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Moonstone: Gemstone Benefits And Properties


The mystical Moonstone gem is one of the most popular semi precious gemstones in the world, holding innumerable Moonstone meaning. Connected to the energies of the Moon, the beautiful Moonstone is a stone of emotions, emotional balance, as an aid to diving deep into one's own self to find the inner truth, inner wisdom and connect to the higher self. The Moonstone meaning encompasses the mental state, thoughts and mental well being. The extremely comforting motherly energies of the Moonstone gemstone covers the wearer with a cocoon of warmth and love. Moonstone meaning includes enhancing of psychic abilities and harnessing intuitive powers and is favoured by healers and psychic channels, who wear Moonstone Bracelets or any other Moonstone jewellery to gain the benefits. Mesmerising Moonstone draws energies of love, Moonstone healing properties include healing of relationships, especially romantic/love relationships. Real Moonstone gemstone is famous for promoting love. The Moon Stone crystal is highly regarded in India, especially by Astrologers who are aware of the effects and Moonstone metaphysical properties.

Moonstone gemstone


Moonstone gemstone ring


Raw Moonstone/ Moonstone rock is basically the mineral feldspar – a Sodium Alumino Silicate and is a Moonstone meaning. The Silvery-white reflection on Moonstone gem is termed Chatoyancy and differs in different Moonstones. Moonstone is generally an opalescent, watery colourless gemstone with varieties of other colored Moonstones like White Moonstone, Peach Moonstone, Blue Moonstone, Grey Moonstone/ Moonstone grey, Brown Moonstone, the most sought after Rainbow Moonstone and some other different types of Moonstone colours. Mentionable is that the Moonstone with its Blue to White adularescence is a jeweller's delight as it looks dreamy and beautiful when made into pieces different jewelleries. Moonstone gem measures 6.5 Mohs on hardness scale.The Blue Moonstone is well appreciated and popular for the stunning beauty it has and because of the benefits it offers. It's known for its unique 'moonshine' scattering of colors.


The Moonstone is found throughout the world but it is majorly found in Sri Lanka and Australia. Moonstone Sri Lankan is very in demand in the rest of the world. Sri Lanka being a major producer where the stone is collected from alluvial streams. Some small hamlets in Sri Lankan villages have produced some of the best Moonstone Sri Lankan of the world and in fact, Moonstone 'farming' has solved a lot of unemployment problems of these villages. The other countries where Moonstone rock is found are India, Madagascar, Myanmar and Beazil. The other countries mostly produce the White Moonstone variety while India produces the coloured varieties like Rainbow Moonstone, Blue Moonstone. It is important to mention that in recent years Black Moonstone has been discovered in Madagascar which has become one of the most wanted Moonstone varieties.









The Moon Stone crystal/Moonstone got its name from an ancient belief which stated that it was made from the soothing rays of the Moon, after they cooled down on the earth surface. An ancient Hindu (Vedic) belief is that the Moonstone gem is the solidified beam of Moonlight. Similarly the Romans believed that the real Moonstone contained the cosmic energy of the Moon associated with Goddess Luna. The Greeks believed the Moonstone rock was associated with the Goddesses Selene, Artemis, and Hecate who were all epitomized the Moonlight. Moonstone gemstone has typically been used as jewelry throughout the ages and its use has been re-invented by modern and post-modern art eras for its use in 'junk jewelry'. Moonstone meaning in the Art Nouveau era, was used in custom Jewellery.


In Vedic astrology, the Moonstone is ruled by the planet Moon. Moon governs the basic habits, behaviours, personal needs and the emotions of an individual. It rules your mental and emotional state. The overall personality of a person in terms of physical growth is reflected by it. A strong Moon in your Birth Chart means stronger creativity, imagination, fearlessness, emotional balance, adaptability and introspection. The malefic effects of Moon include emotional instability, fears, insecurity, restlessness, sulkiness and irrationality. If you want to attract the positive powers of Moon, you may wear a Moonstone gem. 

Rudra Centre caters to the needs of customers looking for genuine Moonstone jewelry which are pure, untreated, unheated Moonstone gemstones and Moon Stone jewelry, like, natural Moonstone Pendants, Moonstone Bracelets, Moon Stone rings/genuine Moonstone rings, Moon Stone necklaces, pretty Moonstone Earrings and Moonstone beads Malas.Astrologically Moonstone gemstone is used as a substitute for Pearl gemstone. Pearl Moonstone refers to Pearl and Moonstone separately and not a single gemstone. A Pearl and Moonstone rock both are connected to Moon energies/planet Moon and the healing properties of Pearl Moonstone/ Pearl and Moonstone gem are same. 

Moonstone Birthstone month is June. So those born in Moonstone month, the June Birthstone Moonstone/June Moonstone is considered specially lucky and is as per Moonstone stone meaning. They may wear Moon Stone Jewelry, like, Moonstone Bracelets, Moonstone June Birthstone Earrings, Moonstone pendants, Moon Stone necklaces and enjoy the benefits of Moonstone Birthstone. Some people have the opinion that Moonstone is for month of October but actually Moonstone month is June, while Opal gemstone is for October. So October Moonstone is incorrect.



