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About Puja Items / Pooja Samagri

All Puja Items Online: Buy Hindu Pooja Samagri, Silver Puja Items, Temple Puja Items And Accessories

We offer Hindu puja items or Vedic puja samagri online, ranging from puja shawls to havan samagri and other ritual products. You can buy or shop online and get your products at your doorstep. Hindus perform the puja (prayer ritual) as a way to honor and worship their Gurus and Gods, and also to spiritually celebrate the remembrance of their ancestors.

Puja or Poojah and Pusai (Tamil) means honor Pu means flower and sai means do. Also, jaya in Sanskrit means victory. The term means honoring someone with flowers. Probably, the Aryan warriors (Kshatriyas) returning home with victory (jaya) were honored with flowers and tilaks on their heads. So, as puja acts as a very essential and pious occasion, it becomes imperative that they do so with utmost purity and cleanliness. Cleanliness is not just limited to physique and the psyche but also extends to the Puja samagris or Puja items that aid in the ritual. Ritual paraphernalia and vessels play an essential role in the Vedic rites, prayers and yagyas. Since the ancient Vedic times, the Indian Subcontinent has brimmed with periodical homas at Hindu temples and homes.

Buy Havan or Homa Items (Samagri) Online, Havan Ingredients

Homas or Havans include an extensive use of supari, Bel fruit, ghee, Honey, Akshat (rice grains), Turmeric powder, Sindoor, Ganga Jal and Attar and so on. The Vedic scriptures like Rig, Yajur, Sama and Arthava mention mystical secrets of healing material as well as spiritual existence through cosmic energies. The Homas involve mantras (sound), sankalpa (purpose), thoughts and the five elements of Nature. The most essential consideration before performing a Havan is the use of pure, qualitative and immaculate vessels and other items such as bowls for offering, Abishek vessels, oil lamps, Panchapatra, Bells, Haldi Kum Kum containers, Pedestal, Neti Patra etc.

With these paraphernalia, rituals are performed to worship various deities (Ganesh, Indra, and Vishnu etc.), nine planets and ancestors who all bestow upon the devotees material prosperity and spiritual attainments. The pujas can be performed at home or in a temple; it can be performed by a priest or by oneself along with family members with all the necessary puja items and ingredients.

Puja Samagri List Online: Pooja Thalis Set For Aarti, Kalash, Diwali Diya, Gifts, Pooja Mandir For Home, Gangaajal


Puja Vessels: Vessels like Puja Thalis can be made of copper, silver or gold plated and is used for aartis. Different designs of thalis are available for different occasions. Abhishek vessels play a huge role in deity worship (bathing ceremony of deity). Rudra centre has abhishek vessels made in pure metals like brass, copper or silver. Nandi abhishek vessel, copper pot with stand and plate, pure silver abhihshek pot with stand are best.

Kalash is considered as a propitious object in Hindu and several other cultures. Kalash is a Puja pot normally used to fill up water, crowned with circlet of mango leaves and/or coconut. The shape of these Kalash pots depends on their purpose. At Rudra centre, we have variety of Puja pots such as Kalash in silver, Karva Chauth kalash (for the festival called Karva Chaut), decorative kalash and kalash in silver or copper.

Navgraha Shanti packs: These packs include Ketu Shanti pack, Rahu Shanti pack, Shani Shanti pack etc. consists of different small items that are necessary to carry out certain puja.

Diya or Oil lamps: They are used for lighting of diya. Oil lamps are lit for knowledge, prosperity and wealth. Rudra centre has widest range of oil lamps with beautiful artistic work, most authentic designs and pure brass, silver and copper material. Some of unique oil lamps are Kurma oil lamp, Kamakshi oil lamp, Tortoise lamp holder, peacock oil lamp, Elephant diya Shank diya in brass.

Prayer Altars For Pooja Room (Puja Mandir For Home): They are hand crafted Puja temples. They are made in pure teak wood. At Rudra centre the altar are designed purposefully. Traditional altar has handmade carvings, has a drawer at bottom to keep incense sticks.

Holy Waters: Holy water is an essential for types of pujas as they are used to cleanse the deity, and for offering Abhishek. Different types of holy water are Rudraksha Water, Gulabjal, Kewra, Gangaajal, Gomutra etc. and these are used in different ceremonies.

Holy powders: Sindoors and tilaks are used by both men and women after puja as it is a symbol of invoking the divine. The variants available are the sandalwood powder, red sandal powder, Haldi-Kumkum, Kesari gandh, Kamakhya Sindoor etc.

Buy Other Puja Essentials Online: Mehndi Cones, Agarbatti and Incense Sticks Holders

Mehendis are usually used in marriage ceremonies.

Storages boxes or pouches also known as potlis are a must-have Indian puja item as it comes in handy to small items such as cotton wicks, charcoal, Shvetark thread, bhasma, holy/sacred threads, etc.

Incense sticks of various fragrances and elegant incense stick holders can be seen in almost every Indian ceremony. Decorative and auspicious Jhulas or swings for home temples.

Other items being potteries, lotas, chowkis, chopdas, diyas, Rudraksha malas, flowers and grains etc. Pujas and puja accessories (much like Yantras) help the devotee to concentrate on spirituality and connect with the divine force. Choosing the correct puja items and maintaining its purity thus becomes a path to liberation for the devotee.

