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Gemstone Locket, Deity lockets, Hindu deity lockets in different designs from India

Gemstone God Lockets
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    Hi,    Would like to extend my heart fill thanks to you for delivering me the product on time. It was really a pleasure working with Rudra Centre Teamclose
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    Dear Sir, I received the resized ring. Thank you so much. I am very happy with your services, the speed of your response is outstanding and the best part is thaclose
    Memorable experience Sugam Mehta
  • I was so pleased when I saw the gems

    Dear Neeta, Namaste. Thank you so much for the beautiful gems that were received exactly as promised and with the lovely yantra as a gift! I was so pleased whenclose
    I was so pleased when I saw the gems Cheryl Ingersoll
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    Dear Neeta Ji I have received the package. I received it on the evening of Monday, 14th July. The package is received safely. I thank you for your kind cooperatclose
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  • Rudra Centre has the best quality beads in the world

    Hi KL, I think Rudra Centre has the best quality beads in the world and that they are themselves a rarest of rare gem to find. Most places on the web advertise close
    Rudra Centre has the best quality beads in the world Kirk
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Rudra Centre brings to you lockets of various Deities in Gemstones, Gold plated Silver, Silver, Copper, Punchdhatu and much more. Seek the blessings and protection of your favorite Deity by keeping them close to you at all times.

About Gemstone God Lockets

Precise dimension, attractive appearance and abundant spiritual power are what make lockets of Hindu gods and goddesses the most prized possessions. Gemstones are known for elegant appearance and mystical properties that are believed to heal bodily ailments and planetary doshas, defects.

Deity lockets of shining gemstones enhance wearers’ spiritual persona. Gemstone lockets of gods and goddess bestow upon the wearers their blessings as well as the cosmic energies through the minerals of the stones. These lockers are not ordinary elegant articles but they are wonderful magnetic stones that attract cosmological energies through their mystic powers. The wearers attain peace and spiritual insight. A gemstone god locket emits powers of the mineral that rid the wearer of negative energies without their awareness.

If you seek to have divine blessings of deities as well as energizing powers of gemstones, you may wear a gemstone god locket of the deity you have unflinching faith in. Such spiritually energized lockets pacify the mind and bestow peace.

Lord Ganesha carved in an Emerald locket bestows upon the wearer wisdom, knowledge, fine arts and removes the malefic effects of planets Mars and Ketu. And the mineral Emerald offers power, strength and mental energy, making the individual creative, bold, intelligent an enterprising.

Similarly, Lord Ganesha carved in Ruby blesses the wearer with prosperity, name and fame as well as creativity and good health. Goddess Mahalaxmi locket made up of Lemon Topaz blesses the wearer with creativity, abundance, optimism and well-being. One can also sit in mediation with this locket to absorb more cosmic energy.

Instead of wearing ordinary lockets, one may wear gemstone locket of divine gods and goddesses who can offer material prosperity and spiritual bliss.

Rudra Centre, the world’s leading certified organization, offers God lockets made to fulfill your cherished desires and increase your spiritual well-being. Through the authorized distributors spread across the globe in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Romanic, Japan and Brazil, we provide you with Yantras of genuine quality. Click here to get in touch with our expert.

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Why Buy from Rudra Centre
  • Rudra Centre is committed to remove sin, suffering and pain worldwide.
  • We supply the best quality items for success, self-empowerment and spiritual evolution, at reasonable prices for the benefit of all.
  • All our items are selected and prepared after thorough research into the subject.
  • All items are sent along with usage instructions so that you derive maximum benefits
  • All items are blessed and energized before delivery.
  • Rudra Centre has the largest distribution network in the world with reach in 24 countries
  • We are the leading suppliers of best quality Rudraksha beads from Nepal as well as Indonesia. Our unique Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) is used to string the beads that balance the body’s chakras.
  • We deal in natural untreated Gemstones which are approved by Vedic astrology and set them in rings and pendants as per RRST which helps derive maximum results
  • We prepare Yantras with perfect geometry as per ancient texts.
  • We provide authentic Alchemical Parad items which are prepared as per Ras Vidya in Parad Samhita
  • Puja Services from Rudra Centre is very popular. We have our own team of Karmakandi priests who perform various pujas in our own premises.
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Free Gift
This section truly shines with the beauty of gemstones! We bring you natural, non-treated and Vedic astrology approved gems in the form of malas, bracelets, rings, lockets and earrings. These gemstones when worn as per RRST method generate expected results. Don’t you believe? Talk to our experts or read testimonials!