Ratna (Vedic Gemstones)

About Ratna (Vedic Gemstones)

Gemstones are the exotic mineral with elegant appearance and color. Gemstones are derived from corundum that is a naturally transparent material with different colors in the state of being impure.

Gemstones have epitomized wealth, power, royalty and supremacy since eons. The kings, the emperors, the stately persons and other prestigious sections of the world used gemstones to obtain their mystic potencies. Some of the most popular examples of gemstones include Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Red Coral, Emerald, Ruby, Pearl, White Sapphire, Cat's Eye, Aquamarine and so on.

Apart from its fascinating scientific and chemical composition, a gemstone also has another side which is more fascinating; its mystical properties that affect anything or anybody getting in contact with it.

Scientifically, gemstones do influence the mind, heart and the entire body of humans as well. The core strength of gemstones lies in their colors they emit. Sun rays passing through a gemstone make it emit a cosmic color that is absorbed by the body Chakras. Although, the modern science has failed to recognize the mystic potencies of the gemstones, they are widely used to heal physical and emotional sufferings. What make the gemstones distinct, fascinating, and exotic are their colors, quality and different types.

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At Rudra Centre we have done deep research in the usage of gemstones and how they affect human body chakras. Come for an email or skype consultation with us to know your chakra blockages and how these empowered stones can help you remove them and help you lead a blissful life.


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