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Blue Sapphire Gemstone: Properties, Benefits, Healing Powers, How To Wear It for Maximum Benefits

Blue Sapphire is a gemstone that occurs naturally. It is composed of corundum (aluminum oxide), and has slight traces of cobalt and various other metals which lead to its beautiful blue hue. The word 'Sapphire' means 'Blue stone'. It is generally found in deposits of alluvial and igneous rocks. This mesmerizing gemstone has held the attention and admiration of all kinds of people – from explorers to travelers to kings and queens. Carving and cutting of the natural stone creates the brilliantly lit and cut gemstone that is one of the most valued of all the precious stones. A Blue Sapphire Gemstones has considerable sparkle and might display different colors when viewed from different angles. Blue Sapphires can be treated with heat and can be diffused with beryllium in order to enhance and preserve their brilliant Blue compound but the Sapphires that occur naturally are more valued than then the one’s which are treated. Blue Sapphires having secondary hues like Purple and Violet are also found. One of the largest blue Sapphires weighing nearly 42 kilograms and was discovered in Sri Lanka.

History of Blue Sapphire Gemstone:

In the ancient Greece and Rome, Kings and Queens used Blue Sapphires for protection against envy and attacks. The clergy of the Middle Ages belied that Blue sapphires helped the genuine souls tread the path to Heaven and attracted heavenly blessings. There were people who used sapphires as rings or amulets to guard chastity, make peace between enemies and dispelled evil energies.

In Astrology:

In Vedic astrology, Blue Sapphire Gems is connected to the planet Saturn. Saturn is associated with Kingly luck and abundance. Saturn is spiritually and astrologically very strong. Planet Saturn placed in the proper sign and house bestows you with tremendous wealth and fame. When placed in a malefic condition it gives poverty, loss, misery, sorrow, accidents and hurdles in life. Associated with age and hence longevity, Saturn blesses with long life if favorably positioned in the chart. To strengthen the position of Shani, one can wear a Blue Sapphire.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstones:

Blue Sapphire unblocks the wearer's Ajna Chakra and protects the pituitary gland. The Ajna Chakra is related to intuition, creativity and imagination. Thus, it helps the wearer, being more charismatic, intuitive and intelligent. It leads to peace of mind through acceptance and good judgment.

O It gives relief in sinus, headaches, vision problems and issues related to nightmares.
O It also gives relief in issues related to nervous and neurological disorders.

Wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone with Rudraksha:

Wearing a combination of Gemstone and Rudraksha is the best way to make the most of it. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy® (RRST®) devised by Neeta Singhal employs the use of both Blue Sapphire gems and Rudraksha beads. It is a holistic healing therapy that uses the curative and healing properties of Rudraksha and Gemstones to balance your Chakras. In RRST we deal only with natural and un-treated gemstones. The reason Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy is widely acclaimed by many as it works on Chakras, the very basis of life. It is a holistic therapy that heals from deep within with absolutely no side effects. In RRST, setting a gemstone in a ring or in a pendant is done by placing the bhasm made of the planetary herb inside one tube and the metal that improves the planetary effects in another tube. In case of Blue Sapphire, the Shamee Bhasm and metal Mercury is used to attract the cosmic power of Saturn. The gemstone is then energized with its precise seed mantra on a specific day to empower it to eliminate all the malefic effects of the planet and reinforce its beneficial effects. Thus the gemstone becomes a powerful talisman suitable to be worn by any person irrespective of his birth chart.

Blue Sapphire or Neelam Gemstone available in Different carats

Recommending a Gemstone based on RRST

During consultation, the blocked Chakras that are causing the mental, emotional and physical issues are identified and limiting beliefs are addressed. Chakras become imbalanced when your thoughts and attitudes tend towards fears and negativity when facing challenging situations in life. Blocked Chakras manifest emotional disorders and physical ailments. You can live a successful, loved and happy life only after your blocked Chakras are activated and balanced. As per the Chakra status and concerns of the client, a suitable combination of Gemstone and Rudraksha bead is recommended. As per the cosmic color they emit, the gemstones work on specific Chakras. The Blue Sapphire works on Ajna Chakra and the RRST Consultant identifies the correct finger position for drawing maximum energy from the stone. Rudraksha and Gems are powerful agents of energy and work on releasing the negative energy stored in the form of stress in the blocked Chakras, thereby activating them and tuning them to their natural state.

Ajna Chakra:

Ajna means ‘perception’, it also means ‘become aware of’ and ‘control’. It is associated with the power of thought, imagination and abstract ideas and controls the entire personality of an individual.

When this Ajna Chakra is blocked/ imbalanced, you feel disconnected from the people/ situations around you. There’s inner resistance, stubbornness. You are afraid of change. You want to continue your set routine and life, the way it is and you do not wish to change it. You may experience tensions, headaches around the brow area.A balanced Ajna Chakra enables your intuition to guide you constantly, which you trust and follow confidently. You become simple, humble and devoid of any ego and accept people and situations the way they are. It also displays charisma and clarity of judgment.

