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From : Sunil Raikar, Pune
Date: August 2019
Subject : Thank you for your Excellent Service.
Country : Pune

Namaste.. It's been 7 years I have been a customer of Rudraksha Ratna... And Everytime I had to reach out was just a phone call with Mahendra Ji. And over the years it's been great being friends as well. He has been a great guide to me with lot of experiential observations and that helped me make my choices . He has great know how on what is best suited for an individual as per his needs and that helps make good choices. I wish Mahendraji and Neetaji help and guide many more people and makes a difference to their lives as well. My vision is to see one Rudraksha with every one person in this whole world and there will never be any problems in this world anymore. Thank You Mahendraji. Thank You Neeta ji Thank you Rudraksha Ratna

From : Dinesh sethiya, Pune
Date: August 2019
Subject : Rudraksha one of nature’s precious gift to human beings.
Country : Pune

1.5 months back purchased 3,9,13,14,17 mukhi nepal beads and 15 mukhi java bead & one spatik meditation cap from rudra centre, mumbai...in only 15 days most of my body issues got resolved like urticaria(skin problem which was there from 2years), fatigue, weakness,digestion problems..etc etc rudraksha supports all my chakras to function efficiently So that in family&work life i can handle the tasks without being stressed. Thanks Rudra Centre for availing us authentic rudrakshas at affordable price. Mahendra kadam helped me in selecting best beads and answered many queries he is a very reliable person. Thank you.

From : Elena, Spain
Date: July 2019
Subject : Best Service Ever
Country : Spain

Ms. Neeta Singhal is the best advisor. She's truly Shiva's Messenger on Earth. She has changed my life and that of many others. There is nothing that RRST cannot reverse or improve, it's simply amazing. I'm very grateful for all the effort and attention both from Ms NeetaJi and Rudraksha Team, so kindly in tracking, delivering and counseling, always willing to help and advise. You're one of a kind in this world. Blessings

From : Ashish, Mumbai
Date: June 2019
Subject : Very effective Rudraksha
Country : Mumbai

As suggested by Mr. Mahendra ji senior consultant @Rudraksha Ratna i started using several Rudrakshas for different reasons and purposes.. The service is very professional and above all the Rudraksh are genuine.now can say confidently many health related issues hass been dissolves and getting so many benefits and achievements in current life.13 Mukhi Nepal rudraksha is so powerful one and had effect within 7 days.Thanks to team Rudra specially Mr. Mahendra ji...Har Har Mahadev

From : Charlotte, Texas, USA
Date: June, 2019
Subject : Effects showing from 1st day wearing!
Country : Texas, USA

Namaskar Rudra Centre team. I am amazed, one more time, with the fast and noticeable body and mind healing effects of the Rudraksha beads I get from you. Since I wear them and follow your outstanding advice my life changed forever for the best, the abundance and prosperity I am enjoying now is like a dream come true. I wish I would know about you many years ago but as the saying goes, never is too late for what is truly worth having. The unparalleled high quality and reliable authenticity of all your products never stop surprising me. The whole shopping experience resembles more a healing session thanks to the awesome support and advice given by your team during the process. I would particularly like to thank to Siddharth for his patience and help in answering all my doubts and instructions given in how to wear and duly use my purchased energised products in order to make the most of them. And to extend this gratitude to all the entire Rudra Centre team, because you all guys truly deserve it so far! Please keep this level of excellence for many years to come as we are truly in need of you. Absolutely satisfied with my last order once again. Thank you so very very much!

From : Elena, UK
Date: June, 2019
Subject : Thank you so much for bring all these powerful treasures to the Humankind
Country : UK

Regarding Parad, I have no words for the power that Mercury has over so much, it never ceases to amaze me. I want my family and friends to take Parad, for the incredible results of this Sacred, Powerful and Healing Metal. Everybody should suppress their irrational fear about this metal, and they would do so if they saw the results of which it is capable.Thank you so much for bring all these powerful treasures to the Humankind.Elena, UK

From : Riddhi Milind, Mumbai, India
Date: 12 Jun, 2019
Subject : Online Puja service with an absolute, dedicated customer-centric approach
Country : India

