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Testimonials on Puja Services

From : Araddhya Raai
Date : April 2015
Subject : Billion Thanks to Rudra Centre Puja Service

'Thank you' as a word won't be enough to acknowledge the efforts that you all put in to serve better and better each time.

The Rudra Centre team is synonymous to the word "Best". It's irresistible for anyone to acknowledge your promptness and on toe service.
In last 3 months of my association with Rudra Centre - must say that each interaction with you all has been pleasant and overwhelming
Visited Rudra Puja Centre and it's no less than a temple

Personal thanks to each and every individual that represents Rudraksh Ratna Centre.
May you all be blessed with immense power to keep serving for the betterment of living beings:)

From : Krishi
Date : June 2014
Subject : Thank you so much for your kind consideration

Thank you so much for your kind consideration. As per your suggestion, I was able to call the head Priest Shri Rajeev Ji and listen to the sankalp. Today I have received a video of the sankalp through mail which i have visualized with elation. May I be sincere to you, after the puja truly I feel peace of mind and happiness.

My gratitude to all of you,
Kind regards,
Dr. Krishi.

From : Krishi
Date : June 2014
Subject : My thanks to your team of Rudraksha Ratna Puja Services

Namaste, Mr. Rajeev Gurudutta ji.

I am very much obliged to you for your help and support through the puja. My thanks to your team of Rudraksha Ratna Puja Services. May I express my Gratitude to the Esteemed Head Priest Shri Rajeev Ji, together with the other equally respected nine Priests who have have performed the very difficult (Shri Dhumavti Puja) with sincerity and enthusiasm for me.

Thank you.
May you all be blessed.

From : Shonan
Date : June 2014
Subject : Rudraksha Ratna for doing my Pitradosh Puja

Thank you to Rajeevji and others at Rudraksha Ratna for doing my Pitradosh Puja.
Very grateful...seeing effects already.

"Om Namah Shivaya"

From : Vidya Radkar
Date : February 2014
Subject : I am looking forward for mahashivratri live puja with all priests

Thank you very much performing this puja for my children. When I took the sankalpa on the phone I felt immense power and blessings of maa sarswati. It was beautiful to hear all the repeation of mantras...and gods and goddees, it was excellent feeling.

I am looking forward for mahashivratri live puja with all priests.

Thank you again.
Vidya Radkar

From : Kapil Dogra
Date : October 2013
Subject : I ordered Shree Hanuman puja

I ordered Shree Hanuman puja, mantra japa and havan and today I received my puja Prasad along with the other blessed items,
thank you for the same.

Kapil Dogra

From : Anjali Saxena
Date : December 2013
Subject : I was a bit skeptical about ordering a Puja over the internet

I must admit that initially I was a bit skeptical about ordering a Puja over the internet. But my experience with you guys have been wonderful,
thank you for providing such as service.

Anjali Saxena

From : Anil Sharma
Date : October 2013
Subject : Ordered Lakshmi Kubera Puja and Havan from Rudra Centre

Ordered Lakshmi Kubera Puja and Havan from Rudra Centre, was provided with all the details very fast and my Puja and rituals was conducted as per the vedic vidhi, feeling blessed, thank you.

Anil Sharma
London, UK

From : Dr. J. Shah
Date : November 2013
Subject : Rudra Centre puja services are friendly and communicative

It was great to use rudra centre, the people behind rudra centre puja services are friendly, communicative and experienced. They completed the puja on time and were always available during the set hours. I will surely be ordering in the future from rudra centre.

Dr. J. Shah
Rockland County, NY

From : Wong Hu
Date : August 2013
Subject : Thank you for conducting the Shani Dev Puja for me

Thank you for conducting the Shani Dev Puja for me. The puja was recommended to me by my astrologer. I am very happy to inform you that the purpose for which the puja was conducted has been a success.

Wong Hu,
Okaya, Japan.

From : Anjali Saxena
Date : July 2013
Subject : My experience with you guys have been wonderful

I must admit that initially I was a bit skeptical about ordering a Puja over the internet. But my experience with you guys have been wonderful, thank you for providing such as service.

Anjali Saxena
New Delhi, India

From : Kapil Dogra
Date : June 2013
Subject : I received my puja Prasad along with the other blessed items

I ordered Shree Hanuman puja, mantra japa and havan and today I received my puja Prasad along with the other blessed items, thank you for the same.

Kapil Dogra
Brussels, Belgium

From : Leslie
Date : November 2013
Subject : Thank you for keeping me updated

Thursday morning local time, i sensed a deep feeling of stillness. later i found a great site i will forward to you. it\'s a moving depiction of the yantras attached to the ten mahavidyas.
this morning i was inspired to dance around while listening to the mahasura mardini....so things are going quite well in the goddess department!
i appreciate all the energy invested by the pujaris in performing this puja and yagna and thank you for giving attention to all the details.

best wishes,

From : Mala
Date : June 2013
Subject : Excellent services

Dear RudraCentre,
I just write this to show my compliments for the way you are handling orders; in terms of fast, accurate, and advising the client according to his case. After experiencing this, I can say that shopping at your website is a pleasure. In the last years I had placed some orders on other websites in India, regarding puja, etc; and from my personal experience I can tell that after I transferred the money, there was no reaction from other side or the services were delivered but delayed, after much phonework, etc.

So I can find myself in the testimonials at your website when it comes to a comparison between the excellent services you offer according to other websites. I am happy that I came across your website, and after going through the positive testimonials, I thought of giving it a try. I don’t regret this decision. I would like to say, to keep the good work going. You are the example of showing, that’s not all about the money, but it’s also the personal feelings of the client that matters.