Some popular different types of Moonstones which are of other colored Moonstones:- 

Blue Moonstone - Blue Moonstone meaning comprises of clarity and focus. Blue Moonstone helps to enhance focus especially during meditation state. Blue Moonstone balances the male and female parts which exists in us and is a Blue Moonstone meaning. 

White Moonstone - The common variety of Moon Stone crystal is the White Moonstone. The White Moonstone meaning includes enhancing power of psychic vision, helps to balance emotion especially of men and it is said to activate the Kundalini in women. 

Peach Moonstone or Yellow Moonstone - It acts on the heart and mind and eases anxiety which is part of Peach Moonstone meaning. Peach Moonstone/Yellow Moonstone is said to support sensitive children who are also intuitive. 

Grey Moonstone/Gray Moonstone - The Grey Moonstone meaning is that it helps clairvoyance powers, helping to look beyond the veils into unknown realms and is also popular among Shamans because of its mystical properties. 

Cat's Eye Moonstone - This is a rare variety of real Moonstone and because of the appearance which has a striking presence of adularescence, that gives this Moonstone the noted 'eye of a Cat' sliver of shine that makes the Cat's Eye Moonstone desirable. It appears translucent when held against light and has a pearly lusture. The transparent versions of Cat's Eye Moonstone is very valuable and extremely rare. The Cat's Eye Moonstone metaphysical and healing properties are similar to that of all Moonstone gems. 

Star Moonstone- Star Moonstone is a rare variety of Moonstone gemstone which display asterism giving a star like light shine effect. 

Black Moonstone- Black Moonstone meaning include protection from negative energies besides other Moonstone healing properties. An important Black Moonstone meaning is that it is generally used as meditation tool and therefore cut and shaped to fit the palm, Black tumbled Moonstone, pendulums etc. 

Pink Moonstone - The lovely Pink Moonstone with Pink flakes gives a soft feeling of love. Pink Moonstone meaning is to do with opening the heart to love, it invites love along with other Moonstone meanings and real Moonstone healing properties. 

Rainbow Moonstone - Rainbow Moonstone is called White Labradorite gemstone and Rainbow Moonstone properties show that it is Labradorite but because of the flashy Rainbow colours it emits, which makes it somewhat look like the Moonstone rock, the stone has been given the name Rainbow Moonstone. Because of the rainbow colours it emits it is said to act on all the 7 chakras of the body, cleanses the aura, gives clarity. It is said that negative energy is deflected by Rainbow Moonstone. It helps in sleeping calmly and Lucid dreaming. Rainbow Moonstone healing properties also include support in transformation of individual. Rainbow Moonstone is available as Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon, Raw Rainbow Moonstone, 

Green Moonstone- Green Moonstone meaning is an uncommon Green variety of Moonstone gemstone having all the Moonstone healing properties. 

Other types of Moonstone are - Golden Moonstone, Purple Moonstone, Orange Moonstone, Red Moonstone, Blood Moonstone, Silver Moonstone and each have their distinct appearance and make excellent Moon Stone jewelry. 

Opal Moonstone- The gemstone Opal and Moonstone gemstone look quite similar because of which many get confused between the two gemstones. Opal Moonstone or Opal and Moonstone are different in properties. 

Real Moonstone gemstone is available as Raw Moonstone, Rough Moonstone, Moonstone palm stone(for meditation and other energy healing purposes), Moonstone Tumbled Stone, Moonstone cabochon etc.


Natural Moonstone/genuine Moonstone is ideal to be worn by anyone going through mental trauma, depression, emotional turmoil. Moonstone gemstone can be worn or carried by frequent Travellers as it is said to protect travellers. Those suffering from sleep disorders or those who are not able to sleep soundly should wear Moonstone rock. Men wear Moonstone by wearing Moonstone for men jewellery, to explore the nurturing Yin/feminine side thereby bringing balance. Moonstone gem promotes love so anyone wanting to increase the love quotient in a relationship can wear Moon Stone Jewelry. Those born in Moonstone month June can wear Moonstone June birthstone. If conceiving is a problem then wearing fertility Moonstone jewellery can give positive results.

Moon Stone Jewelry

A jeweller's pet, the Moonstone makes desirable jewellery which has won the favours of the patrons of genuine Moonstone jewelry who appreciate the Moon Stone Jewelry for the Moonstone metaphysical properties and Moonstone healing properties, besides the fact that the Moonstone gemstone can be made into striking Moon stone jewelry. Moonstone jewellery is not only for women but Moonstone for men jewellery is available too. 

Moonstone Crystal Necklaces available are Rainbow Moonstone necklace, moon stone necklace, Moonstone bead necklace, Raw Moonstone necklace which look beautiful. 

In Moon Stone Ring, the mens Moonstone Rings/ Moonstone mens Rings stand out for their style. Raw Moonstone Rings look exotic for their uncut rough Moonstone style. Real Moonstone Rings/ Genuine Moonstone rings are worn for astorlogical reason too and are available in various designs like teardrop Moonstone ring etc. 

Genuine Moonstone Pendants include Rainbow Moonstone pendant, large Moonstone pendant. Natural Moonstone pendants are popular and in demand at all times. It is available Large Moonstone pendants too. 

