Divine Rudraksha Mat
INR 2,150.00 | USD 31.82
Maha Shivaratri Puja Kit with DVD
INR 4,000.00 | USD 59.20
Shiv Nandi Shawl in Art Silk
INR 600.00 | USD 8.88
Abhishekam Set with Shivling - German Silver
INR 8,150.00 | USD 120.62
Bronze Yoni base and Nandi with Narmada Shivling
INR 91,575.00 | USD 1,355.31
Shiva Lingam on pure silver Yoni base - I
INR 11,950.00 | USD 176.86
Fresh item Kit for Mahashivratri Puja
INR 1,400.00 | USD 20.72
Magnificent Shiva Parivar in Sphatik
INR 5,90,000.00 | USD 8,732.00
Hindu tilak set
INR 600.00 | USD 8.88
Designer Meditation Stick
INR 860.00 | USD 12.73
Om Namah Shivaye Shawl
INR 650.00 | USD 9.62
Rudraksha Cap - Nepal Beads
INR 14,425.00 | USD 213.49
Shiv Pradhosham Puja Kit
INR 4,400.00 | USD 65.12
Mysore Sandalwood Powder
INR 955.00 | USD 14.13
DHYANASAN - The traditional Darbha grass mat
INR 2,925.00 | USD 43.29
AYURVARDHANA - The Ayurvedic cotton yoga mat
INR 5,300.00 | USD 78.44
Ganesh Kantha
INR 86,625.00 | USD 1,282.05
Gauri Shankar Kantha- Java beads
INR 49,500.00 | USD 732.60
Surya Radiance mala
INR 62,475.00 | USD 924.63
Durga Shakti Mala Tiny beads in Silver Caps
INR 35,750.00 | USD 529.10
Mahalaxmi Kantha - Collector beads
INR 1,80,000.00 | USD 2,664.00
Shivnetra mala
INR 6,75,000.00 | USD 9,990.00
Mahalakshmi Mala - 54+1 beads
INR 19,050.00 | USD 281.94
Rare 8 mukhi Ganesh mala - 10mm
INR 10,000.00 | USD 148.00
Bel Fruit
INR 210.00 | USD 3.11
Lotus Flower - Kamal
INR 900.00 | USD 13.32
Datura Fruit - Set of 3
INR 110.00 | USD 1.63
Rose Flower
INR 850.00 | USD 12.58
Bel Patra Garland
INR 1,800.00 | USD 26.64
Tulsi Garland
INR 1,800.00 | USD 26.64
Rare Pancha Dal Bel Patra
INR 5,100.00 | USD 75.48
Nepal Rudraksha Plant
INR 3,100.00 | USD 45.88
Ganesh Laxmi in Rose quartz
INR 50,950.00 | USD 754.06
Green Jade Elephants - Set of 2
INR 24,000.00 | USD 355.20
Natraja idol in Ruby - 3275 gms
INR 1,47,375.00 | USD 2,181.15
Shiva in Tiger Eye - 1.332 Kgs
INR 33,300.00 | USD 492.84
Hanuman in Blue Sodalite - 1125 gms
INR 28,125.00 | USD 416.25
Shiv Parivar in Blue Sodolite - 10770 gms
INR 1,28,900.00 | USD 1,907.72
Majestic Giant Ganesha Idol in Rose Quartz
INR 78,900.00 | USD 1,167.72
Divine Pair Ganesh Laxmi in Yellow Jade
INR 65,000.00 | USD 962.00
Black Narmada Lingam with Red Jade Yonibase
INR 61,150.00 | USD 905.02
Pashupatinath Lingam in Lapis Lazuli - 2262 gms
INR 67,875.00 | USD 1,004.55
Sandstone Shivling - 1382 gms
INR 11,075.00 | USD 163.91
Parad Lingam on Sandalwood Yoni Base
INR 21,875.00 | USD 323.75
Parad lingam in brass yoni - Large
INR 1,16,125.00 | USD 1,718.65
Pure Makrana Marble Shivling
INR 5,820.00 | USD 86.14
