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What our Clients Are Saying
  • I appreciate your time and effort

    I just received the parcel. Thanks a lot for beautiful statue of Ganesha and prasad. I feel overwhelmed to receive all these blessed articles on the auspicious close
    --Kiran Mehta, Netherlands
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About Vastu Idols

The following are some of the Brass Artifacts available at Rudraksha Ratna

Wall hangings of spiritual items attract positive energies in the ambience. They are lovely decors that can be hung in homes, offices and business establishments. Wall Artifacts are eye-catchy attractions in any dwelling and hence needs to have the perfect design. Brass Wall hangings not only have a classy design but are also long lasting.

The following are some of the wall hangings and bells available at Rudraksha Ratna:

  • Subh Labh with Gods and Goddess Bells
  • Subh Labh with Laxmi Ganesh Bells
  • Ganesh Laxmi Bells
  • Ganesha bells
  • Laxmi Bells
  • Ganesh Laxmi Saraswati bells
  • Gajmukh wall hanging bell
  • Lord Surya wall Hanging
  • OM wall hanging bell

Shankh is a conch shell which is of custom and religious significance in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The shank is the shell of types of substantial ruthless ocean snail, Turbinella pyrum, which lives in the Indian Ocean. In Hinduism, the shank is a sacrosanct token of the Hindu preserver god Vishnu. It is still utilized as a trumpet as a part of Hindu custom and in the past was utilized as a war trumpet.

The shankh is applauded in Hindu sacred texts as a provider of acclaim, life span and success, the chemical of sin and the homestead Lakshmi, who is the goddess of riches and partner of Vishnu. The shank is shown in Hindu craftsmanship in relationship with Vishnu. As an image of water, it is connected with female fruitfulness and serpents. We here at Rudra Centre present substantial mixture of Shankhs to devote and believers.

What our Clients Are Saying

  • I appreciate your time and effort

    I just received the parcel. Thanks a lot for beautiful statue of Ganesha and prasad. I feel overwhelmed to receive all these blessed articles on the auspicious close
    --Kiran Mehta, Netherlands

Upcoming Festival

Upcoming festival
Why Buy from Rudra Centre
  • Rudra Centre is committed to remove sin, suffering and pain worldwide.
  • We supply the best quality items for success, self-empowerment and spiritual evolution, at reasonable prices for the benefit of all.
  • All our items are selected and prepared after thorough research into the subject.
  • All items are sent along with usage instructions so that you derive maximum benefits
  • All items are blessed and energized before delivery.
  • Rudra Centre has the largest distribution network in the world with reach in 24 countries
  • We are the leading suppliers of best quality Rudraksha beads from Nepal as well as Indonesia. Our unique Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) is used to string the beads that balance the body’s chakras.
  • We deal in natural untreated Gemstones which are approved by Vedic astrology and set them in rings and pendants as per RRST which helps derive maximum results
  • We prepare Yantras with perfect geometry as per ancient texts.
  • We provide authentic Alchemical Parad items which are prepared as per Ras Vidya in Parad Samhita
  • Puja Services from Rudra Centre is very popular. We have our own team of Karmakandi priests who perform various pujas in our own premises.

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Free Gift
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Sacred Geometry of Shreeyantra, Pyramid, Shivalinga and God Idols energizes your environment with divine vibrations. In this section, find exquisitely crafted gods’ idols in brass, mercury and gemstones. Also you get Shivlings, Shree Yantras and Pyramids in various Gemstones and metals.

Read about the Powerful Geometry of Pyramid