Moonstone Bracelets are commonly chosen by many to wear. Moon Stone bracelets are available as Moonstone bead bracelets/Moonstone crystal bracelets. Fertility Moonstone are chosen by women for the specific reason or just for fashion. Rainbow Moonstone bracelets look very attractive when worn. 

Lovely Moonstone earrings available like Moonstone stud earrings, Moonstone drop earrings and the rainbow Moonstone earrings.Moonstone in which finger?Moonstone work best in the right hand index finger

Did you know?

A 490 carat Moonstone discovered in Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa is one of the largest Moonstones ever discovered.


Wearing genuine Moonstone or genuine moonstone jewelry brings many benefits including in aspects of Moonstone metaphysical properties.

  • Moonstone helps calm and balance emotions and offers unity and peace with people around.
  • Moonstone gemstone enhances self-esteem and creativity.
  • Moonstone gem helps to regain balance of energies. Balances the male and female aspects which can otherwise create disharmony.
  • Moon Stone crystal helps in relaxing the aggressive tendencies and brings in peace and emotional balance.
  • Moonstone enhances psychic and intuitive powers and are popular among healers, Shamans and those involved in prophecy.
  • Magic Moonstone is famous for promoting love. It helps in drawing the energies of love and heals romantic love relationships.
  • Moonstone rock is a gemstone of fertility and can be worn if conceiving is a problem.
  • Wearing Moonstone heals problems related to the reproductive system, water retention.
  • Moonstone improves blood flow to all parts and organs which is vital for good health.
  • Real Moonstone gemstone helps to correct sleep cycle and aids in peaceful and sound sleep.


rudraksha moonstone bracelet

Wearing a combination of Gemstone and Rudraksha is the best way to make the most of it. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy® (RRST®) devised by Neeta Singhal makes the use of both Moonstone gemstone and Rudraksha beads. It is a holistic healing therapy that uses the curative and healing properties of Rudraksha and Gemstones to balance and energize Chakras. In RRST we deal only with natural and un-treated gemstones. The reason Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy is widely acclaimed by many is that it works on Chakras, the very basis of life and is a holistic therapy that heals from deep within with absolutely no side effects. In RRST setting of a gemstone, as a ring or as a pendent, the bhasm made of the planetary herb is kept inside one tube and the metal that improves the planetary effects, is kept in another tube. In case of Moonstone, Palaash Bhasm and metal Silver are used to attract the cosmic power of Moon. The gemstone is then energized with its precise seed mantra on a specific day to empower it to eliminate all the malefic effects of the planet and reinforce its beneficial effects. Thus the gemstone becomes a powerful talisman suitable to be worn by any person irrespective of his birth chart.


During consultation, the blocked Chakras that are causing the mental, emotional and physical issues are identified and limiting beliefs are addressed. Chakras become imbalanced when your thoughts and attitudes tend towards fears and negativity when facing challenging situations in life. Blocked Chakras manifest emotional disorders and physical ailments. You can live a successful, loved and happy life only after your blocked Chakras are activated and balanced. As per the Chakra status and concerns of the client, a suitable combination of Gemstone and Rudraksha bead is recommended. As per the cosmic color they emit, the gemstones work on specific Chakras. As Moonstone works on Swadhisthana Chakra(Sacral Chakra) and the RRST Consultant identifies the correct finger position for drawing maximum energy from the stone. Rudraksha and Gems are powerful agents of energy and work on releasing the negative energy stored in the form of stress in the blocked Chakras, thereby activating them and tuning them to their natural state.


Swadhisthana Chakra means “residence of the self’’. It is the seat of the Identity, it can bring body, soul and spirit in perfect harmony. This Chakra element is water, hence it refers to clarity of mind but may get distorted by emotions. 

When this Swadhisthana Chakra is blocked/ imbalanced, fears and insecurities grip you. You may feel abused, hurt and confused and won't believe that you may be loved for being the way you are. You fear to take risks in life and often end up problems. 

A balanced Swadhisthana Chakra makes you fearless by nature and also makes that you are safe and protected. You are creative and have a trusting nature.  You have a strong sense of your sexuality and recognize it as one of your most powerful creative energies. 

Hence proper functioning of all the Chakras ensures appropriate energy flow to all body parts including our vital organs. Thus Chakra cleansing and balancing is essential to enjoy good health and happiness which translates to overall abundance and wellbeing in every spheres of life. The purpose of Swadhisthana Chakra is to make you get established in your being, feel cherished, precious and special and live a life free of fears and guilt’s.


It can be worn on Monday’s or any auspicious day or any day, in the morning after bath. If need be, one may additionally chant the seed mantra “VAM” 108 times before wearing.     

At Rudra Centre all the gemstones are pre-energized as per Vedic rituals and can be worn immediately, on the suggested specific right/left hand finger. Your Moonstone Gemstone might routinely carry negative energies, and the stone or ring can be detoxified by dipping it in water overnight. Moonstone is relatively softer than other Gemstones. It should always be cleaned with soft brushes, and shouldn't be treated with chemical solutions or cosmetics.

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