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Aquamarine Gemstones

The lovely Aquamarine gemstone is a Bluish-Green gemstone which is appreciated worldwide because of its soothing appearance and Aquamarine powers of healing and good feeling. Aquamarine stone meaning, in literal sense is 'sea-water' derived from Latin, in which 'Aqua' means water and 'marinus' means 'of the sea' and the colour of the Aquamarine gem truly justifies its name. Aquamarine gem/ Aquamarine gemstone truly look like the flowing Blue sea, ranging from pale Blue to Blue, Bluish-green and deeper Blue shades. However, since Aquamarine gemstone can be heat treated, if the Aquamarine gem appears perfect Blue, without traces of Green, then it might be a heat treated Aquamarine gem. So the key is to look for traces of Green tint when you buy natural Aquamarine stone or Aquamarine gem, especially if it is Tumbled Aquamarine, as heat treatment removes the Green tint. Aquamarine gem has a warm and compassionate energy which serves as a significant Aquamarine meaning indicating Aquamarine powers of emotional healing. Aquamarine in Hindi is called Beruj Stone.

In composition Aquamarine gemstone is derivative of the mineral Beryl, a Silicate of Beryllium and Aluminium and is part of Aquamarine meaning. emerald gemstone is the other famous Beryl group gems with natural Aquamarine stone gemstone being the second. The amount of iron (ferric or ferrous ions) present in the beryl decides the hue of the Aquamarine Stones. Raw Aquamarine/ birthstone Aquamarine gemstone are sometimes huge, and the largest ever Aquamarine stone raw discovered have sometimes weighed at hundreds of kilograms! Aquamarine Gems are routinely discovered in granite rocks and in pegmatite (which are rough crystalline granites). The Aquamarine gemstone/Aquamarine stone raw, is hard and tough measuring 7.5 - 8 on Moh scale and it is opaque to transparent. The more clear the Aquamarine gem, the more costlier it is. Though known for its unique Blue shade, this gemstone can turn white upon being exposed continuously to the sun.

The Aquamarine Chakra is the Thymus Chakra and is an important Aquamarine meaning, as wearing the Aquamarine gemstone or carrying it, clears blockages of energy in the Thymus Chakra, balances it and acts as unconditional love (free of ego), spiritual growth, great immunity, compassion and forgiveness. These transpersonal features of the Higher Chakra facilitate divine inner transformation and spiritual broadening. The High Heart Chakra thus, is intricately linked with your overall vitality and well-being. An open Thymus Chakra helps one to be forgiving, soulful and full of compassion. People with an open Thymus Chakra often believe in spreading and passing on these divine gifts of love and compassion to others through their deeds and aura. Aquamarine posesses power of healing diseases related to the throat and respiratory organ related problems. Aquamarine gemstone represents the planet Neptune.

Aquamarine gemstone lore says, the beautiful sea-blue Aquamarine gemstone is said to have been in treasure box/chest of Mermaids of the sea and that is where it was found. Sailors of olden times wore Aquamarine gemstone as a talisman to have a safe sail and journey in the rough seas and the Romans and Greeks strongly believed in this. Powdered Aquamarine Gemstone was also used to cure eye and Throat diseases in the past. The Romans also used Aquamarine raw/Aquamarine gemstone was believed to rekindle the factor of love between married couples, during the Medieval ages. Even today the calming Aquamarine gemstone is chosen to crown unique Aquamarine engagement rings or wedding rings with Aquamarine stones as it represents fidelity. Aquamarine gem is worn as Aquamarine crystal pendant, Aquamarine crystal bracelet to reduce the reasons for quarrels between couples.

Where do Aquamarine Gemstones come from?

Aquamarine gemstone is produced by quite a few countries but Raw Aquamarine/Aquamarine gem is chiefly produced by Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Madagascar, India, USA, Russia, Colombia, Nigeria, Kenya etc. Brazilian Aquamarine are considered of the best quality and most valuable. All variations of Aquamarine Gemstones have been unearthed at Brazil and also in Madagascar. Mt. Antero in Colorado is also credited as a huge source of this gemstone. New mines have been discovered in Pakistan and Afghanistan too.