Bronze Yoni base and Nandi with Narmada Shivling
INR 91,575.00 | USD 1,355.31
Sacred Shiva Lingam in Bronze
INR 6,500.00 | USD 96.20
Parad Mani ring
INR 3,100.00 | USD 45.88
Hanging Parad Gutika
INR 3,975.00 | USD 58.83
Parad power pyramid
INR 3,500.00 | USD 51.80
Pure Siddha Parad Mala - 54+1 beads
INR 35,200.00 | USD 520.96
Paradeshwar Shiva - Design II
INR 1,100.00 | USD 16.28
Parad Plate
INR 2,100.00 | USD 31.08
Lingam shape Parad Gutika bracelet
INR 5,300.00 | USD 78.44
Lingam shape Parad Gutika Pendant in thread - 22 to 24mm
INR 3,800.00 | USD 56.24
Shree Yantra Maha Meru - I
INR 22,150.00 | USD 327.82
Maha Meru in pure silver
INR 2,85,000.00 | USD 4,218.00
Shree Yantra Maha Meru - Large
INR 28,525.00 | USD 422.17
Siddh Meru Ganesh Yantra
INR 11,275.00 | USD 166.87
Siddh Meru Shiva Yantra
INR 8,950.00 | USD 132.46
Maha Siddh Sudarshan Yantra
INR 26,700.00 | USD 395.16
Maha Siddh Mahamrityunjaya Yantra
INR 26,700.00 | USD 395.16
Maha Siddh Bhuvaneshvari Dusmahavidya Yantra
INR 26,700.00 | USD 395.16
Shri Sarvasiddhi Maha Yantram - 12 inches
INR 7,525.00 | USD 111.37
Mahamrityunjaya Yantra - 6 inches
INR 2,535.00 | USD 37.52
Shri Vashikaran Yantra - Gold - 6 inches
INR 2,500.00 | USD 37.00
Shree Hanuman Yantra - 3 inches
INR 625.00 | USD 9.25
Shri Sarvasiddhi Maha yantra - Antique finish - 9 inches
INR 5,015.00 | USD 74.22
Shree Dus Mahavidya Maha Yantra - 12 Inches
INR 10,500.00 | USD 155.40
Shree Kuber Laxmi Yantra with photo
INR 1,380.00 | USD 20.42
Shree Saraswati Yantra in Gold Polish - 3 inches
INR 475.00 | USD 7.03
Haldi Kumkum containers in Pure Silver
INR 2,640.00 | USD 39.07
Navratri Kalash Akhand Jyoth Lamp in Pure Silver
INR 21,975.00 | USD 325.23
Royal Puja Thali in pure silver - Big
INR 1,23,025.00 | USD 1,820.77
Paanch Aarti oil lamp in pure silver - Medium
INR 14,350.00 | USD 212.38
Om Swastik deity throne in pure silver
INR 37,150.00 | USD 549.82
Puja Kalash in pure silver - Om Shree design
INR 19,950.00 | USD 295.26
Pure Silver Abhishek Pot with Tripod Stand and Plate
INR 26,620.00 | USD 393.98
Jaldhari Abhishek pot in pure silver
INR 55,000.00 | USD 814.00
Vibhavari Heera Shankh with Hakeek Rosary
INR 4,100.00 | USD 60.68
Natural Amethyst Chakra Vastu Tree - Big
INR 3,910.00 | USD 57.87
Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp - Glass Shaped Lamp
INR 4,300.00 | USD 63.64
Power and Fortune Rock
INR 5,460.00 | USD 80.81
Gomati chakras in shell bowl
INR 1,040.00 | USD 15.39
Green Jade Pyramid For Desire Fulfillment
INR 1,975.00 | USD 29.23
Vishnu Ratna Shakti Yantra
INR 7,850.00 | USD 116.18
Earthen Multi-Layer pyramid
INR 2,800.00 | USD 41.44




