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Gomati Chakra: Importance, Uses, Puja Vidhi & Benefits

Every item associated with the Divine are considered sacred by the Vedas. The Gomati Chakras are no exception. They are found in the Gomati River healing several issues that people face in their routines. Gomati Chakras are white in color featuring small circles on one side. The chakras are considered to epitomize Goddess of Fortune Lakshmi. If you closely notice, the Gomati Chakra looks like the Sudarshan Chakra or Discus of Lord Krishna. It is believed that the Gomati chakras formed a part of Lord Krishna’s majestic palaces in Dwaraka. These chakras embellished the walls the Lord’s palaces.

How to use Gomati Chakra?

These chakras are used in rituals. It is said that if you have a Gomati Chakra, you will be blessed with purity, prosperity and perfection in one’s occupation. Gomati Chakras are used along with Shaligrams in the various Vedic rituals. In the Salagrama Kosha, it is said that the reactions of sins, be it of any nature, can be destroyed when the Shaligrama stones and Gomati Chakras are worshiped together.

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Carrying the chakra along:

You can keep 2/4/6/8 (even numbers) Gomati Chakras in your handbag or wallet for luck and financial opportunity.In Vastu: Elven Gomati Chakras when buried in the foundation of a building protects the residents from the evil effect of Vastu Dosha caused in South East direction. Eleven Gomati Chakras represent 11 Rudras, the divine forms Lord Shiva.

Financial Burden: Just apply turmeric powder on eleven Chakras. Keep them near Shivling or an image of Lord Shiva. Chant any Shiva mantra. Then tie these Chakras in yellow colored cloth. Take the cloth to all the corners of your home especially your safe. After this, throw the cloth into a flowing river or a lake. This drives away all the financial burdens, debts and other monetary constraints in life.

For financial stability: You can wrap eleven Gomati Chakras in red cloth and keep inside your safe, cash box at home or shop. This ensures recurrent flow of income into your life

Evil Eye: With three Gomati Chakras, go to any barren place or soil, revolve them over your head seven times clockwise. After this throw them away and walk back home without turning back. This ritual keeps all the evils eyes off your kid, house, property and anything that makes a part of your property.

For Food and Grains: You can keep eleven Gomati Chakras wrapped in a red cloth in rice or wheat cartons in your kitchen. By performing these rituals, you will not face shortage of grains. Along with this, if you offer grains in charity to the needy, poor or hungry, prosperity in any part of your life is assured.

Gomati Chakra For Marriage: by keeping eleven Gomati Chakras in red vermillion (sindoor) contained in a box, one can actually drive out disharmony, clash between husband and wife.

For wish fulfillment: Keep eleven Gomati Chakras with eleven small coconuts tied in yellow cloth in your pour puja room. Say prayers every day in that room and focus on your wish.

For self-confidence: Sprinkle holy waters (Ganga Jal) on one Gomti Chakra with any Hanuman mantra. Apply a vermilion tilak from the right shoulder of Lord Hanuman. After this, tie the Gomati Chakra in a red piece of cloth. Now using black thread, one can wear it around the neck. This removes all the fears from your mind and you gain self-confidence of public speaking.

For Black Magic: Take eight Gomati Chakras. Take two of them and rotate them around your head. Now throw those two Chakras in one direction. Take the rest, repeat the same process and throw them in the four directions. Follow this procedure on Wednesday. This ritual is believed to ward you off the black magic.

For success: Always keep three Gomati Chakras in your pocket before any important project meeting. This creates a positive exchange of communication. You can also offer twenty one Gomati Chakras to Lord Shiva. This eliminates all the obstacles that have been holding you back from receiving promotion. In case of a legal battle, five Gomati Chakras in your pocket would keep your side stronger provided you are on the side of truth.

For Good Luck: Keep four Chakras in four corners of the house or each room. It cleanses the house off all the negative energies. If you hang the Chakras at the entrance, an envious person or a person with negative mindset does not walk in.

For children: Sprinkle some Ganga jal on a Gomati Chakra. Keep it in front of Goddess Saraswati and chant any of Her mantras 108 times. Then make this Chakra a pendent and ask your children to wear it. It will double their mental and emotional IQ in their studies.

Gomati Chakras act as protective amulets for anyone especially children. They attract wealth and good health. Devotees consider Gomati Chakras as the divine eyes of Lord Shiva. Gomati chakras may be placed in altar, cash box, work desk, entrance, living room or North West portion of dwelling. Know more about Gomati Chakra here.