Aquamarine March Birthstone

Aquamarine birthstone month is the month of March. The March birthstone Aquamarine is popularly worn by those born in March as a good-luck charm which is Aquamarine birthstone meaning. March birthstone jewelry/ aquamarine birthstone jewellery, like, Aquamarine birthstone ring, Aquamarine bracelets, Aquamarine birthstone necklaces, March birthstone earrings and included in March birthstone meaning/ Aquamarine birthstone meaning. Aquamarine March Birthstone is worn as a lucky charm by those born in Aquamarine birthstone month of March.

Aquamarine gemstone is famous since ancient for its use in jewellery contributing to one of the foremost aquamarine gemstone meaning. Aquamarine gem is easy to cut in many shapes because of its properties and is a pet stone for jewellers all over the world. Emerald cut Aquamarine is the most in-demand of the Aquamarine stone jewelry. Because of its beautiful colour it can easily be combined with other coloured gemstones to make desirable high-end jewellery. Raw Aquamarine is cut and polished painstakingly in various shapes and sizes to make Aquamarine gemstone jewellery. Aquamarine crystal pendants/ natural Aquamarine Pendants which are available in all sizes including large Aquamarine Pendants. Variety of Aquamarine Bracelets/Aquamarine stone Bracelets, Aquamarine Crystal Bracelets, like, Aquamarine Silver Bracelets, which are among the most searched in Aquamarine gem jewellery. Beautiful designs of Aquamarine Stone necklaces/Aquamarine Crystal necklaces are available in Aquamarine Pendant necklaces, Aquamarine Bead necklaces and other options. Tempting Aquamarine Earrings come in Aquamarine stud earrings, Aquamarine Drop Earrings and the very popular Birthstone Aquamarine range of March Birthstone Earrings. Aquamarine gemstone jewellery also include admirably designed and crafted unique Aquamarine Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings with Aquamarine stones and the sought after Aquamarine Birthstone Rings and sometimes the customer chooses Emerald cut Aquamarine gemstone for these special occasion rings. Many people like to wear Green Aquamarine which means that the Aquamarine gems in which the Greenish tint is more. Beryl stone is heat treated to enhance the Green colour. The other famous Green Beryl stone, Emerald gemstone is expensive and not affordable by everyone.

Raw Aquamarine Jewelry is also worn as natural Aquamarine Pendants, Aquamarine Earrings as it is believed to have more intense energy as it is in its natural Aquamarine stone form, without being treated or polished. The Aquamarine Stone Raw used in Raw Aquamarine Jewelry has potent Aquamarine powers of healing when worn.

Aquamarine and Topaz of Blue colour are very similar looking and therefore can easily be misidentified. However there are many differences between and Aquamarine and Topaz Blue. The important ones being, Aquamarine is more costlier than Blue Topaz, of equal size.

The brilliant colour of Birthstone Aquamarine/ Aquamarine gem gives the freedom to design Aquamarine gemstone jewellery/ Aquamarine stone jewelry in combination with various other colours of gemstones which are well known and high in demand among customers worldwide. Some popular examples are Aquamarine and Ruby, Aquamarine and Topaz, Aquamarine Bloodstone etc. In Aquamarine Stone Jewelry, the brands Tiffany Aquamarine, Swarovski Aquamarine are highly appreciated because of their precise cuts and exquisite designs and are appreciated by Jewel lovers all over the world.

Aquamarine gemstone/ Aquamarine gem is sold in all its forms, which is Aquamarine rough stone, Aquamarine Tumbled stone, Aquamarine loose stones, and the polished and cut Aquamarine gem and is included in Aquamarine meaning. The Aquamarine Tumbled stones/Tumbled Aquamarine are used by energy healers, like Reiki healers, who use the Aquamarine powers of healing for healing Chakras too. Some experts suggest that buying Aquamarine loose stones gives the freedom to know whether you are buying genuine Aquamarine gem or not and understand whether it is value for money, as once it is cut and polished, it is not easy to detect if it is heat treated. Aquamarine loose stones also allow to get it cut, polished and made into your own choice of jewellery and design.

