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Propitiation of Mercury Wednesday

CHARITY: Donate emerald or another fine green gem, small green lentils, a green pumpkin, a goat, or green clothes to a poor student on Wednesday at noon.

FASTING: On Wednesday, especially during Mercury transits and major or minor Mercury periods.

MANTRA: To be chanted on Wednesday, two hours after sunrise, especially during major or minor Mercury periods:

Budha-astottara-shata-nama-vali - (The 108 names of Budha)
• Om bhudhaya namah
• Om budharcitaya namah
• Om saumyaya namah
• Om saumyachittaya namah
• Om shubha-pradaya namah
• Om drida-brataya namah
• Om hadaphalaya namah
• Om shruti-jala-prabodhakaya namah
• Om satya ' vasaya namah
• Om satya-vacase namah
• Om shreyasam pataye namah
• Om abyayaya namah
• Om soma-jaya namah
• Om sukhadaya namah
• Om shrimate namah
• Om soma-vamsha-pradipa-kaya namah
• Om vedavide namah
• Om veda-tattvashaya namah
• Om vedanta-jnana-bhaskaraya namah
• Om vidya-vicaksanaya namah
• Om vidushe namah
• Om vidvat-pritikaraya namah
• Om krajave namah
• Om vishva-anukula-sancaraya namah
• Om vishesha-vinayanvitaya namah
• Om vividhagamasarajnaya namah
• Om viryavate namah
• Om vigatajvaraya namah
• Om trivarga-phaladaya namah
• Om anantaya namah
• Om tridasha-dhipa-pujitaya namah
• Om buddhimate namah
• Om bahu-shastra-jnaya namah
• Om baline namah
• Om bandha-vimocakaya namah
• Om vakativakagamanaya namah
• Om vasavaya namah
• Om vasudhadhipaya namah
• Om prasannavadanaya namah
• Om vandhyaya namah
• Om varenyaya namah
• Om vagvilaksanaya namah
• Om satya-vate namah
• Om satya-samkalpaya namah
• Om satya-bamdhave namah
• Om sadadaraya namah
• Om sarva-roga-prashamanaya namah
• Om sarva-mrityu-nivarakaya namah
• Om vanijyanipunaya namah
• Om vashyaya namah
• Om vatan-gaya namah
• Om vata-roga-hrite' namah
• Om sthulaya namah
• Om sthairya-guna-adhyaksaya namah
• Om sthula-suksma-adi-karanaya namah
• Om aprakashaya namah
• Om prakash-atmane' namah
• Om ghanaya namah
• Om gagana-bhushanaya namah
• Om vidhi-stutyaya namah
• Om visha-laksaya namah
• Om vidvajjana-manoharaya namah
• Om caru-shilaya namah
• Om svaprakashaya namah
• Om capalaya namah
• Om jitendriyaya namah
• Om udan-mukhaya namah
• Om bukhamakkaya namah
• Om magadha-adhi-pataye namah
• Om haraye namah
• Om saumya-vatsara-samjataya namah
• Om soma-priya-karaya namah
• Om mahate namah
• Om sihma-adhirudhaya namah
• Om sarva-jnaya namah
• Om shikhivarnaya namah
• Om shivam-karaya namah
• Om pitambaraya namah
• Om pitavapushe' namah
• Om pitacchatradhvajankitaya
• Om khanga-carma-dharaya namah
• Om karya-kartre' namah Om kalushaharakaya namah
• Om atreya-gotra-jaya namah
• Om atyanta-vinayaya namah
• Om vishva-pavanaya namah
• Om campeya-puspa-samkashaya namah
• Om caranaya namah
• Om caru-bhushanaya namah
• Om vita-ragaya namah
• Om vita-bhayaya namah
• Om vishuddha-kanaka-prabhaya
• Om bandhu-priyaya namah
• Om bandhu-yuktaya namah
• Om bana-mandala--samshritaya namah
• Om arkesana-nivasasthaya tarka-shastra-visharadmaya namah
• Om prashantaya namah
• Om priti-samyuktaya namah
• Om priya-krite' namah
• Om priya-bhushanaya namah
• Om medhavine' namah
• Om madhava-saktaya namah
• Om mithuna-adhi-pataye' namah
• Om sudhiye namah
• Om kanya-rashi-priyaya namah
• Om kama-pradaya namah
• Om ghana-phala-ashrayaya namah
• Budha seed mantra: Om bram brim braum sah budhaya namah
RESULT: The planetary deity Budha is pleased increasing health and intelligence.
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