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Om namah parvati pataye
Hara hara hara Mahadev
Gajananam bhuta-ganadhi-sevitam
Umasutam soka-vinasa-karakam
Namami vighne-svara-pada-pankajam
OM! Salutation to Parvati's consort, Hara, Hara, Hara, Great God (Shiva)
O Elephant-faced (Ganesh), served by ghosts and other attendants, Eating sweet wood-apples and blackberries, Uma's son, the destroyer of sorrows, O remover of obstacles, I how to your lotus feet.

Sri puspadanta uvaca
Mahimnah param te
parama viduso yadyasadrsi
Stutir brahma dinam
api tadava sanna stvayi girah,
Atha vacyah sarvah
svamati parina mavadhi grnan
Mama-pyesah stotre
hara nirapavadah parikarah
Sri Pushpadanta said:
If it is unseemly to praise You when ignorant of the extent of Your greatness, then even the praises of Brahma and others are inadequate. If no one can be blamed when they praise You according to their intellectual powers, then my attempt to compose a hymn cannot be reproached.

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Atitah panthanam
tava ca mahima vanmanasayor
Atad vyavrttya yam
cakita mabhi dhatte srutirapi,
Sa kasya stotavyah
katividha gunah kasya visayah
Pade tvarvacine
patati na manah kasya na vacah.
Your greatness is beyond the reach of mind and speech. Who can properly praise that which even the Vedas describe with trepidation, by means of 'not this, not this'? How many qualities does He possess? By whom can He be perceived? Yet whose mind and speech do not turn to the form later taken by Him (saguna)?

Madu sphita vacah
paramam amrtam nirmitavatas
Tava brahman kim vag
api suraguror vismaya padam,
Mama tvetam vanim
guna kathana punyena bhavatah
Punam ityarthe'smin
puramathana buddhir vyavasita.
O Brahman! Do even Brihaspati's praise cause wonder to You, the author of the nectar like sweet Vedas? O destroyer of the three cities, the thought that by praising Your glories I shall purify my speech has prompted me to undertake this work.

Tavaisvaryam yat taj
jagadudaya raksa pralayakrt
Trayivastu vyastam
tisrsu guna-bhinnasu tanusu,
Abhavyanam asmin
varada ramaniyama ramanim
Vihantum vyakrosim
vidadhata ihaike jadadhiyah.
O Giver of boons! Some people produce arguments - pleasing to the ignorant but in fact hateful - to refute Your Divinity, which creates, preserves and destroys the world, which is divided into three bodies (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) according to the three gunas, and which is described in the three Vedas.

Kimihah kinkayah
sa khalu kimupaya stribhuvanam
Kimadharo dhata
srjati kimupadana iti ca,
Atarkyais varye tvay
yanavasara duhstho hatadhiyah
Kutarko'yam kanscin
mukharayati mohaya jagatah.
To fulfill what desire, assuming what form, with what instruments, support and material does that Creator create the three worlds? This kind of futile argumentation about You whose divine nature is beyond the reach of intellect, makes the perverted vociferous, and brings delusion to men.

Ajanmano lokah
kimavayava vanto'pi jagatam
Adhisthataram kim
bhavavidhir-anadrtya bhavati,
Aniso va kuryad
bhuvana janane kah parikaro
Yato mandastvam prat - 
yamaravara sanserata ime.
O Lord of gods! Can the worlds be without origin, though they have bodies? Is their creation possible without a creator? Who else but God can initiate the creation of the worlds? Because they are fools they raise doubts about Your existence.

Trayi sankhyam yogah
pasupati matam vaisnavamiti
Prabhinne prasthane
paramidamadah pathyamiti ca,
Rucinam vaicitryad-
rju kutila nana pathajusam
Nrnam eko gamyas-
tvamsasi payasa marnava iva.
Different paths (to realisation) arc enjoined by the three Vedas, by Sankhya, Yoga, Pashupata (Shaiva) (doctrine and Vaishnava Shastras. People follow different paths, straight or crooked. According to their temperament, depending on which they consider best, or most appropriate - and reach You alone just as rivers enter the ocean.

Mahoksah khatvangam
parasu rajinam bhasma phaninah
Kapalam cetiyat
tava varada tanto pakaranam,
Surastam tamrddhim
dadhati tu bhavad bhru pranihitam
Na hi svatma ramam
visaya mrga trsna bhramayati.
O Giver of boons! A great bull, a wooden hand rest, an axe, a tiger skin, ashes, serpents, a human skull and other such things - these are all You own, though simply by casting Your eyes on gods You gave them great treasures which they enjoy. Indeed one whose delight is in the Self cannot be deluded by the mirage of sense objects.