From : Pritish Nadkarni, Mumbai
Date : March 2013
Subject : My First Divine Experience at Rudracentre Mumbai on Mahashivaratri

Jai Gurudev and a Happy Monday,
Rudra Puja, or Rudrabhisheka, which is one of the most ancient and profound rituals in the Indian subcontinent was performed yesterday at Rudracentre Mumbai by Neetaji. It was a puja, a worship, of the benevolent aspect of the consciousness called Shiva, or Rudra.

For me, this first Puja which I witnessed by staying awake full night on Mahashivaratri was a spontaneous happening which was born out of the fullness and contentment of myself. It was an innocent playful process reciprocating the supreme love of nature. The state of mind with which the puja was performed by Neetaji, the various materials used and the chanting (mantras) which was done during the puja, all had a profound effect on the environment and on myself. The vibrations purifed the place, the atmosphere and the people present. It was a meditation, a yoga meant to reach the state of total oneness. The feeling of oneness of the worshipper and the worshipped, was the realization of the true nature of the Self.

At Rudracentre ,Rudra Puja was the offering of water, and other substances, such as the panchamrita (five types of nectar: milk, yoghurt, clarified butter (ghee), honey, and cane sugar (jaggery), to Shiva. This was done in four prahars by pouring them (abhisheka) onto the Shivalinga and it is therefore also referred to as Rudrabhisheka. While the various substances were poured on the linga, specific mantras were chanted that were absorbed by those specific substances. After each prahar, everybody was given a little of the mixture of these substances to drink, thus allowing their body to absorb the vibrations of the mantras. Various other substances such as sandalwood paste (chandana), turmeric (haldi), kumkum, rice (akshata), bilva leaves, flowers, fruits, as well as incense (dhupa) and lamps of ghee and camphor (karpura) were also offered in the puja.

Post wearing the 19 Mukhi Java for the first time yesterday,the Shiva linga for me became the symbol for the unmanifested consciousness that Shiva represented. I felt an untouched and untainted innocence of my consciousness ? that most subtle aspect of my being deep inside, that can never be corrupted.All my 19 rudrakshas ( from the One Mukhi Java to the 19 Mukhi vibrated with a certain unexplained but amazing energy...as if they had heart beats.The Four Prahar Rudra Puja was a journey that allowed my mind to expand, seeing everything as part of the consciousness, including myself. During the last and the fourth Prahar, my mind then moved inward, and finally reached the Self. It was therefore nice to meditate when the chanting was going on by the Pundits. When I listened with a meditative state of mind, the ancient Vedic mantras removed impurities and impressions that were there in my body and mind, leaving me with more mental clarity, fresh and recharged. I wasnt tired one bit post remaining awake full night. In fact I had become more alert and aware.

I would like to thank Neetaji and her husband for this magnanimous gesture of inviting everyone for the Rudra Abhisheka. I feel everyone must come next year on Mahashivaratri to experience this divine bliss and grace of Lord Shiva at Rudra Centre.

Blessings and Benedictions,
Pritish Nadkarni

From : James Jackson, Amery, USA
Date : March 2013
Subject : Rudra Centre is truly doing Gods work

My name is James Jackson and I am a Board Certified Family Physician who has purchased a number of fine products from Rudra Centre over the last several years. I found the site quite by accident several years ago & I have been enchanted by their creations ever since.

I have purchased a number of items from the Centre including a 1 Mukhi Bracelet & also a totally customized 21 Mukhi Bracelet (that was specially designed by Neetaji) in late 2011. Her work as well as her guidance/compassion were exceptional to say the least. And being such a neophyte (still am) with no prior experience with the science of rudraksha, she patiently worked with me and I felt she truly cared for my well being.

In addition I have done a total of 4 Puja’s with the Centre over the last 2 years.
All have gone quite well.
The last one (Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Japa), was completed a mere 8 days ago and I worked with Rudra Centre on this.

I am already seeing the ‘blessings’ after only this short time (i.e. markedly decreased right hip pain due to severe osteoarthritis and a new/amazing job prospect for me that I know is a direct result of this puja/plus an increased sense of peace & self love which I have never experienced before).

Rudra Centre worked with me to get this set up and also helped things to go quite smoothly. This man is quite amazing indeed.
My ‘gifts’ have also arrived today as well.

And I am looking forward to more blessings to follow in time. The only limitation perhaps, is one’s own ability to ‘receive’.
The excellent customer service/caring & compassion of Rudra Centre have no equal in my mind.
I only wish the same could be said with some of my interactions here in the US.
I can feel the love and I know it is genuine.

Rudra Centre is truly doing god’s work and I would not hesitate to recommend the Centre to anyone in need here in the US or overseas.
They truly are that good.

And in closing I might add, being a product of traditional western religious culture which still remains an essential part of my belief system, I have never felt that the science of rudraksha clashes with this in any way and I find it extremely complimentary.

There are many pathways to our loving creator to eradicate suffering & obtain joy/bliss here in the physical realm, and this one indeed I have found to be particularly pleasant & fulfilling in ways I can still yet imagine.

James Jackson DO

From : Jasdeep, Glossop, Australia
Date : January 2013
Subject : Just would like to thank you for the great service

Just would like to thank you for the great service I just saw the video of my Puja and me and my family are very happy to see how well the puja were conducted. It was great to speak to Pundit as well and he was very helpful I hope to use your service near in the future as well.

Many thanks,

From : Rajesh Shah, Manchester , USA
Date : November 2012
Subject : I am completely satisfied with your service and puja

Thank you so much for all your help. I did receive Prasad and Rudraksha in excellent condition. I am completely satisfied with your service and puja. It is amazing. Me and my family sincerely appreciate and pray for you and your family.

Thanks again.
Rajesh Shah, Manchester , USA

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