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Splendour of Vargas

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Splendour of Vargas
Dimension: 8.5" (H) X 5.5" (W)
Depth: 14mm
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 231
Splendour of Vargas
INR: 375.00


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Authored by: Justice S. N. Kapoor (Retd.)
Published by: Control of Examinations (ICAS)

Details: Splendour of Vargas - Most Influential Divisional Charts, A Compilation

This compilation of articles on Vargas from learned astrologers, faculty members and senior Post-Visharad students of ICAS (NCR) is a unique attempt. Its uniqueness lies in the multi-dimensional approach that has been attempted for the first time in the current history of astrological deliberations to the best of our knowledge.

Vargas is a difficult subject and most students do not know what to do with them and how. Profusely illustrated, this book gives clear principles on how to use the most important of them, for predictive purposes. The deities associated with each varga and their meaning has been explained through mythological references. It is with the deities factored in that this compilation assumes special significance and the splendour of vargas stands out in its pristine glory.

The book confines itself to the Parashari vargas and does not delve into non traditional methods of casting some of the vargas due to insufficient research till now.

The principles enunciated in these articles have been tested on many charts and a few of them have been presented here for the reader's reference exemplifying the methodology.

The appendix is a rich source for reference since, besides the method of casting the varga, it contains Mrityubhaag of each planet and Arishtamshas associated with them. Obscure subjects such as Bhava Soochak Navamsha and Pushkar Navamsha and Pushkar Amshas etc. have also been included.

Dimension: 8.5" (H) X 5.5" (W)
Depth: 14mm
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 231

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