruhaan, Jammu
Subject : 5 mukhi beads
Country : Jammu

Quality rudrakshas and gemstones ..excellent packing...I bought 5 mukhi collector andwater beads... Oxym experience.

From : Sree, UAE
Date: 28th November
Subject : This is my first interaction with Rudra centre and will continue lifelong
Country : UAE

This is my first interaction with Rudra centre and will continue lifelong. Neetaji has been so patient, professional and highly knowledgeable. She has carefully taken time to explain and create confidence in me before I placed my order. The next very impressive point is the immediate delivery. Surprisingly quick. And the ultimate packing which is so beautiful and carefully packed. Words cannot describe my pleasure when I saw my mala. The most beautiful Rudrakshas. A real feast to the eyes. I strongly and sincerely recommend Rudra Centre to any and every one. Great work Neetaji. You are really a delight to the world!!!!Sree

From : Piyush sharma, Jalandhar
Subject : Thank you
Country : Jalandhar

Such great work you guys work do. great service, packing, quailty of product .. i recommend rudrakhsa ratna .. everyone who want buy rudrakhsa .. thanks you i feel blessed.


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