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From : Ranie, Malaysia
Date: April, 2019
Subject : Just Thank You
Country : Malaysia

I just want to sincerely thank Rudraksha Ratna team. Rudraksha has changed my life so so much. I first started purchasing the cheapest Rudraksha I needed & could afford at the time. I gradually became so empowered and have purchased many Rudraksha that was recommended to me. Thank you very much Neeta and team. Namaste.

From : Ashish Giri, Vienna Austria
Date: April, 2019
Subject : Brass Trishul with Damaru
Country : Vienna Austria

I placed Order for Brass Trishul and it came today very much well packed . Its a very nice trishul made from brass which looks very nice in my Altar .I would surely recommend Rudraksha Ratna shop because it has very nice items that i would love to buy time and again because they sell really nice things that keeps me to my culture attached . Thankyou for your Service 🙏☺

From : Charlotte Schneider, Germany
Date: 2019-04-09
Subject : Fast delivery & Premium quality products once again...
Country : Germany

All Rudra Centre team and building is like a Temple I dream to visit someday; it is a really sacred place, not just a business place. That is why I only buy from you, because I know how sacred, genuine and exceptional all your products are of the highest quality so far, from a long time ago... but equally important is how lovely you care of your customers with your supportive and unconditional personal dedication to them. Thank you for all your priceless advice and recommendations provided. God bless you all and let you continuing healing the world. With all my sincere and deepest gratitude, Charlotte.

From : S Ks
Date: April, 2019
Subject : I can chooses Rudra Centre blindly again and again for all my precious needs
Country :

Just today i received my order. Thanks for the wonderful quality and craftsmanship. Also for fulfilling the promise of sending the Rudraksha Mala. I wish Rudra Centre maintains their present commitment towards their customer. And I can chooses them blindly again and again for all my precious needs Thanks a lot once again..

From : Veero Kanda, USA
Date: April, 2019
Subject : I seek your blessings and thank rudra team for the exceptional service as always.
Country : USA

Namaste. Thank you for the beautiful pendant for the trijuthi and gauri shankar. I received the shipment with this divine piece last week, and can feel it’s blessings and energy upon wearing it. I seek your blessings and thank rudra team for the exceptional service as always. Kindest Regards,Veero Kanda, USA

From : Ashish Giri, Vienna Austria
Date: 2019-03-26
Subject : Haldi kumkum box - Ganesha and om
Country : Vienna Austria

Dear Sir / Madam . i bought a silver haldi kumkum box from your store and this haldi kumkum box of silver has a very nice art of ganpati and om on it which makes it even more auspicious and gives a nice look in my pooja Altar . i liked the product very much and would recommend other customers also for it . it came very well packed and on perfect timing which was also mentioned in the email by you . thanks for keeping me in touch with my culture although i am very far away from my homeland . Wish you all the best for Future .

From : Saritha M, India
Date: 2019-03-19
Subject : Your situations can change in life
Country : India

Last year when I stumbled upon the website of rudraksha-ratna, I was in a very bad state in my life from all aspects of my life. I was in a broken state financially, my relationships were sour and my health was all time low. I was going through a depression and I was very sensitive to anything that was happening around me. Tears would fall from eyes even when it was not required. I had a troubled life earlier too, quite an eventful one, I would say. But I was younger then and I had the fire in my belly to get up and run and embrace the life and what it has to offer at that time. But this time I failed. I was tired and did not have any hope in life. With a little bit spirit left in me, I told myself, that I need to getup and get going. I had spiritual encounters earlier in my life and I felt that is the only solution I have in front of me to recover from my situation. I started learning meditation from a guru for about three months and I felt a need for the Rudrakha japa malas for my mediation practise. The rest is all beautiful things happened in my life. I met Neeta Mam, a beautiful and blessed soul, who always have the patience to listen to me and helped me to understand the questions that I posted to her. I wore the combinations that Mam asked me to wear. Its been four months I am wearing these precious beads and I can easily say I am back on my life’s trajectory. I have completely recovered from my depression. I am no longer sensitive. I feel peaceful, my mind is quiet and more importantly my meditation is very deep. I have not achieved any materialistic things in life so far, but I think, getting my "self" back and my ability to focus on my life is much more important than any tangible benefits. Because now I know, life is going to open up on me. I wanted to write a testimonial when I achieve something materialistically in my life, but I realized that what your mind perceive as materialistic is just a manifestation of you being in the right order. Hence, I would suggest the blessed souls reading this review to give Rudraksha’s a try. Combined with a disciplined practise of meditation, these precious beads recommended by Neeta Mam are going to change your life for ever.

From : Anurag, Aligarh
Date: 2019-03-16
Subject : Punchmuki rudraksh
Country : Aligarh

Happy by service and got real product.

From : Bhargavi Patel, USA
Date: March, 2019
Subject : I am really very happy for all the things I received and day by day I see the changes on me
Country : USA

Hello Neeta Maa, I wanted to say Thank you a million times for the great service that you provided me. I am really very happy for all the things I received and day by day I see the changes on me.I have a lots of faith in you and have no words to explain. Thank You,

From : S, Hawaii
Date: 2019-02-28
Subject : Very Thankful
Country : Hawaii

Neetaji had given me a great recommendation to address the problems I have and Siddarth have helped me so much with any additional questions. Both were available, so helpful, genuine and caring. Neetaji helped me pinpoint what I needed help with, and suggested the right rudrakshas to order. And I am so happy with my order! I have bought several items from this company and have always been happy with my orders. My packages arrive on time/sometimes sooner than expected, they are packaged nicely, and they always smell lovely! I feel lucky to know about Rudraksha Ratna because I know my rudrakshas are real and genuine. I have had some pretty cool experiences wearing my rudrakshas. I sincerely believe in Rudraksha Ratna and the power of rudrakshas and yantras. I feel very lucky to have bought my rudrakshas from this company. Great experience, great people. Om Namah Shivaya :)


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