Vedic Philosophy about Pujas:

In the epics such as Mahabharata, the rituals were always performed as mentioned in the Vedas. They were performed by the Brahmins who displayed excellence in knowing the Vedas, Upanishads and other literatures. They knew the secret of rituals, Mantra chanting, Homas, Yajnas and other spiritual activities. We at Rudra Centre offer Puja services through the capable and learned priests in line with Vedic traditions. Vedas mentions that one should perform pujas for peace, good health, material prosperities and spiritual strength.

Pooja Samagri: Hindu Puja Samagri List, Pooja Items Online, Silver Pooja Items At Best Price

Significance of Puja:

The term puja is a Sanskrit word which is used to describe the act of worshipping deities in Hinduism. Puja is the best way of connecting to the higher energy. There are different types of pujas and the rituals of conducting these pujas too differ. Pooja Samagri used in these pujas too differ. The reason and intention behind performing the puja too differs. The process of puja involves number of vidhis (rituals) that need to be performed in a set manner as per the scriptures. There is a vast difference between the daily puja that we perform at home than the Vedic puja ceremony that is organised in the presence of learned pandits (priests) at home or at a temple.

Significance of Puja Items

While conducting a puja ceremony, a lot of ingredients are used. Every object that is associated with the Puja ritual is symbolically significant. These items form an important link in seeking the grace of God through the medium of these pious rituals. The use of each of these samagri enhances the bhav of the worshipper and helps him/her to connect with the deity. Buy Puja Samagri online from Rudra Centre at the best price. The most essential samagri used in the puja are

7 Rivers Holy Water: Gangaajal, Water From Indian Rivers, Buy Gangajal At Best PRice

The 7 Holy Rivers of India are the Ganga, Godavari, Narmada, Kaveri, Krishna, Brahmaputra and Yamuna. Waters from these seven rivers is considered to be highly auspicious and divine. Water from all these seven rivers has the ability to attract and transmit the frequencies of Saptadevtas (seven Superior Deities). We at Rudra Centre offer 7 Rivers Holy Water in a bottle. This water can be used while performing Abhishekam.

Gomutra: Gomutra Benefits, Buy Gomutra Ark Online, Cow Urine Benefits

Cows is referred to as agau mata and is highly revered in Hinduism. The cow’s urine is known as gomutra or gaumutra and is considered as one of the most Holy waters. Gomutra holds many healing properties and is sprinkled during the puja ceremony to cleanse the area where the puja is conducted. Gomutra is also consumed as it fights innumerable diseases and balances the Air (Vat), Bile (Pitta), and Mucous (kapha). Buy cow urine online/ buy gomutra online at the best price from Rudra Centre. Cow urine is also used during performing abhishekam (bathing) of the deities and during yajna.

Ganga Jal: Buy Gangaajal Online, Ganga Water, Water Of Ganga River, Buy Gangajal Water Online

According to Agni Purana which is one of the eighteen major Puranas of Hinduism, the water of Ganga is said to purify anything it touches. Sprinkling a few drops of this Gangajal is said to purify the environment and makes everything (Pavitra). Order gangajal online from Rudra Centre at the best price We offer a range of authentic Ganges water which is available in Gangajal Carton and Gangajal bottle. Ganga Jal is used to cleanse deities.

Havan Samagri: Buy Havan Samagri Online, Havan Samagri List, Havan Kund At Best Price

Buy the Havan Samagri online from Rudra Centre. The Havan Samagri plays a pivotal role while performing a Yajna or Havan. This samagri includes Navgraha Yajna Herbs and sticks, Cow dung cakes with camphor, Cow Dung Ash, Pancha Deepam oil, Havan Samidha sticks, Desi Ghee and many such samagri. This Samagri is divine and hold immense Satvik properties.

Fragrant Sindoor Tilaks: Buy Sindoor Powder Online, Sindoor For Puja

Fragrant Sindoor tilaks like the Mysore Sandal paste, Kadambam Powder, Tilak sticks with Tilak stamp, Natural Kumkum Powder, Natural Turmeric Powder, Chandan Tilak are used while conducting the pujas. The idol or the photo frames of the deities are applied these tilaks during the puja ceremony and is also applied on the forehead of the people present for the ceremony. Buy these auspicious Fragrant Sindoor Tilaks online from Rudra Centre. These Tilaks also makes the mind calm and aid in meditation.

Holy Betelnut, Coconut: Buy Holy Betel Nut Online, Buy Pooja Supari Online

Betelnut (supari) plays an important role in pujas. It symbolises ego, offering a betelnut to God symbolises surrendering your ego to the Supreme. Coconut is considered as sacred, pure and satvik in nature and thus is widely offered in various Puja and Homa rituals. It is considered good to have it at home for the purpose of purification as it is considered very sacred.

Apart from the above mentioned samagris we also offer Ritual Puja Kits, Silver Puja Thali Set, Honey, Rare Chirmi Beads, Mehandi, Diya Wicks, Mouli, Janeu, Nav dhanya, Seeds, rice, Puja Prasad, Bhoj patra, Sriphal, Holy grass & Tarpan. We are a one stop shop that offers a wide range of Puja Samagri which is of high quality, energized and blessed.