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Obesity and the Muladhara Chakra

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a disease which is related to gaining of excessive weight that is above a level considered to be severely unhealthy. It can be said that obesity is a chronic condition which is defined by excess amount of body fat that isn’t required. Symptoms that generally show a sign of onset of obesity are weight gain and severe health issues that are associated to it. Right from the core body movements to the functioning of bodily systems, vital things are slowed down due to obesity, thereby causing health risks. Causes of obesity are many, right from a slower metabolism that naturally differs from body to body to the sedentary lifestyle of individuals. More reasons include calorie rich food, overeating, and hormonal imbalance and other problems due to lack of sleep.

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Treatment of Obesity

A blocked Muladhara Chakra hampers the survival instinct and hence the native needs more to survive.

Speaking about treatments that can cure obesity there are no medicines that do the job. It needs a steady balance of diet and workout to lose the excess weight. Harsher medical procedures like liposuction can help lose fat but is not safe and costly at the same time. Apart from the scientific reasons that lead to obesity there are some emotional factors that lead to hormonal imbalance and comfort eating. There is Therapeutic therapy for obesity which does help in adjacent with the resolution of weight loss. These alternative health therapies for obesity deal with use of some obesity holistic therapy which is related to binding the health with the power of Rudraksha, gems and chakra healing methods.

Harmonizing Influence of Rudraksha

Heart issues, diabetes and gallstones are some harmful ailments caused due to obesity, and can be controlled by adopting alternative healing for obesity. The body needs proper flow of blood to dissolve fat cells and this flow of blood can be found by wearing rudraksha beads, which have energy healing obesity cure. Rudraksha are said to be one of the most powerful naturally found beads that are blessed by Lord Shiva bringing balance with holistic health for obesity. Gemstones and Rudraksha Therapeutic healing for obesity are said to be much better than other alternative remedies for obesity that include magnetic therapy. The chakra therapy that is processed through these holistic remedies for obesity acts as a solution that doesn't really need any medicinal procedure, and is a solution that is naturopathic for obesity.

Alternative Therapy for Obesity

Obesity alternative therapy is based on the research that is put in by holistic doctors for obesity who have researched about how well the body's circulation is improved by healing that happens through rudraksha. One can find immense resourcefulness from the healing property using alternative treatments for obesity that deals in bringing emotional balance to the mind and body. Plus these natural remedies for obesity are not restricted to people suffering from obesity but also provides holistic healing for obesity prevention.

It is important that the right gem and right mukhi rudraksha is adopted under the guidance of a proper holistic consultant for obesity that can be found at holistic health centre for obesity cure and prevention. 8 Mukhi and 18 Mukhi Rudraksha and Cat’s Eye gemstones are used for treating and controlling obesity. These holistic healers for obesity are learned and will suggest the right healing for the chakra that will kick start the process of healing using the profound alternative healing therapy for obesity. Rudraksha's power will kill the causes that can lead to obesity by providing peace during sleep, control diabetes and reduce stress. Such alternative therapies for obesity are firstly a lot safer than various procedures and support healing in a much better way. Dealing with the spiritual nature of the body using alternative healing therapies for obesity brings boost to weight loss that is the most important part of fighting obesity and maintains it.

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    Namaste Neetaji, Hope you are doing good by the grace of God. I thought that I could let you know that my diabetes has been under control after I have started drinking water immersed with 5 mukhi first in the morning. This has become a very realistic miracle cure for me that (my glucose meter is showing 4.7 mmoL or lesser early in the morning) I could not control this no matter how hard I tried with medication (metformin) and exercise!. Thanks & Regards, Suresh T. close

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