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Vastu For Flat

Useful Vastu Tips For Bedroom, Living Room And Kitchen

Manoj Desai, 35, an entrepreneur living with his family in an upmarket town had been upset in his life although people working under him were happy as his business was running well. All of his associates praised his abilities when it came to dealing business matters tactfully. Clients offered him tokens of appreciations for keeping his words; some of them presented gifts to him and his family. Despite all this, he wasn’t really happy from within. And the reason was his daughter falling sick quite often. Consultations with high profile doctors and medicinal treatment cost him dear but that wasn’t important to him as much as the health of his daughter. All the reports were normal indicating normalcy in her health, yet she fell sick. 

When his wife suggested moving to some new place where they can start their life afresh, he decided to book a new flat. Said and done. After moving into their new flat, a miracle surfaced! His daughter never turned victim to sickness or illness of any sort. 

We all live in our communities/societies. There are times when we hear the news about a relative becoming wealthy suddenly or a family seeping into the state of poverty/illness without any reason. In the above story, it was discovered that the Desai family suffered from Vastu dosha. Their old house was not built on the principles of Vastu Shastra causing negative energies to affect the occupants. 

Each and every corner of your house is ruled by the divine deities as stated by the ancient science of architecture, Vastu Shastra. If the house has everything disorderly, the deities are unable to cast positive energies upon their assigned realm. For example, the kitchen should be built facing southeast direction as this direction is under the rule of the fiery god Agni who represents fire used in cooking. If the kitchen is built, say, facing northwest direction, the Agni god cannot exercise its positive energy upon the kitchen section of the house. This leads to Vastu Dosha affecting the health og the occupants negatively. Similarly, other areas such as bedrooms and the living room should be constructed on the principles of this great shastra.

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Following are some of the useful Vastu tips you can start following. 

For your bedroom:

  • There should not be any mirror facing your bed.
  • The master bedroom should be facing southwest direction.
  • The shape of your bed should be even or rectangular.
  • The doors of your bedroom may be eastward, westward or northward, but MUST NOT be in the southwest direction.
  • Sleeping direction: Head should be in south and east, giving you sound sleep and ensuring proper repair of brains cells, respectively.
  • Keep an image or a portrait of nature, river or an island on the wall facing the door. It means the moment you enter, your eyes should fall upon it first. Such pictures are soothing and relaxing.

For your living hall:

  • If your house is built facing north or east; the living room should be in northeast direction.
  • If your house is built facing west; the living room should in northwest direction.
  • If your house faces south direction; the living room should be in south east direction.
  • Ensure that the door of the living room faces East or North as the door placed in this direction invites positive energies bringing in wealth, bliss and profess at all personal and professional level.
  • Furniture sets should be placed facing West or South.
  • Fish tanks should be placed facing northeast direction.
  • The main entrance to the house should be visible to the people or guests sitting in the living room.
  • Have a picture of a divine deity above the main door which would bring in positive energy to the house.

For kitchen:

  • Your kitchen should face southeast direction which is under the reign of Lord Agni.
  • The stove should be setup facing southeast direction.
  • The sink should be facing northeast direction opposite the stove as fire and water do not blend in.
  • The place for storing food grains, utensils etc. should always be in south and on the wall in West.
  • The water filter or pot may be kept in northeast direction.

These are some of the tips you may start following for creating a harmonious environment at your place. You may consult a Vastu expert who can deeply and thoroughly guide you through proper placement of household objects in the house built in accordance with Vastu Shastra.

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