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Pyramid in Black Jade

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Pyramid in Black Jade - 179 gms
Dimension: 2.3" (L) X 2.3" (B) X 1.7" (H)
Weight: 179 gms

Pyramid in Black Jade - 179 gms
INR: 4,475.00
Pyramid in Black Jade - 121 gms
Dimension: 1.9" (L) X 1.9" (B) X 1.7" (H)
Weight: 121 gms

Pyramid in Black Jade - 121 gms
INR: 3,025.00
Pyramid in Black Jade - 94 gms
Dimension: 1.6" (L) X 1.6" (B) X 1.6" (H)
Weight: 94 gms

Pyramid in Black Jade - 94 gms
INR: 2,350.00
Pyramid in Black Jade - 35 gms
Dimension: 1.3" (L) X 1.3" (B) X 1" (H)
Weight: 35 gms
Pyramid in Black Jade - 35 gms
INR: 875.00


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Black Jade is an ancient stone that has historically been used to attract money. Jade is also a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune.

The Pyramid corners are the symbols of peacefulness, seriousness, wisdom and truth. Its conical part is the symbol of tri-level spiritual power. The northern part of the pyramid represents heat, southern represents cold, and eastern is for light whereas the western part stands for darkness.

Uses of Pyramid:
• When kept in the Northeast corner a sense of well being is felt by family members.
• When kept in the Southwest corner in bedroom to ensures sound sleep.
• House wives feeling tired and restless should keep one in the Southeast corner of the kitchen to become energetic.
• Use it in study rooms of kids to have more concentration in their studies.
• Keep it in your office cabin in the Southwest corner for smooth running of the business.
• To get rid off black magic, bury four Pyramids in the four corners of the house.
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