Dhruvam kascit sarvam
sakala mapara stva dhruva midam
Paro dhrau vyadhrauvye
jagati gadati vyasta visaye,
Samaste'pye tasmin
puramathana tair vismita iva
Stuvan jihremi tvam
na khalu nanu dhrsta mukharata.
O Destroyer of the demon Pura, some say that the whole universe is eternal while others say that all is transitory. Others still, hold that it is eternal and non-eternal - having different characteristics. Bewildered by all this, I do not feel ashamed to praise You; indeed my loquacity is an indication of my boldness.

Tavaisvaryam yatnad
yadupari virincir-hari-radhah
Paricchettum yatav
anala manala skandha vapusah,
Tato bhakti sraddha
bhara-guru-,grnad-bhyam girisa yat
Svayam tasthe tabhyam
tava kim anuvrttir na phalati.
O Girisha, when You took the form of a pillar of fire, Brahma trying from above and Vishnu trying from below failed to measure You. Afterwards, when they praised You with great faith and devotion, You revealed yourself to them of Your own accord; does not surrender to You bear fruit?

Ayatnad apadya
tribhuvana mavaira vyatikaram
Dasasyo yadbahun
abhrta ranakandu paravasan,
Sirah padmasreni
racita caranam bhoruhabaleh
Sthiraya stvad bhaktes
tripurahara visphur jitamidam.
O Destroyer of Tripura, it was because of that great devotion, which prompted him to offer his heads as lotuses to Your feet, that the ten-headed Ravana was still with arms and eager for fresh war after he had effortlessly rid the three worlds of all traces of enemies.

Amusya tvatseva
samadhigata saram bhujavanam
Balat kailase'pi
tvadadhi vasatau vikramayatah,
Alabhya patale
'pyalasa calitangustha sirasi
Pratistha tvayyasid
dhruva mupacito muhyati khalah
But when he (Ravana) extended the valour of his arms-whose strength was obtained by worshipping You- to Kailas, Your abode, You moved the tip of Your toe, and he did not find a resting place even in the nether world. Truly, when affluent the wicked become deluded.

Yadrddhim sutramno
varada paramo ccairapi satim-
Adhas cakre banah
parijana vidheya tribhuvanah,
Na taccitram tasmin
varivasitari tvac caranayor
Na kasya unnatyai
Bhavati srirasas tvay yavanati.
O Giver of boons, since Bana was the worshipper of Your feet is it to be wondered at that he had the three worlds at his command and put to shame the wealth of Indra? What prosperity does not come from bowing down the head to You?

Akanda brahmanda
ksaya cakita devasura krpa
Vidheya syasidyas
trinayana visam sanhrta vatah,
Sa kalmasah kanthe
tava na kurute na sriya maho
vikaro'pi slaghyo
bhuvana bhaya bhanga vyasaninah.
O Three-Eyed One, who drank poison out of compassion for gods and demons when they were distraught at the sudden prospect of the destruction of the universe, surely the dark blue stain on Your throat has beautified You. Even deformity is to be admired in one who is given to freeing the world of fear.

Asiddhartha naiva
kvacid api sadeva suranare
Nivartante nityam,
Jagati jayino yasya visikhah,
Sa pasyann isa tvam
Itara surasadharana mabhut
Smarah smarta vyatma
Na hi vasisu pathyah paribhavah
O Lord, the god of love, whose arrows never fail in the world of gods and men, become nothing but an object of memory because he looked on You as an ordinary god (his body being burnt by Your look of wrath). An insult to the self-controlled is not conducive to good.

Mahi pada ghatad
vrajati sahasa sansaya padam
Padam visnor bhramyad
bhujaparigha rugna graha ganam,
Muhur dyaur dausthyam yat-yanibhrta jata taditatata
Jagad raksayai tvam
natasi nanu vamaiva vibhuta.
When You danced to save the world, the earth was suddenly thrown into a precarious state at the striking of Your feet; the spatial regions and the hosts of stars felt oppressed by the movement of Your massive club-like arms; and the heavens became miserable as their sides were constantly struck by Your waving matted hair. Indeed it is Your very mightiness which is the cause of the trouble.

