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What our Clients Are Saying
  • It was indeed a miracle

    We wanted to say big THANK YOU from our bottom of the heart since the rudraksha mala you had suggested has given miraculous results as well as the Shree Yantra.close
    --P. Baweja
  • I like it very much

    Dear Neetaji, i just received the beads today morning. The beads and yantra are beautiful! I like it very much! I chanted om namah shivaya 3x before i wore the close
    --Rekha Brisbane
  • Beads received successfully

    Dear Neetaji, i just received the beads today morning. The beads and yantra are beautiful! I like it very much! I chanted om namah shivaya 3x before i wore the close
    --Rekha Brisbane, Australia

All about Mystical Yantra- A complete workshop

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Yantras from Rudra Centre are perfectly etched . These Yantras offer complete geometry and are made after extensive research on scriptural reference. Yantras are diagrammatic representation of Sanskrit Mantras and fill your environment with powerful sound vibrations. All Yantras from Rudra Centre are energized prior to sending. Information about the installation process and the correct positioning of the Yantras to attain 100% optimum results will be provided along with the Yantra. Read More.


  • Lord Narasimha

    Lord Narasimha Introduction: Lord Narasimha (Narasingh, Narsingh and Narasingha) is the most intense incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself. The fourth avatar is known to be fierce to fight and remove all evils against His devotees and protect them from all harms. He is worshipped widely by people who f Read More...

  • Vashikaran Yantra

    Vashikaran Yantra / Vashikaran Yantra benefits Description: "Vashikaran" literally means ‘to have someone under your control’. Hence, the Vashikaran Yantra is worshipped and used to attract the person you desire and bring him or her under your influence. This Yantra is used to enchant (spell) Read More...

  • Lakshmi Narayan Yantra

    Laxmi Narayan Yantra   Description about Laxmi Narayan: All the Vedic scriptures such as the Four Vedas, the Upanishads, the Gitopanishad, the Srimad Bhagvatam, the Puranas, the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and others in spiritual line recommend that each of us worship Lord Vishnu and His Divine Conso Read More...

  • Ganesh Chalisa

      "Shree Ganeshay Namah"   JAI JAI  VANDANA BHUVANA  NANDANA GAURI GANESHA DUKHA DVANDVANA PHANDANA HARANA  SUNDARA SUVANA MAHESHA Glory, glory, all glory to you, O Ganesha; to you the whole world pays homage, for you are the delight of Gauri and the charming son of Shiva. You are the extirpa Read More...

  • What you get with your Yantra

      Chunri Cloth:  This is an altar cloth which you may lay on a table to place the yantra over it. In case you are framing the yantra to put on wall, then you do not require this.   Akshat / Rice Grains:  This is holy Akshat to be placed in front of the yantra always in a small bowl or cloth bag. Read More...

  • Navgraha Yantra

    Navgraha Yantra / Navgraha Yantra benefits Description about Navagrah—Nine Planets: In Vedic astrology, Navagraha (nine planets) are some of the major planetary influencers. They are Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, the Sun, the Moon, Rahu (north) and Ketu (south). Sun: Being the principal p Read More...

  • Mahashakti Kavach

    Ganesh Yantra Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant and has a mouse as a vehicle. The elephant is well known for its intelligence. Lord Ganesha has the elephant face as a symbol of high intelligence. Ganesha is master of the intellect and wisdom. Worshipping Ganesh Yantra blesses with increased c Read More...

  • Rahu Yantra

    Rahu Yantra / Rahu Yantra benefits Description about Rahu: He is the presiding deity of this shadow (Chhaya). According to the Rig-Veda when Rahu – the son of Asuya or Sinhika covers the sun and the moon with his darkness, then it becomes so dark that the people become unable even to identify thei Read More...

  • Saraswati Yantra

    Saraswati Yantra / Saraswati Yantra benefits Description about Goddess Saraswati: Knowledge is power, which is rightly said. Everyone seeks to enhance their knowledge through academic pursuits, personal study of religious/ spiritual treatises etc. From Vedic times, Goddess Saraswati is regarded as t Read More...