Hence proper functioning of all the Chakras ensures appropriate energy flow to all body parts including our vital organs. Thus, Chakra cleansing and balancing is essential to enjoy good health and happiness which translates to overall abundance and wellbeing in every spheres of life. The purpose of Ajna Chakra is to make you get established in your being, feel cherished, precious and special and live a life free of fears and guilt’s.

Method / procedure of wearing:

At Rudra Centre all the gemstones are pre-energized as per Vedic rituals and can be worn immediately, on the suggested specific right/left hand finger.
It can be worn on any auspicious day or any day, in the morning after bath. If need be, one may additionally chant the seed mantra “OM” 108 times before wearing.


Who Can Wear Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Stone?

In Vedic astrology, a gemstone is suggested on how the planets are positioned in your kundali Shani or Saturn rules our nerves and is associated with patience, discipline, control and public grace. Blue Sapphire is associated with Capricorn (Makkar) and Aquarius (Kumbha). People of these zodiac signs may wear a Blue Sapphire. If you are facing countless obstacles, humiliation, limitation, lethargy and isolation may wear this stone. However, in case you worry about Blue Sapphire side effects, if you consult with an RRST expert and follow his/her recommendation the blue sapphire will not have any side effect.

In Chakra science, Blue sapphire is associated with Ajna Chakra aka Third Eye/Eyebrow Chakra. This chakra relates to one’s thought, imagination, and abstract ideas and controls their entire personality. When this chakra is blocked, one experiences disharmony, anger, obstinacy along with physical illnesses like those related to eyes and nose, headache and blood circulation. Wearing an original, natural Blue Sapphire stone restores this chakra to its healthy state. As a result, one tends to display charisma, intuitive brilliance, a calm mind and clarity of judgment. Blue Sapphire is an extremely powerful stone. It is ruled by Saturn. Anyone seeking immense good luck, elevation of status, wealth, prosperity, good decision making power and intuitive foresight can wear this stone.

Who Should Wear Neelam Stone?

While studying a Kundali, Saturn plays an essential role. It is associated with the nervous system in your body. With the Saturn favorably placed in your Kundali, you enjoy patience, intuition and being generous, energetic and prosperous in your professional field. A weak Saturn reverses the results of everything that you carefully do. It destroys your confidence and makes you suffer from instability, obstacles, helplessness, depression and constant failures to evolve your consciousness.

Another notable aspect of Shani is Sade Sati, the period of seven and half years wherein there are constant failures, disappointments and reverses and is generally a tough period. Saturn traveling 12th House and the 2nd House from the Moon causes Sade Sati. If malefic planets are placed with Saturn in your Kundali, Blue Sapphire should be worn after consulting an RRST expert.

How to check, test or identify original blue sapphire (Neelam) stone before wearing

There are certain things you need to keep in mind before you buy a Blue Sapphire.

A Blue Sapphire is regarded as fake or unoriginal or not effective if:

  • It has too many inclusions and visible cracks on the surface. Or if the surface is chipped.
  • It has a dull blue color against the original premium Blue color.
  • It does not have transparency, making it difficult or impossible for light to pass through.
  • If it has another layer of a gem inside, then it could be a Benitoite stone that resembles a Blue sapphire but isn’t actually the one.
  • If it shows yellow rays at the edges then it could be an Iolite stone that looks lie a Blue Sapphire.
  • It is best to buy a certified Blue Sapphire stone from a genuine supplier or seller.

How To Wear Blue Sapphire?

Blue Sapphire Gemstone or Neelam Ratna should be in the middle finger of the left hand. The best day to wear is Saturday. Some people say Blue sapphire be worn in gold only however the metals don’t make much difference the real frequency and power is in the gemstone. It is advisable to invest more in a better quality high carat blue sapphire rather than in Gold or white gold, you may choose to wear the Blue Sapphire in Sterling silver itself

How To Charge Blue Sapphire

The best way to increase the life of your Blue Sapphire or any gemstone is that one should regularly recharge or reenergize it. Following these simple steps to charge the stone:

  • Dip your ring in a bowl filled with a mix of Gangajal and some rock salt or black salt.
  • Keep this bowl in your temple for a night. Or you may keep at the feet of Lord Hanuman (deity idol or photo).
  • Next morning, take your ring out, wash it with clean water and put it on.

How To Check If Blue Sapphire Suits You

If you wear Blue sapphire as per Rudraksha Ratna Science therapy it will definitely suit you. We energized the gemstones with appropriate Beej Mantras, add Bhasm to the ring and provide accurate guidance to wearing the gemstone which yields positive results to our clients.

All gemstones will suit anyone if they are worn as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy

How To Know If Gemstone Is Working?

After wearing the gemstone you feel a positive change in your thought process within 10 days, then eventually as you start aligning with the frequency of the Blue sapphire you will invite lessons of the planets and chakras to balance them and get overall success in life. You would be able to observe measurable results in a few months time.

Keep in mind that you should wear at least 3 carat to experience Blue Sapphire Gemstone power. If lesser than that then the Blue Sapphire effects may not immediate or as expected.

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