Viyad vyapi tara
gana gunita phenod gama rucih
Pravaho varam yah
prsata laghu drstah sirasi te,
Jagad dvipakaram
jaladhivalayam tena krtami-
Tyane naivon neyam
dhrta mahima divyam tava vapuh.
The river which pervades the sky and whose foam crests look all the more beautiful because of stars and planets, seems no more than a drop of water when on Your head. That same river has turned the world into islands surrounded by waters. From this can be judged the vastness of Your divine body.

Rathah ksoni yanta
sata dhrti ragendro dhanur atho
Rathange candrarkau
rathacarana panih sara iti,
Didhaksoste ko'yam
tripura trna madambara vidhir
Vidheyaih kridantyo
na khalu paratantrah prabhu dhiyah.
When You wanted to burn the three cities of the demons - which were but a piece of straw to You - the earth was Your chariot, Brahma Your charioteer, the great mountain Meru Your bow, the sun and the moon the wheels of Your chariot, Vishnu Your arrow. Why all this paraphernalia? The Lord is not dependent on others. He was only playing with things at His command.

Hariste sahasram
kamala balima dhaya padayor
Yadekone tasmin
nija mudaharan netra kamalam,
Gato bhaktyu drekah
parinatim asau cakra vapusa
Trayanam raksayai
tripura hara jagarti jagatam.
O Destroyer of the three cities, Hari rooted out His own lotus-eye to make up the difference when one flower was missing in His offering of 1,OOO lotuses to Your feet. For this great devotion You awarded the discus (Sudarshan Chakra) ~ with which Hari protects the three worlds.

Kratau supte jagrat
tvamasi phalayoge kratumatam
Kva karma pradhvastam
phalati purusa radhana mrte,
Atas tvam sam preksya
kratusu phala dana pratibhuvam
Srutau sraddham baddhva
drdha parikarah karmasu janah.
When a sacrifice has ended, You ever keep awake to bestow its fruit on the one who sacrifices. How can any action bear fruit if not accompanied by worship of You, O Lord? Therefore, knowing You to be the Giver of fruits of sacrifices and putting faith in the Vedas, people become resolute about the performance of sacrificial acts.

Kriyadakso daksah
kratupati radhisa stanubhrtam
Rsinam artvijyam
saranada sadasyah suraganah,
Kratu bhramsas tvattah
kratuphala vidhana vyasanino
Dhruvam kartuh sraddha
vidhura mabhicaraya hi makhah.
O Giver of refuge, even that sacrifice where Daksha, the Lord of creation and expert in sacrifices, was the sacrificer, rishis were priests, gods participants, was destroyed by You who are habitually the Giver of fruits of sacrifices. Surely sacrifices cause injury to the sacrificer in the absence of faith and devotion.

Praja natham natha
prasabha mabhikam svam duhitaram
Gatam rohid bhutam
rira mayisu mrsyasya vapusa,
Dhanus paner yatam
divamapi sapatra krtamamum
Trasantam te'dyapi
tyajati na mrga vyadha rabhasah.
O Lord, the fury of You who became a hunter with a bow in hand has not as yet left Brahma-who, overcome by incestuous lust and finding his own daughter transforming herself into a hind, desired to ravish her in the body of a stag-and keenly pierced by Your arrows, he (Brahma) has fled to the sky.

Sva lavanya sansa
dhrta dhanusa mahnnaya trnavat
Purah p1ustam drstva
Pura mathana puspa yudhamapi,
Yadi strninam devi
Yama nirata dehardha ghatana
Davaiti tvam addha
Bata varada mugdha yuvatayah.
O Destroyer of the three cities, O Giver of boons, is Parvati who saw the god of love, bow in hand, burnt like a piece of straw in a minute by You, still proud of her beauty and believing that You are fascinated by her, because she was allowed to occupy half Your body because of her austerities? ... Ah, surely all women are under delusion. You have completely conquered Your senses.

Smasanesvai krida
smarahara pisacah sahacaras
Cita bhasma lepah
sragapi nrkaroti parikarah.
Amangalyam silam
tava bhavatu namaiva makhilam
Tathapi smartrnam
varada paramam mangalamasi.
O Destroyer of the god of love, O Giver of boons, Your play is in cremation grounds, Your companions are ghosts, You smear Your body with the ashes of burnt bodies, human skulls are Your garland-all Your conduct is indeed inauspicious. But You promote the greatest good of those who remember You.

