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About Shivling

Buying Shivlinga Online: Shivling For Home, Pooja, Temple, Office And Shop

Shivling or Shivlinga is the symbol of Lord Shiva, representing the Infinite Divine. It is worshipped widely in temples and homes. The Shivalinga represents the potent energy manifesting within the cosmos. It takes the form of an erect black phallus emerging from a yoni, symbolic of Goddess Shakti, the female creative energy. This union of Shiva and Shakti represents the male and female aspects of creation, the passive space and active time from which the whole of existence has sprung up. Shivlinga thus signifies the Cosmic Egg or Brahmanda which has neither beginning nor end. In traditional Vedic belief, this constantly evolving world ultimately dissolves into the formless infinite before another one is created.

Significance of Shivling

The Oval stone on the top of the Shivling symbolizes the formless Lord of the Universe while the Yoni at the base is the Supreme Shakti that holds the entire Universe within it. This union of Shiva and Shakti also represents the convergence of the Soul (the Being) with Chitta (the mind). The lingam is represented as an erect phallus emerging from the ground. This signifies that through sadhana, the mind can be purified of all fixed beliefs, limiting thoughts and illusions. Once the limiting ego has been annihilated, this will lead to the realization of the Being.

Types of Shivlingas At Rudra Centre:

Gemstone Shivling: We have a wide range of shivlings made from a single piece of natural mineral or gemstone. It combines the energy of a gemstone and grace of Lord Shiva. It includes shivlings made of Blue Jade, Black Jade, Cats Eye, Ruby, Sphatik (crystal) And More. Buy original gemstone shivling at best price from us.

Shivling in Metal Yoni: We stock the shivlings with the yoni base made of various metals such bronze, brass, silver and gold. We have the largest collection of Shivling With Yonis.

Parad Shivling: Parad Shivlings are highly sacred, auspicious and most popular among its devotees. These shivlings are made of Mercury (Parad) which is made Complete with 8 Sanskaars (8 stage of Purifications as per the Parad Sanmhita) and removal of Saptakanchuki (100 % medicated and hygienic). The Parad Shivling when worshiped or meditated on daily offers the results in a short period of time. Buy Parad Shivling online at best price.

Shivling In Silver: It includes a Shiva Lingam resting on Yoni base beautifully crafted in German silver. It adorns your altar and can be gifted to your near and dear ones. Buy Shivling in original silver at best price.

Narmada Shivling: We get you the purest Narmada Shivlings found in nature, in the bed of the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh, India. One can install them at home for worship and meditation. Get Narmada Shivling at best price.

Marble Shivling: We offer the Shivlings impeccably crafted in pure white Markrana marble. Makrana marble is white marble of superior quality, best for sculpture and building decor. It is mined in the town of Makrana in Rajasthan, India. Shivalingam with elegantly designed yoni is awe-inspiring, divine and charming. It creates vibes of serenity, bliss, unity and spiritual progress as well as concentration. Buy Markrana Marble shivling at best price.

Brass Shivling: We offer a variety of Shivling made in pure heavy brass. It includes a Shivaling with Nandi, Naga Shivlinga, and other idols featuring the divine Shiva and Nandi.