Buddh Shanti Pack/Buddh Graha Puja Items


INR 451

INR 451


The Buddh Shanti Pack is for the propitiation of Buddh/Mercury.

ITEMS: Green cloth, Green Moong (Lentil), Buddh yantra on bhojpatra, Green thread, Green agate, Indian Rupees 51.

MANTRA: Om bram brim braum sah budhaya namah.
To be chanted on Wednesday, two hours after sunrise, especially during major or minor Mercury periods.

DAY: Wednesday, 06.30 am to 9 am & 09 pm to 10 pm
On the designated day and time, chanting mantra 27 times and donate Buddh pack to Ganesh Temple along with Ladoo (sweet).

FASTING: On Wednesday, especially during Mercury transits and major or minor Mercury periods.

RESULT: The planetary deity Budha is pleased increasing health and intelligence. Relief of nervous complaints caused by an ill-placed Budha-grahadev.