  • Shree Yantra

    Shree Yantra Introduction: The Maha Meru, or Sri Meru Chakra, is a three-dimensional projection of the great yantra known as Sri Chakra, said to be the Mother of all Mandalas. The sublime geometry of the Sri Chakra is revealed wisdom. It is not of human origin. It is nothing less than the genetic co Read More...

  • Gayatri Yantra

    Gayatri Yantra & its benefits from Rudraksha Ratna Sacred texts say "The Gayatri is Brahma, Gayatri is Vishnu, Gayatri is Shiva, the Gayatri is Vedas". Gayatri later came to be personified as a Goddess. She is believed to have five heads and is usually seated within a lotus. The four heads of Gaya Read More...

  • What are Yantras

    Yantras are geometrical figures intended to represent the basic energies. Just as every elementary geometrical figure, a straight line, a square, a cross or a triangle etc., has a symbolic value corresponding to the basic notions, similarly, the Yantras symbolize one or the other power or energy. In Read More...

  • Budh Yantra: Benefits and Properties of Mercury Yantra

    Budh Yantra: Benefits and Properties of Mercury Yantra When Mercury is malefic, the use of mercury yantra/buddh yantra is very benefic and favourable. Mercury yantra protects from fire and electric loss etc. It is especially favourable for people who wish to develop communication skills, intelligenc Read More...

  • Mangal Yantra

    Mangal yantra / Mangal Dev yantra Benefits Description of Mars: In the Indian astrology, Mars is considered as an inauspicious planet. The auspicious phase of mars lasts for seven years. The Puranas dictate that those who worship Mars get their desired fulfilled. Astrological Significance: The plane Read More...

  • Articles for Ganesh Puja

    An altar with a picture or an idol of Lord Ganesh Ghanta, Bell Panchapatra, a small vessel filled with clean water, Arghya Agarbatti, incense Deep, 2 oil lamps with oil and cotton wicks Kapur, camphor Chandan, sandalwood paste Kumkum in small container Milk, Curd, Ghee, Sugar Aksat, raw rice coloure Read More...

  • Dhumavati Yantra

    Dhumavati Yantra & its benefits from Rudraksha Ratna The upasana of Dhumavai Devi is made during the night. The place for upasana is cemetry, where Sadhaka should perform puja with naked body except underwear and it should be a lonely place. Dhumavati  Devi is not commonly known. She has fat body, Read More...

  • 108 names of Mahalaxmi

    S.No. Mahalaxmi Name Meaning 1 Prakruti Nature 2 Vikruti Multi Faced Nature 3 Vidya Wisdom 4 Sarvabhootahitaprada One Who Grants Universal Pleasures 5 Shraddha One Who Is Worshipped 6 Vibhuti Goddess Of Wealth 7 Surabhi The Celestial Goddess 8 Paramatmika The Omnipresent Goddess 9 Vachi One Who Has Read More...

  • Vaikuntha Ekadashi Mukkoti

    Vaikunta Ekadashi festival  is observed with all solemnity in the temples of Lord Vishnu. It was on this day that during the  "Samudra Manthan"  (churning of the Milk Ocean), 'Amrit' (nectar) emerged out of the ocean and was distributed to the demigods. The Hindus consider this day very auspi Read More...

  • Shree Yantra Poojan

    The Shree Yantra in the 3 Dimensional Meru Type is popularly made in Sphatik Crystal and is a multi Pyramid Cosmic Grid signifying unlimited abundance and positive powers. This is Multi pyramidal Geometry with 7 Pyramid steps and 43 petals with Base angle of 51.5032. Exact matching of this Geometry Read More...

  • Philosophy of Abhisheka

    Salutations and adorations to the blissful Lord Siva, the lover of Uma or Parvati, the Lord of all beings (Pasupati). "Alankarapriyo Vishnuh, Abhishekapriyah Sivah - Lord Vishnu is very fond of Alankara (fine dress, beautiful ornaments, etc.); Siva is fond of Abhisheka." In Siva temples, a pot mad Read More...