Gomti Chakras Details

Gomti chakra have are considered as the symbols of goddess lakshmi. The shape of these chakras often resembles the sudarshan chakra of Lord Krishna are said to be a part of Lord Krishna’s palaces in Dwarka, according to oral and vaishnava tradition. They are used in worships and are also used as Yantras. People possessing Gomti chakra are believed to have been blessed with money, prosperity and good health. “Salagram Kosha” states that placing shaligram and gomti chakras together and worshipping them can burn down the mass of sin. Many believes that Gomti Shilas can bring about good health and wealth. They are also known as Cow’s Eye Shila. Nowadays many people are seen wearing Gomti Chakras as fashion jewellery but it has many special significances. Here we will be discussing about the importance of these Shilas.

Gomti Chakra remedies

All items that have an association with the divine are viewed as sacred by the Vedas. Gomti chakras found in Gomti river are considered to have been epitomize the Goddess of Fortune Lakshmi. If closely noticed it can be seen that Gomti Chakras resembling Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Krishna. These chakras are often used in Hindu rituals, there is a saying prevalent that if you possess Gomti Chakra you will be blessed with prosperity, purity and perfection in your occupation. These chakras when used along with Shaligrams are said to increase its sacred purpose. Its use was seen in many vedic rituals. Shaligram Kosha also points that the results that can take place from committing sins by an individual can be destroyed when these Gomti Chakras and Shaligrams are worshiped together.

Gomti Chakras Benefits

For luck and financial opportunities it is said that keeping 2/4/6/8 or even numbers of Gomti Chakra in your wallet or handbags is useful. In vastu it is said that when eleven Gomti chakras are buried in the foundation of any kind of building it protects the residents of the building from all types of evil effects or Vastu Dosha caused in the direction of the South East. Eleven Gomti Chakras representing eleven Rudras of Lord Siva which are the divine forms. For financial burden applying turmeric powder on eleven chakras by placing them near Shivling or an image of Lord Siva and chanting Shiva mantra by wrapping them in yellow colored cloth which then must be thrown away into a flowing river or lake can drive all financial burdens, monetary constraints and debts in life. It is said that these Gomti Chakras when placed in red cloth and kept inside a safe, cash box near you at home or shop can bring about financial stability into one’s life. Eleven Gomti Chakras when kept in red vermillion contained in a box can bring about harmony in marriage. Gomti chakras can bring about success when kept in pocket before embarking on any important project or meeting. It is said that this can create a positive communication. 21 Gomti Chakras when offered to Lord Shiva can eliminate all obstacles that created barriers in your career. In case of any legal battle, placing five Gomti chakras in your pocket can make your opinion stronger if you are true. Gomti chakras also protects children, they are said to attract wealth, good health, prosperity and many positive vibes. Devotees also consider these chakras as the sacred eyes of Lord Shiva. They when placed in altar, cash box, entrance, work desk. Living room or North West portion of you home can bring about luck and prosperity.

Significance of Gomti Chakras

In Hinduism a belief prevails that every deity is a symbol of spiritual concepts and come with special powers. For example, Worshipping Lord Vishnu is associated with life, worshipping Lord Shiva is associated with death, worshipping Lord Brahma and Saraswati has special association with the attainment of knowledge. In the same way Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped for attainment of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that devotees when keep certain symbols of these god and goddesses for example, Shivlinga for Lord Shiva, Sankha For Lord Vishnu and Gomti Chakra for Goddess Lakshmi, it is meant that the God and Goddesses are appeased. A story prevails behind Gomti Chakra, it is said that Lord Vishnu planted this tree near Gomti River in Dwarka when he was in his Krishna avatar for providing food and shelter to Radha. This tree used to bear inedible fruits that had shapes like Gomti Chakras, which Radha loved dearly as they were from his beloved. Thus, if Gomti chakras are brought in your home, and preserved or used in sacred rituals Goddess Lakshmi is said to bless the home. These chakras have many significance, from boosting wealth to keeping evil sights away and highlighting fame and prosperity, it can bring about positive vibes in devotees life. Ancient scriptures point to the fact that every household must keep Gomti chakras at home, this can bring you constant blessings from Lord Vishnu and Goddess lakshmi.

Beautiful jewelleries can be availed made up of Gomti chakras. A belief prevails that wearing them can bring you money, good health and prosperity, can keep away evil forces. For protecting children from evil vibes also these jewelleries are very useful. Nowadays they can be availed in many types of jewelleries from bracelets to pendent to rings with beautiful designs.

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