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Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti: A Festival for all the Devotees of Lord Hanuman.

Guru Gyan

Lord Hanuman, as we all know is one of the most revered Gods in Hindu religion. He can be seen in almost every image of Lord Ram and Sita. He is not just another God but he is one of the incarnations (avatar) of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman’s had spent his life in a selfless dedication towards Lord Ram. He is considered as an epitome of devoutness, strength, knowledge and celestial supremacy.

Lord Hanuman’s Legacy:

Born in a Vanar (Monkey) community, Lord Hanuman is the son of Kesari and Anjana. His birth name was Anjneya (Son of Anjana), however throughout his life he has been called by names based on the heroic acts he did. Lord Hanuman was very mischievous in his childhood. He had special powers which he misused against common people or even sages. It has been written in many Hindu scriptures that once Hanuman has thought of Sun as a ripe fruit and followed it. Lord Surya was scared of this little child who insisted on eating him. Finally Lord Indra intervened and tried to convince Hanuman to let go off Lord Surya. But hanuman was adamant, so finally Indra attacked his child Hanuman on his cheeks and he fell on ground. This incident pissed offn Lord Varun, the God of Air and he decided to take out all the air from earth. That caused huge havoc on earth as people, trees and animals were dying due to lack of air. Finally all other gods came to rescue and Hanuman was blessed by each one with many powers and Lord Indra gave him a boon of being immortal.

During the war of Ramayan, Lord Hanuman was one of the chief warriors from Lord Ram’s army. He has not only visited Lanka but has also given Ram’s ring to Sita to assure Lord Ram is coming to rescue her. Also, during war when Laskhman was injured Hanuman uplifted the whole Dronagiri Mountain in search of Sanjivni medicine.

It is believed that Lord Hanuman was also a part of one of the biggest battle, Mahabharata. Though he did not participated in the war but he has impersonated his presence in Arjun’s flag on his chariot. It is said that as soon as Arjuna step out of the chariot it got crashed into ashes. It was due to Lord Hanuman and Krishna’s combine power that Arjuna’s chariot could sustain even after many attacks

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Hanuman and His different names:

Hanuman has many names such as Vayuputra, Kesarinandan, Sankatmochan, Anjaniputra, Deenabandhave, Kaalnabha, Pavanputra,

Hanuman Jayanti:

The 15th day of Shukla Paksha during the Chaitra month is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti all over India. Hanuman Jayanti date for 2017 will be 11th June. However, in many states of India, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on different days. In Maharashtra, it is celebrated in the Hindu Lunar month of Chaitra, whereas other Hindu calendar, it falls on 14th day (chaturdashi) of Ashvin month. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, it is commemorated in Margazhi month (between December and January) because of their belief that Lord Hanuman was born in the Margazhi month. In Odisha, 1st day in the month of Baisakha (in April) is considered as Hanuman Jayanti and in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh 10th day of Vaishaka month in the Krishna Paksha. It is 41 days long celebration in the Andhra Pradesh.

How to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti:

People in western countries are always wondering how to celebrate hanuman jayanti and due to lack of information they get wrong information. They must remember that Hanuman Jayati 2017 will be celebrated on 11th June 2017 and there are many ways to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti. Some observe fast, some meditate, some conduct special Hanuman Jayanti Puja and some chant Hanuman Chalisa for 108 times. At some places people organise the Kirtan and sing songs describing the great deeds Lord Hanuman achieved right from his childhood till Mahabharta. At many Lord Hanuman temples a full day yagna is conducted to please their beloved God.

Lord Hanuman is also known as Monkey God because of his birth in Vanar community and therefore Hanuman Jayanti signifies the celebration of the balanced coexistence between humans and animals.

The power of Hanuman Chalisa:

Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most revered poetic scripture used among Hindu devotees. It was written by the great poet Goswami Tulsidas, inspired by the awe of Lord Hanuman. It’s a strong belief among Hindus that chanting Hanuman Chalisa has many benefits and one can earn the blessings of Lord Hanuman. Each and every verse in Hanuman chalisa is significant to its deep meaning. Reciting Hanuman chalisa in morning reduces the effects of planet Saturn, whereas reciting it at night before sleeping will help the devotee sleep peacefully without any nightmares. It can also be used to reduce the stress level and eliminate physical fatigue. Hanuman Chalisa is used to gain wisdom, spiritual knowledge and reform in individual. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa on Hanuman Jayanti will boost your dreams turn into reality.

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