About Yantras and MahaYantras

Yantras and their meanings

In what way can Yantra benefit me?

Yantras or call it as Mandalas or call it as Mantras. Yantras have significance as blessed symmetrical symbols. In Sanskrit, Yantras stimulates positive energy when kept in atmosphere anywhere around you. Yantras gives enhancements to our prayers and it strengthens our power of mediation. Yantras are illustrative depictions of assorted Mantras which inculcate one with positive energy and lead to paths of spirituality. Yantras range in many forms and can be used for varied purposes. It can be carved on metal surfaces, Bhojpatras(leaves) and other many surfaces it can etched. Diverse types of Yantras include Planetary Yantras, Numerological Yantras, Yantras for different Gods and Goddesses and other deities. Legends recommended Shri Yantra, Shri Yantra is one of the most powerful Yantra as it embodies energies of all Goddesses. The popular Yantras are Ganesh yantra (to abolish all obstacles), Durga Yantra( pacify the effects of Rahu), Bagla mukhi Yantra (victory over enemies) and Kuber Laxmi Yantra (abundance of wealth).

At Rudra Centre, we make sure that all techniques are unique and beneficial.

  • The geometrical diagrams on Yantras are accurate and detailed as per ancient scriptures.
  • Yantras are cleansed and energised to release negative energy from environment and empower it as per the deity.

Once you choose to buy Yantra from Rudra Centre, then the process takes place of purifying, energizing and then rest actions take place. Proper placing of Yantras is very essential. Rudra Centre keeps in mind your every expectation from Yantra, and makes sure to place it accordingly your growth. There are various customs of using Yantras. Yantras can be worshipped in a temple of your home. Or hang onto in a form of frame. Otherwise it can be also saved in your pocket or wrapped inside a cloth or on desktop and so on.

The Yantras from Rudra Centre are energized through Pran Prathistha puja (Pran Prathistha Puja Procedure for Energizing Yantras) before they are sent across to you. This video illustrates the life-infusing Pran Prathistha puja ceremony performed by the priests at Rudra Centre Puja Services. The power emitted by these energized Yantras helps you achieve your goals in life.

Watch the video of Pran Prathistha Puja for energizing Yantras:

What our Clients Are Saying
  • It was indeed a miracle

    We wanted to say big THANK YOU from our bottom of the heart since the rudraksha mala you had suggested has given miraculous results as well as the Shree Yantra.close
    --P. Baweja
  • I like it very much

    Dear Neetaji, i just received the beads today morning. The beads and yantra are beautiful! I like it very much! I chanted om namah shivaya 3x before i wore the close
    --Rekha Brisbane
  • Beads received successfully

    Dear Neetaji, i just received the beads today morning. The beads and yantra are beautiful! I like it very much! I chanted om namah shivaya 3x before i wore the close
    --Rekha Brisbane, Australia
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  • Rudra Centre is committed to remove sin, suffering and pain worldwide.
  • We supply the best quality items for success, self-empowerment and spiritual evolution, at reasonable prices for the benefit of all.
  • All our items are selected and prepared after thorough research into the subject.
  • All items are sent along with usage instructions so that you derive maximum benefits
  • All items are blessed and energized before delivery.
  • Rudra Centre has the largest distribution network in the world with reach in 24 countries
  • We are the leading suppliers of best quality Rudraksha beads from Nepal as well as Indonesia. Our unique Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) is used to string the beads that balance the body’s chakras.
  • We deal in natural untreated Gemstones which are approved by Vedic astrology and set them in rings and pendants as per RRST which helps derive maximum results
  • We prepare Yantras with perfect geometry as per ancient texts.
  • We provide authentic Alchemical Parad items which are prepared as per Ras Vidya in Parad Samhita
  • Puja Services from Rudra Centre is very popular. We have our own team of Karmakandi priests who perform various pujas in our own premises.
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Mystic Yantras that are diagrammatic representations of Vedic mantras energize your environment with divine mantras that ward off malefic and usher in health, harmony and prosperity. In this section find finely etched yantras with accurate diagrams that are energized by Rudra Centre so that they can discharge cosmic powers.

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