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Rudra Centre brings you largest collection of beautiful and superior Rudraksha beads from Nepal and Java. Rudraksha beads have the property to tune in with the chakra system to balance them in a miraculously short time thereby bringing good health, balanced state of mind and attraction of desired outcomes. Our well researched RRST (Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy) makes use of proper selection of the right beads and righr ways of stringing to bring excellent results. With a network of Therapists who practice globally, Rudra Centre has reached far and wide to promote therapeutic healing with these age old beads.

Ratna (Gemstones)
Rudra Centre has a wide range of natural, high-quality and non-treated Vedic gemstones sourced from different part of the world. When gemstones are recommended and set in the right manner with planetary bhasma, metal and mantra as per RRST they suit everyone irrespective of birth chart and give guaranteed results. Gemstones emit rays which are absorbed by the chakras of the body thereby balancing them and bringing a new level of self awareness, healing and self empowerment.

Rudra Centre presents a vast range of finest 2d, Meru, pocket, hanging and desktop Yantras with accurate geometry designed after deep research on ancient scriptures. A Yantras is a geometric figure representing a particular deity, mantra or energy frequency which act as a cosmic doorway that helps facilitate union with the divine and fulfil specific purpose. Our Yantras are made on fine and heavy copper, silver, bronze or punchdhatu metals and are activated with beeja mantras as per Yantric rites to give optimum results.

Chakra Vastu
Chakra Vastu is the science of harmonising and reaping maximum benefits from the dwelling by managing energies and influences of the Pancha Tatva, Planets, Chakras and Geometry in the space enclosed by the dwelling. Devised after deep research on ancient wisdom and modern science, our Vastu solutions are practical and effective. We provide easy Vastu remedies without demolition through our specially designed superior quality energy Vastu products like Vastu Pyramids, Yantras, Vastu Idols, Gemstone trees, Gemstone Rocks, Horse Shoe, Chimes, Natural stones and more.

Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy
Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) is a truly effective holistic therapy devised by Neeta Singhal after two decades of extensive research and in-depth study on healing properties of Rudraksha and Gemstones from ancient scriptures. Our therapy is practical and cost effective and has no side-effects. RRST recommends combinations in form of spiritual jewellery with wearing methodology to effortlessly balance the energy of the Chakras and empowers one with health, abundance, success and spiritual upliftment. With over 22,000 testimonials from clients coming from all walks of life, this therapy has proven to be truly effective in today’s time.

Rudra Centre presents exclusive range of Siddh alchemical Parad Shivling, Gutika and Pyramids with healing touch. We are the only place in India where you will find Siddh alchemical Parad. Our Parad is derived through 8 stages of purification process, which exhibit all properties as per Parad Samhita. Parad heals the crown chakra, removes fears and brings peace, prosperity, health and spiritual growth.

Puja Services
We are one of the best oldest online Vedic puja service providers in the world with wide range of powerful Vedic and Temple pujas. Vedic Puja with elaborate rituals and mantras are ancient powerful methodology to pray to the divine deities with their spiritual essence for appeasing them requesting for favours in form of desire fulfilment, materialistic gains, protection and success. Our pujas are strictly conducted as per ancient Vedic rituals in our temple installed in self-owned premises by well-versed Karmakandi priests from Kashi Gurukul with live streaming facility on Skype. We offer personalized pujas for success, festival, planetary, special and remedial purposes.

Puja Items
Rudra Centre, the biggest one stop global shop for all spiritual products offers widest range of puja ingredients and essentials. Puja rituals are powerful medium to invoke blessings of the Divine. Our items sourced from different regions are pure clean, natural and of superior quality which are necessary for the success of a puja. We have elegant range of brass, silver and copper puja vessels in variant designs and puja kits and fresh herbs and ingredients like tilak, oils, Hawan samagri and more.



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