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Aquamarine Gemstone Healing Powers and Effects

Aquamarine gemstone is well known since olden times for Aquamarine Powers of healing which is significant Aquamarine meaning. The Aquamarine Gem/ Raw Aquamarine / Tumbled Aquamarine and Aquamarine Loose stones are packed with natural healing energies that heal the wearer of the mesmerizing Aquamarine gemstone/Moss Aquamarine, mentally, emotionally, physically and indicates deep Aquamarine spiritual meaning. Wearing Aquamarine Gem as Aquamarine crystal pendants, Aquamarine Birthstone rings, Aquamarine Bracelets and carrying Aquamarine gemstone, manifests the Aquamarine powers. The many healing effects of Aquamarine gem can be extremely helpful.

  • Aquamarine gemstone clears the path to overcome hesitations/fears of communication, specially through speaking. It clears, balances and energizes the Thymus Chakra helps free expression, communication and expressing one's true self with confidence and is a major Aquamarine gemstone meaning in healing.
  • Anything that is connected to the sea, the Aquamarine gem/Moss Aquamarine can be used to help and protect. Besides being used as a talisman for sailors, it is also used now by people during air-travel over the sea, long distance travel. The use of Tumbled Aquamarine is used to get over fears of water, of swimming and can be innovatively used to enhance skills of those who indulge in water sports and forms a part of Aquamarine stone meaning.
  • Aquamarine gemstone is a stone which is excellent to help let go of things which are not for one's highest good.
  • Aquamarine gem is a stone that gives courage in all aspects of life, releasing fear.
  • The soothing energies of Aquamarine gemstone is reputed for its balancing of the inner and outer self. Wearing the Raw Aquamarine/ Aquamarine gem in contact with the skin is supposed to help balance the body's energy flow. Natural Aquamarine gemstone also helps restore the body's physical and emotional balance.
  • Aquamarine gemstone is effective in reducing anger and nervousness.
  • Aquamarine gem/Moss Aquamarine brings the peace and harmony of the beautiful flowing water. It calms down the mind and soothes it.
  • Raw Aquamarine is good to meditate on. It brings the person in alignment with the truth of one's own self which is an important Aquamarine spiritual meaning.
  • Aquamarine gemstone improves understanding and communication between people, specially between couples.
  • Aquamarine gems influences a lover’s to return. Natural Aquamarine Stone helps two different people live together in harmony,
  • Aquamarine gemstones represent fidelity and is worn as unique Aquamarine Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings with Aquamarine stones. It helps to keep small or mundane things which cause quarrels/arguments from disturbing the relationship.
  • Physically, Natural Aquamarine stones heals all diseases and illnesses connected to the throat, respiratory system and neck. Wear Aquamarine crystal pendants/ natural Aquamarine Pendants for best results.
  • Aquamarine tumbled stone has cooling effect which heals inflammation, eczema, hives and psoriasis. Allergies of the skin are also soothed.
  • Birthstone Aquamarine gemstones, Raw Aquamarine are used to empower healers who lend their services in energy healing and they use this healing gemstone to heal others and is an Aquamarine spiritual meaning.
  • Judgements about self and others are released with use of Birthstone Aquamarine gem and is an important Aquamarine meaning.

Where to buy Aquamarine Gemstones

The Aquamarine gemstone is available Jewellery shops, Crystal shops and presently the online selling of Aquamarine gem is very popular.

Rudra Centre has an array of untreated, unheated Aquamarine gemstone of various sizes, of different cuts which can be made into Aquamarine pendants, Aquamarine earrings etc. Our collection is available online for customers to choose from.

How to care for your Aquamarine Gemstone

An Aquamarine Gemstones might routinely carry negative energies, the stone or ring can be detoxified by dipping in water overnight and by using incense such as sage.

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