Manah pratyak citte
savidha mavadhayatta marutah
Prahrsyad romanah
pramada salilot sangitadrsah
Yada lokyah ladam
hrada iva nimajya mrtamaye
Dadhat yantas tattvam
Kimapi yaminas tat kila bhavan.
You are indeed that inexpressible Truth which the yogis realise within through concentrating their minds on the Self and controlling the breath according to the directions laid down in the scriptures, and realising which Truth they experience rapturous thrills and shed profuse tears of joy; swimming as it were in a pool of nectar they enjoy inner bliss.

Tvamarkas tvam somas
tvamasi pavanas tvam hutavahas
Tvamapas tvam vyoma
tvamu dharanir atma tvamiti ca,
Paricchinnam evam
tvayi parinata bibhratu giram
Na vidmas tat tattvam
vayamiha tu yat tvam na bhavasi.
The wise hold this limiting view of You: You are the sun, You are the moon, You are fire, You are air, You are water, You are space, You are the earth and You are the Self. But we do not know the things which You are not.

Trayim tisro vrttis
tribhuvana matho trinapi sura
Nakaradyair varnais
tribhir abhi dadhat tirnavikrti,
Turiyam te dhama
dhvanibhi rava rundhana manubhih
Samastam vyastam tvam
Saranada grnat yomiti padam.
O Giver of refuge, with the three letters A, U, M, indicating the three Vedas, three states, three worlds and the three gods, the word AUM (Om) describes You separately. By its subtle sound the word Om collectively denotes You - Your absolute transcendental state which is free from change.

Bhavah sarvo rudrah
pasupati rathograh sahamahan
-Statha bhime sanav
iti yadabhi dhana stakam idam,
Amusmin pratyekam
pravicarati deva srutirapi
Priyayasmai dhamne
pravihita namasyo'smi bhavate.
O Lord! Bhava, Sharva, Rudra, Pashupati, Ugra, Mahadeva, Bhima, and Ishana-these eight names of Yours are each treated in detail in the Vedas. To You, most beloved Lord Shankara, of resplendent form, I offer salutations.

Namo nedisthaya
priyadava davistaya ca namo
Namah ksodisthaya
smarahara mahisthaya ca namah
Namo varsisthaya
Trinayana yavisthaya ca namo
Namah sarvasmai te
tadida matisarvaya ca namah.
O Lover of solitude, my salutations to You who are the nearest and the farthest. O Destroyer of the god of love, my salutations to You who are the minutest and also the largest. O Three-eyed one, my salutations to You who are the oldest and also the youngest. My salutations to You again and again who are all and also transcending all.

Bahala rajase visvot pattau
bhavaya namo namah
Prabala tamase tat sanhare
haraya namo namah,
Jana sukhakrte sattvo driktau
mrdaya namo namah
Pramahasi pade nis traigunye
sivaya namo namah.
Salutations to You as Brahma in whom rajas prevails for the creation of the universe. Salutations to You as Rudra, in whom the tamas prevails for its destruction; Salutations to You as Vishnu in whom sattva prevails for giving happiness to the people: Salutations to You, O Shiva, who are effulgent and beyond the three attributes.

Bahala rajase visvot pattau
bhavaya namo namah
Prabala tamase tat sanhare
haraya namo namah,
Jana sukhakrte sattvo driktau
mrdaya namo namah
Pramahasi pade nis traigunye
sivaya namo namah.
Salutations to You as Brahma in whom rajas prevails for the creation of the universe. Salutations to You as Rudra, in whom the tamas prevails for its destruction; Salutations to You as Vishnu in whom sattva prevails for giving happiness to the people: Salutations to You, O Shiva, who are effulgent and beyond the three attributes.

Krsa parinati cetah klesa vasyam kva cedam
Kva ca tava gunasimollanghini sasva drddhih,
Iti cakita mamandi krtya mam bhakti radhad
Varada caranayo ste vakya puspo paharam.
O Giver of boons, how poor is my ill-developed mind, subject to afflictions, and how boundless Your divinity- Eternal and possessing infinite virtues. Though terror - stricken because of this, I am inspired by my devotion to offer this hymnal garland at Your feet.

Asita giri samam syat kajjalam sindhu patre
Sura taruvara sakha lekhani patra murvi,
Likhati yadi grhitva sarada sarva kalam
Tadapi tava gunanam isa paramit na yati.
O Lord, if the black mountain be ink, the ocean the inkpot, the branch of the stout wish-fulfilling tree a pen, the earth the writing leaf, and if taking these the Goddess of Learning writes for eternity, even then the limit of Your virtues will not be reached.

