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Hanuman Lockets & Pendants: Buy Online, How To Wear, Benefits, Mantras of Hanuman

There are many definite reasons why people in India worship Lord Hanuman. They visit Hanuman temples, offer oil and other holy items, wear sacred objects or amulets such as Hanuman lockets or pendants, wear Rudraksha (Hanuman is the divine incarnation of Lord Shiva) and other spiritual activities associated with Hanuman. Since ages Lord Hanuman has been hailed in the various Vedic scriptures primarily the Ramayana as a devout servitor of Lord Rama. Born to Anjana and Kesari, he acted as a strong-minded assistant, servitor and devotee of the Lord in the ultimate war against the Lankan King Ravana who had abducted Sita, Rama’s divine consort.

Why people worship Hanuman? Why do they wear Hanuman Lockets/Pendants?

Lord Hanuman symbolically stands for both Bhakti (devotion) and Shakti (power). He displayed matchless bhakti of the Lord and performed the herculean tasks at the same time. He is the balance between material success and spiritual pursuit. Those who offer genuine prayers to Lord Hanuman keeping aside all the unnecessary desires, whims and attachments to the disturbing elements actually achieve both, material success and peace of mind (spirituality).

Remember after meeting the Lord in this forest, Hanuman without any reluctance surrendered to Him keeping all of his physical strength and feats aside. However on the battlefield, he fought like fire burning the trees of Ravana’s opulence.

Wearing an energized Hanuman locket and chanting Hanuman mantras every day gradually helps you achieve a fine balance between your material ambitions and spiritual pursuit. The latter is all the time latent in most of us.

Benefits of Wearing Hanuman Lockets/Pendants (Gold and Silver):

We offer pendants of Lord Hanuman. With bright silver/gold sheen and fine finish, the pendant is ideal for anyone especially devotees of Lord Hanuman.

All of our pendants/lockets are energized to carry the divine energies of Hanuman that are associated with courage, hope, protection and bravery. These lockets offer:

  • Self-confidence, courage to deal with challenges
  • Devotion to Lord Hanuman
  • Blessings of Lord Hanuman
  • Protection against negative energies, depression
  • Strength during Shani Dosha

One must learn from Lord Hanuman as to how to show devotion, respect and humility and at the same time brave to deal with everyday challenges, onslaughts, threats and challenges given by this material world.