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Natural Emerald

The Emerald gemstone is one of the most beautiful and powerful gemstones in the mineral kingdom. Once a famous lithologist, St. Hildegard of Bingen once truly quoted that “All the green of nature is concentrated within the Emerald.” Emeralds are found all over the world. They have been a symbol of royalty and have been revered by humankind throughout history. The Emerald is known to be one of the finest and most loved gemstones of the Mughal Emperors. An individual can view one of the rarest and finest collections of Emerald stones in the US Museum of Natural History. In the Indian subcontinent, the Emerald is popularly known as Panna. The most precious specimens of Emeralds are the Colombian and Zambian Emeralds. Other countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Brazil to are known to produce quality Emeralds.

Natural Emerald Price per Carat

The natural Emerald stone cost is dependent on 4C’s of connoisseurship namely the clarity, cut, colour, and carat. Usually while grading a coloured gemstone, the colour of the gem plays an important role, however, the real Emerald price is determined by the high degree of transparency. Green Emerald price or the Emerald value per carat thus depends upon the transparency of the Natural Emerald gemstone.

The clarity of the gemstone is considered as the second most important factor while deciding the Emerald cost per carat.

Benefits of Emerald:

  • It offers soothing and healing energy which rejuvenates the spirit
  • Emerald fosters balance between partners, friendship, offers domestic bliss, loyalty, unity and contentment.
  • It enhances wisdom, promotes intellectual progress and is known as the stone of patience
  • Unconditional love and compassion are associated with this gemstone
  • Helps to enhance the communication skills
  • Helps beget great fortune and fame
  • Helps to focus and concentrate
  • The Emerald stone offers relief from problems related to difficulties in speech, nervous disorders, respiratory problems, and allergies.
  • The Emerald gemstone wards of emotional toxicity. It offers emotional stability and makes an individual let go of the feelings that cause hurt
  • Emeralds promote learning and mental development.

Buy Emerald online from Rudra Centre:

There are a number of online shops from where one can buy the Emerald loose gem or the Emerald jewellery. Before making the purchase there are a number of things one must consider. Following are a few parameters one must check

  • Checking the authenticity of the dealer
  • Source and origin of the Emerald
  • Whether the certificate of authenticity is provided by the dealer
  • The price of the Emerald
  • Transparency of the gem

Significance of Emerald in Vedic Astrology:

According to the Vedic astrology, the Emerald gemstone is associated with planet Mercury because of its healing properties. In Vedic Astrology, it is believed to be associated with the humour, intelligence and in an individual. Mercury is a planet that is considered to be the messenger of all the devas (Gods). Usually, Mercury is considered a benefic planet but if it is not placed in the accurate house in one’s natal chart, it can cause ill effects too.