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From : Rajni Kumari, Singapore
Date: July, 2018
Subject : Neetaji is my saviour!
Country : Singapore

I am Rajni here, 5 years ago Neetaji had recommended me some RRST combinations.I used and got wonderful results from it but I became greedy and wanted to order more stuffs despite Neetaji telling me not to do so and started to get negative results,my husband made me throw the combinations.I was very sad,recently I started to get this strong feeling of wanting to use the combinations again.I applied for the detailed email analysis by Neetaji and told her my problems.Neetaji helped me like how a mother helps her child,she has always been a good listener I still remember the advises,encouragement and help Neetaji has given me.I cannot express my feelings and the respect I have for Neeta Ma.Neetaji has guided me always and always there for me.I recently purchased recommendations from her.Within 3 days of using the combinations,I recently got pay rise,I feel very much happier,positive and do not feel like cloudy and blur like how I used to feel.Neetaji's staff,Mr Siddhartji has also been of great help to me.He also guides me whenever I am not sure of anyhthing.My advise to everyone would be,please listen to Neetaji's advice,have patience and full faith in her recommendations,never do the mistake that I did.I have now started life afresh with Neeta Ma's recommendations and cannot thank her and Mr Siddhathji enough for the love and support they have given me.Words are not enough to describe Neeta Ma so I end here by bowing down,and touching her divine feet and placing it on my head.I love you Neeta Ma

From : Stellamaris Nicholson, UK
Date: July, 2018
Subject : I love my beads, and when I am anxious, I speak to my beads and achieve peace immediately.
Country : UK

Dear Neeta,How can I thank you. I am so grateful to you for my beautiful Rudrashka. My life has changed drastically.I received it as you know on 14 May 2018 and I put it in immediately. I noticed while on the plane and two days after I arrived home in the UK that I developed high fever which will come suddenly and then go. This high temperature was with me for three days and then disappear. I have no doubt that the sudden temperature is connected with the beads.Anyway, I continued to wear my beads and bath with it. There was no improvement in the first four weeks or so. I then just forgot about the beads. I said to myself, that's i, I have wasted my money.Neeta Ji, it then happen suddenly my focus and concentration became razor sharp. I removed and give ultimatum to all that I have allowed to be dependent on me.Opportunities came my way to enable me pay off all my debts. It allows me to go out and buy quality items like clothes, shoes and bags for myself. I am now saving to buy jewellery as I have none. They were all sold to help my children which I will be talking about in a separate email.My contract that was about to finish was suddenly renewed. All those plotting against me at work are now rushing to be my friends.I am at peace. I accepted that if it pleases the Universe He will make away for me to buy a house. In the meantime I have now taken steps to redecorate where I am living.I give thanks to God every minute for mercy and for you in helping me. It's as if I have come out of a dark period. i feel that my Star shines before people so much that I can feel it.I know that I posses the power to see and ghat has become more sharpened. I dream revelation dreams that shows me what is about to happen or what clarity on what has happened.Although, no man on the horizon but my priorities are now different. Thank you so much. I am extremely grateful for your assistance.I love my beads, and when I am anxious, I speak to my beads and achieve peace immediately.All this is unbelievable. I am enjoying my beads and have no immediate concern apart from decision of which path of work to follow. However, if you think there is anything that I need to do, please let me know.I am very grateful. Thank you.Stella

From : Malini, USA
Date: July, 2018
Subject : My mother blood pressure started dropping and her medicine had to be brought to a minimum level
Country : USA

I purchased the sarva siddha combination for my mother who has been suffering from high blood pressure and cholesterol for the last 20 years and was on medication. After wearing rudraksha, her blood pressure started dropping and her medicine had to be brought to a minimum level, her cholesterol decreased and her medicines had to be completely stopped. Overall she feels very peaceful and calm after wearing rudraksha.I have been wearing sarva siddha rudraksha combination for the last 4 years. I did not see any drastic change right away but there were small changes here and there. After one and a half years of diligently wearing the rudraksha my major health issue of stomach acidity went away without any medicine. I also listened to Neetaji's videos on chakra and tried to apply the lessons of manipura chakra in my life and the result was immediate. My manipura chakra which was poorly balanced has improved a lot over the last 4 years. Thank you for all you knowledge and help. I will never forget the first email I received from you. I have learnt so much from you over the years.

Date: 2018-07-04
Subject : It works!!!
Country : USA

Got the 9 mukhi Bracelet a month. Noticed that immediate results. Feeling confident, calmer and peaceful. Feeling supported by God/Goddess. Very grateful that I was able to try and buy.

From : Sweta singh, Unnao
Date: 2018-06-22
Subject : I am so grateful to neeta mam
Country : Unnao

I am really very gratrful to neeta mam.she is divine lady with a golden kind and royal heart.Her advice and words can change anyone's perception tand gives hope to hopless.i had a life changing expericence with neeta mam .rudra centre and their employees are best and its service are best quailty.i got rudraksh today those are very well packed and so good.Words are not enough to express my feelings about neeta mam.i can only say thanks to all of you.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

From : Poorna Raj, Mason, OH
Date: 2018-06-13
Subject : Awesome Service
Country : Mason, OH

We ordered Copper Abhishek pot with Large plate on Saturday and it arrived by the following wednesday. The quickest service i ever got from a seller in India. The item came in such a package that there was no danger of the item getting destroyed. I finally found a seller who knows how to give customer satisfaction and i will definitely recommend and do more purchases in the future.

From : Eugene Cronje, South Africa
Date: June, 2018
Subject : I have to thank you for the superb staff you have
Country : South Africa

Hi there Neeta,Once again, I have to thank you for the superb staff you have. I am especially so impressed with Priti. Her kindness and help makes the shopping such a pleasure. She makes sure I am always informed every step of the order and even after dispatch she will make sure the items are delivered.Please thank her on my behalf. I will most certainly recommend your centre and product to my friends and colleagues as the service and product quality is first class! Without any doubt.Kind RegardsEugene Cronje

From : Shaneel, Australia
Date: Jun, 2018
Subject : You still provide amazing service
Country : Australia

I received my parcel today. As usual, I loved them all. I was looking at my previous emails and I noticed that my first order was in 2010. You still provide amazing service.

From : May Saggu, Canada
Date: May, 2018
Subject : I wanted to share with you that I have received wonderful customer service
Country : Canada

Dear Ms. Neeta-ji and Mr. Premanand,I wanted to share with you that I have received wonderful customer service from Priti Bende for all my orders over the past 2 months. Her attention to detail and taking great care of my orders has been greatly appreciated! I have enjoyed speaking with Priti on the phone and communicating with her via e-mail. I look forward to speaking with her in the near future. Best,May Saggu

From : Bhakti, Denver colorado
Date: April, 2018
Subject : Feel blessed
Country : Denver colorado

Hai first i order beal patra and than i order parad shivling im so bleesed to have shivling becouse mahadav is everything for me n i was tring to get shivling finaly i got rudra centre thank you so much for such a spirituals things. Lots of love from me ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


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