Mrs. Neeta Singhal and Mr. Rajeev Singhal are a New Age Power Couple which, though contemporary, is a veritable version of the Sat-Yugic Rishi Patni and Rishi who are transforming the world with their deep knowledge of Sanatana Dharma. Their brainchild, Rudra Centre, has been an establishment that has helped countless individuals with excellent Daivi or Divine solutions, since its very inception. I have had the deepest pleasure and the greatest honor of associating with Rudra Centre for the last seven years now and there is hardly a product or service which they have offered that I have not availed of, yet. I would most highly recommend every service and product that they have on offer. Not to mention that their dedication and commitment to the welfare and satisfaction of their clients is of utter priority to them - such a dedicated customer-centric approach is hard to come by, in today's world where customers, clients and even patrons are wantonly taken for granted. Rudra Centre is, by all means, recommendable for availing of all kinds of most effective Divine Solutions. Mr. Rajeev takes a very powerful sankalpa for the puja services they offer and I have observed that it adds a great value to that particular Puja. May they keep going from strength to strength, as they have yet and; may they keep reaching more and more people across the globe, with their excellent repertoire of products and services and through the peerless customer satisfaction which they so painstakingly offer. Thanks Riddhi Milind, Mumbai, India

From : Raghavendra G, (Muscat), Oman
Date: 12 June 2019
Subject : Thank you for the receipt of the products
Country : Oman

Thank you for the receipt of the products. Today, after carrying out rituals & pooja the emerald was worn in the morning. The pendant is beautifully made. My sincere thanks to the goldsmith. Thank you whole team of Rudra for making their effort ship so many products to Muscat. It has been a great, great association with Rudra which literally made a difference in my life. My forgotten spirituality was revived! My habits saw something never ever seen changes! A habit of 25 Years was cut short from roots and at the verge of celebrating 200 days of clean!! The very approach towards the life is getting a new prospective. My home & office have become energy centers. I have all appreciation for the Rudra, for Web site, product presentation, product details, payment, services, making, packing, energizing, genuineness of products, quality, personal co-ordination, communications, delivery & feedback. God bless for creating difference in people / society. Warm regards, Raghavendra G, (Muscat)

From : Anonymous, New Jersey, USA
Date: June, 2019
Subject : A thousand thanks for this wonderful work that you pour on humanity
Country : New Jersey, USA

Dear Neeta,I must tell you this and it will also be a pleasure to do so.As a result of starting RRST therapy I have begun to see some great changes, not by miracle or by magic but by the direct influence that Rudraksha RSTT has exerted on my ability to deal with situations that I had fled during the last 6 years. It certainly amazes me and it surprises me that I have still been able to do what I have done so far, in little more than 5 months ....I have been able to face a situation that had me very worried and, at the same time, blocked, I was unable to take action and find a solution. As you know, I have financial problems and, three months ago, I began to address the bank managers where I had problems, due to their lack of transparency and malpractice, calmly and directly, without fear, asking them for an explanation of the entire process and how we had reached this point, apparently without return, in which I was forced to assume a debt that was astronomically superior to that which I acquired at the time, due to the usurious application of expenses and interest on this debt and the fraudulent treatment of my bank data.As I told you, I went first to the financial entity involved in these irregularities (and this does not mean that I apologize for my irresponsible behavior, which, certainly, has taught me an important and unforgettable lesson). This entity, did not offer any interest in solving the situation through understanding and cordiality, so I was forced to resort to the superior financial institution, the Bank of Spain, which, after explaining my problem, gave me the reason, assuming as a lack of transparency and malpractice the attitude of the bank toward my problem, in addition to informing me that the financial institution had not responded to its requirements, which shed even more light on its questionable performance. They have not been able to do anything other than give me the reason (they have no power to act judicially), but that for me is already a lot. Now I will continue taking small steps trying to find the definitive solution (I know it will be difficult but I will calmly take the steps that are in my hand).All this is the result of trust, calm, capacity for analysis and introspection, and above all, the capacity for take action that RSTT has exercised over me. I must also include and thank Parad for these small achievements, which for me are giant achievements just as I was only 7 months ago ...It has been truly amazing the action of Rudraksha on all these capacities, hitherto dormant or in a state of suspension. Rudraksha, and Parad, have helped me to "catch the bull by the horns", as we say here, to assume my responsibility and, above all, to put in place the necessary means to reach the solution. I do not have enough words of thanks and of course Rudraksha and Parad will be life partners from now on.A thousand thanks for this wonderful work that you pour on humanity. The great and beloved Lord Shiva accompanies you and I thank Him for having put you in my path.Blessings

From : Manikoot, Guwahati
Date: 2019-05-23
Subject : Gemstone bracelet
Country : Guwahati

I have received my gem bracelet in perfect shape and size. Also, thank you for giving me so many free gifts along with the gem bracelet.


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