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There are many definite reasons why people in India worship Lord Hanuman. They visit Hanuman temples, offer oil and other holy items to the pran pratishtha idols of Hanuman. Since ages Lord Hanuman has been hailed in the various Vedic scriptures primarily the Ramayana as a devout servitor of Lord Rama. Born to Anjana and Kesari, he acted as a strong-minded assistant, servitor and devotee of the Lord in the ultimate war against the Lankan King Ravana who had abducted Sita, Rama’s divine consort.

Why You Should Have An Idol of Lord Hanuman At Home?

People in general and devotees primarily pray to Hanuman for two reasons; strength and protection. Strength (emotional and physical) is required to deal with challenges in life and protection is required from external threats, negativity thoughts and pessimistic people. Lord Hanuman stands for both devotion and power. Having an idol of Lord Hanuman at home protects your home from envious visitors, black magic and other negative energies. One should chant Hanuman Chalisa in front of Hanuman idol for increased devotion, courage and health.

Why You Should Have An Idol of Lord Hanuman At Office?

The office is not just one’s mere workplace but it is the place where one associates with unity, teamwork, cooperation, goal-setting, creativity and productivity and work satisfaction. An idol of Lord Hanuman on your desk helps you focus on your strength. It protects you from negative thinking which often develops due to unwillingness to take up new tasks. Plus it reminds of your strength that can overcome all of your weaknesses.

Why You Should Have An Idol of Lord Hanuman On Car Dashboard?

A small idol or statue of Lord Hanuman on the dashboard in your car protects your from mishaps arising out of neglect or ignorance. In the scriptures it is said that Lord Hanuman flew faster than the fastest bird at light’s speed. He had absolute control over his senses and mind. He offers protection from accidents or any physical injury. Pray to Hanuman in the form of a statue before you start your car.

Benefits of Having Hanuman Idols/Statues:

We offer energized idols of Hanuman. These energized idols carry the divine energies of Hanuman that are associated with courage, hope, protection and bravery. Meditating on Hanuman idols offer:

  • Self-confidence, courage to deal with challenges
  • Blessings of Lord Hanuman
  • Protection against negative energies, depression
  • Strength during Shani Dosha

Chanting Hanuman chalisaa or mantras or meditating on Hanuman Idol every day gradually helps you achieve a fine balance between your material ambitions and spiritual pursuit. Lord Hanuman blesses you with strength, respect and humility and at the same time bravery take on life’s challenges.