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Asthma and the Anahata Chakra

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a respiratory condition marked by attacks of spasm in the bronchi of the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing. It is usually connected to allergic reaction or other forms of hypersensitivity.

Such conditions make the patient experience wheezing, tightness in chest and coughing. The inflammation of the airways makes a patient more sensitive to irritants and increases the chances of allergic reactions. Sufferers of chronic or recurrent asthma (asthmatics) experience the symptoms of asthma more during the night and early in the morning.

Symptoms of Asthma

Symptoms of asthma vary in severity and frequency from patient to patient. The range is from mild, severe to very severe. Some sufferers experience symptoms occasionally, like at the time of exercising, while the others have them almost all the time. However, the common symptoms include breathlessness, tightness or pain in chest, trouble sleeping because of breathlessness, wheezing or whistling sound while breathing, cough attacks when suffering from flu or a respiratory virus. Signs indicating that your asthma is worsening include more frequent and severe symptoms, more difficulty in breathing and increasing use of inhalers to get relief.

Mild symptoms of asthma often go away after medication. In some cases, the symptoms worsen and cause asthma attacks that can even be fatal. Thus, immediate treatment is mandatory when a patient starts experiencing asthma symptoms. There are inhalers available to give the patient quick relief. Unfortunately, asthma is an incurable disease but thanks to medical advancement, most patients are able to manage it and lead normal and active lives.

Causes of Asthma

Although one cannot identify what exactly makes a person asthmatic, the causes are attributed to the genetic and environmental factors. Asthma is usually triggered by

  • Airborne allergens such as animal dander, dust mites, pollen, cockroaches, mold, etc.
  • Irritants like smoke, chemicals, dust, compounds in sprays and paints
  • Medicines like aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Food allergies caused by additives or to foods like shellfish, nuts, wheat, etc.
  • Health conditions like sinus infections, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), mental stress, and sleep apnoea.

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Treatment of Asthma

Though there are no treatments available for Asthma, it can be controlled to an extent. People resort to variety of treatments available to get rid of this long-term disease. Physicians provide different Asthma treatment action plans to control the disease. Some doctors ask the patients to stay away from the things that worsen the present condition of your Asthma. Doctors prescribe medicines in pill form or inhaler which directs the medicine to your lungs. Asthma symptoms can be controlled by herbal remedies and breathing exercises, therapeutic therapy, naturopathic remedy and other alternative remedies too.

Natural, alternative and holistic treatment of Asthma

There is no cure of asthma but managing it and leading a normal life is quite possible with natural and holistic therapies. There are many other natural, alternative and holistic treatments of asthma that can bring relief from symptoms. Methods like acupuncture and breathing exercises like taking longer and slower breaths, breathing through the nose instead of mouth and taking deep belly breaths (diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing) are known to help. Buteyko breathing technique or Pranayam (yoga breathing), stress reduction, and adequate nutrition also improve the symptoms.

Rudrakshas, Gemstones and Chakra therapy to get relief from Asthma

Apart from the above-mentioned steps, one can resort to Rudrakshas, Gemstones and Chakra Therapy to get relief from asthma. When the  Vishuddha Chakra is imbalanced, a person experiences communication issues, timidity and issues related to upper lungs. It happens when a person controls natural ability to communicate and speak out the truth. With the help of alternate therapy or naturopathic remedies or holistic remedies, one can cure himself.

Wearing Rudraksha, an alternate therapy helps unblock this chakra and promotes compulsive beliefs and spiritual knowledge thereby bringing in positive influence. It is advisable for the patients to wear 11 Mukhi Rudraksha to get its therapeutic benefits in relieving the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory problems. Yellow Sapphire gemstone also has healing benefits that help in alleviating symptoms of asthma.

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