Asura sura munindrair arcita syendu mauler
Grathita guna mahimno nirguna syesvarasya,
Sakala gana varisthah puspa danta bhidhano
Rucira malaghu vrttaih stotra metac cakara.
The best of Gandharvas, Pushpadanta by name, composed in great devotion this beautiful hymn to the Lord, who is worshipped by demons, gods, and the best of sages, whose praises have been sung, who has the moon on His forehead, and who is attribute-less.

Ahara harana vadyam dhurjateh stotra metat
Pathati paramabhaktya suddhacittah pumanyah.
Sa bhavati sivaloke rudra tulya stathatra
Pracuratara dhanayuh putravan kirtimansca.
The person who with purified heart and in great devotion always reads this beautiful and elevating hymn to Shiva, becomes like Shiva (after death) in the abode of Shiva, and while in this world gets abundant wealth, long life, progeny and fame.

Mahesan naparo devo
mahimno napara stutih,
Aghoran naparo mantro
nasti tattvam guroh param.
There is no God higher than Shiva, there is no hymn better than the hymn on the greatness of Shiva, there is no mantra more powerful than the name of Shiva, and there is nothing higher to be known than the real nature of the Guru.

Diksa danam tapas tirtham
yoga yaga dikah kriyah,
Mahimnah stava pathasya
kalam narhanti sodasim
Initiation into spiritual life, charities, austerities, pilgrimages, practice of yoga, performance of sacrificial rites - none of these give even a sixteenth part of the merit that one gets by reciting the hymn on the greatness of Shiva.

Kusuma dasana nama sarva gandharva rajah
Sisu sasadhara mauler deva devasya dasah
Sa khalu nija mahimno bhrasta evasya rosat
Stavanamidamakarsid divya divyam mahimnah.
The Lord of Gandharvas, Pushpadanta by name, is the servant of the God of gods who has the crescent moon on his forehead. Fallen from his glory due to the wrath of the Lord, he composed this very beautiful uplifting hymn on the greatness of Shiva to regain His favour.

Suravaramuni pujyam svargamoksaikahetum
Pathati yadi manusyah pranjalir nanyacetah,
Vrajati siva samipam kinnaraih stuyamanah
Stavanamidamamogham puspadanta pranitam.
If one with single-minded devotion and folded palms reads this unfailing hymn composed by Pushpadanta, which is adored by great gods and the best of sages and which grants heaven and liberation, one goes to Shiva and is worshipped by Kinnaras (celestial beings).

Asamapta midam stotram
punya gandharva bhasitam,
Anaupamyam manohari
siva misvara varnanam.
Thus ends this unparalleled sacred hymn composed by Pushpadanta and describing the glory of God Shiva in a most fascinating manner.

Ityesa vanmayi puja
Srimac chankara padayoh,
Arpita tena dcvesah,
Priyatam me sadasivah.
This hymnal worship is offered at the feet of Shiva. May the ever beneficent Lord of gods be pleased with me at this!

Tav tatva na janami
Kidrasdasi maheswar
Yadrashosi mahadev
Tadrashay namo namah
Eak kalam dwikalam wa
Trikalam yah pathennarah
Sarva papa vinirmuktah
Shivloke mahiyate
Sri puspadanta mukha parikaja nirgatena
Stotrena kilbisa harena hara priyena,
Kanthas thitena pathitena samahitena
Suprinito bhavati bhutapatir mahesah.
If a person learns by heart and recites this hymn, which flowed from the lotus mouth of Pushpadanta, which destroys sins and is dear to Shiva and which equally promotes the good of all, Shiva, the Lord of creation, becomes very pleased.

Om Mahadeva Shiva Shankara Shambho
Umakanta Hara Tripurare
Mrituewnjaya vrishabhadhwaja shoolina Gangadhar mrud madanare
Hara Shiva Shankar Gaurisham
Kalaye Kaashipuri naatham
Jaya Shambho, Jaya Shambho
Shiva Gauri Shankar Jaya Shambho
Om namah paarvati pataye Hara Hara Mahadeva
Karpoora Gauram Karunaavtaaram
Sansar saaram Bhujagendra Haaram
Sadaa Vasantam Hridayaarvinde
Bhavam Bhawani Sahitam Namam!

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