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PRODUCTS FOR 7 mukhi Rudraksha

Seven Mukhi from Nepal - Small
Product Code : R07S

INR 495 | USD 6.83

Bead Size: 18 mm
Seven Mukhi from Nepal
Product Code : R07

INR 950 | USD 13.11

Bead Size: 20 mm
Seven Mukhi from Nepal - L
Product Code : R07L

INR 1,400 | USD 19.32

Bead Size: 22 mm

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About 7 mukhi Rudraksha

The 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the most revered Rudraksha beads since ancient times. This pious Rudraksha bead is associated with Goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi and is also blessed by the Saptamatrikas and provides the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. The 7 Sages known as Saptarishis, Sun, Mahasen, Anang and Ananta, the snake also bless this bead. It is believed that the Original 7 Mukhi original Rudraksha benefits even the poor if he/she wears this pious bead. According to the Padma Purana the 7 mukhi Rudraksha bead houses the seven mighty snakes. Thus, the wearer of the 7 mukhi Rudraksha bead stays unaffected by poisoning of any kind as it is favoured by the Nagas. This celestial bead also is known to absolve all the sins of wearer. Lord Vishnu is often illustrated alongside Sthira (stable) Goddess Lakshmi on Ananta. This bead therefore carries the divine vibrations of Goddess Lakshmi in Her most stable roop (form).

In the scriptures Lord Vishnu has told that of all the snakes he is Ananta. Lord Vishnu is often depicted with Sthira (stable) Lakshmi on Ananta. Thus this bead carries the power of Goddess Lakshmi in her most stable form. The blessing of Goddess Lakshmi brings in wealth, fame, progress and removes bad luck. This power is experienced by the wearer of this bead as per texts.

7 mukhi Rudraksha benefits:

The 7 mukhi benefits the wearer by nullifying the negative impact of planet Venus. The 7 Mukhi Rudraksha opens doors to new opportunities in terms of career and financial growth. It stabilizes finances and paves way for attracting more wealth. You can place two beads of the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha in your purse or cashbox to attract more income. The 7 mukhi Rudraksha unblocks and energizes the Manipura chakra and thus offer desire fulfilment, enhances internal strength and balances emotions. Along with prosperity, the seven mukhi Rudraksha bead also offers contentment and happiness in the life of the wearer and removes miseries, bad luck and misfortune. The seven mukhi Rudraksha aslo offers peace of mind and promotes harmony in relationships.

7 mukhi Rudraksha ke fayde

The auspicious 7 mukhi Rudraksha blesses the wearer by offering both good health and material bliss. This Rudraksha offers relief from ailments of stomach, liver, pancreas, adrenal gland as a result of ill placed Venus. It makes the wearer of positive, free from sufferings. This powerful bead brings new opportunities related to finance, love and luck and regulates the functioning of the digestive system, cures indigestion, hyperacidity.

7 mukhi Rudraksha Puja

It is always good to energize the Rudraksha bead before you wear it hence; it is also advisable that you too energize the original 7 mukhi Rudraksha before wearing it. In order to perform the puja you would require one copper plate, one copper kalash, gangajal, plain fresh water, sandalwood paste, nine leaves of Peepal tree, fresh flowers, diya, and dhoop sticks. In case any of the above ingredients are missing replace it with ‘akshata’ (unbroken rice grain). In order to commence the puja sit in a clean place with all the ingredients. Now mix water and holy ‘Gangajal’ in a copper vessel. Place the seven mukhi Rudraksha in this water and wash it gently. Now, take the 9 leaves of Peepal tree and place them overlapping one on the other over the copper plate. Place the 7 mukhi Rudraksha on these leaves. Now sprinkle some gangajal and water mixture upon the Rudraksha bead with the help of a fresh flower. Apply some sandalwood paste on the Rudraksha and offer fresh flowers. Light a ghee lamp besides the vessel in which the Rudraksha is kept. Now offer fumes to the Rudraksha by lighting the dhoop sticks. Now, chant the Mantra "AUM HUM NAMAH" "AUM MAHALAKSHMIYEI NAMAH" 108 times. Once you are done doing this, you can wear the Rudraksha.

How to wear 7 mukhi Rudraksha

The auspicious 7 mukhi Rudraksha can be strung in a woollen or silk thread. You can also get the Rudraksha bead capped in silver or gold basket. The 7 mukhi Rudraksha can be worn as a necklace or can be worn around the wrist as a bracelet. Ensure that the Rudraksha bead touches your skin so that it gets activated and starts working upon the particular areas.

Seven mukhi Rudraksha ki Pehchan

The most basic and common way to identify the 7 mukhi Rudraksha is by counting the number of mukhis it has. The 7 mukhi Nepal Rudraksha bead has well defined and deep mukhis. These mukhis (faces) run vertically from the mouth of th Rudraksha bead to the tail. Examine whether the contours and corns are natural and whether there are no cracks along the mukhis. Check if the 7 mukhi beads are lustrous, healthy and do not have any insect holes. The 7 mukhi Nepal beads are comparatively bigger in size and have deeper and clearer Mukhis (lines) than Java beads. Irrespective of the origin of the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha bead whether from Nepal or Java, these beads emit electromagnetic vibrations which influence our body energy centres viz Chakras and bring back harmony and order, in the wearer’s life.

7 mukhi Rudraksha Price

The 7 mukhi original Rudraksha from Nepal is priced more than the Rudraksha of Java origin. Ensure that you buy Saat Mukhi Rudraksha from the authentic dealer. The 7 mukhi Rudraksha Price from Nepal also varies depending upon the size of bead. The 7 mukhi Rudraksha from Java are Smaller in size, have well-defined deep mukhis and are available in various sizes. The 7 mukhi Rudraksha blesses the wearer with abundant wealth and riches and brings peace and happiness in the wearer’s life. One can start noticing the change in a span of seven to ten days of wearing the auspicious 7 mukhi Rudraksha Nepal.