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Opal Stone: For Love & Marriage, Benefits, How To Wear, Who Should Wear


Opal is a Gem of beauty, charm, wealth and divine grace. It entitles a person to have a luxurious life. It bestows the power of fulfillment to the wearer and enhances financial prosperity. It is helpful for those in business particularly connected with travel and tourism, imports & exports.

The opal is a form of silica mineral (silicon dioxide). Unlike usual mineral crystals, it lacks a proper crystalline structure, yet it has clearly defined properties. The word comes from the Sanskrit word upala. Throughout history, this enigmatic stone has been associated with superstitious powers and widely exaggerated beliefs of invisibility and clairvoyance. A remarkable property that adds to its sense of mystery and fascination is definitely the stone's brilliant property of scattering light “ a phenomenon which can make it create every possible colour in the visible spectrum when exposed to light at particular angles. This is caused by the diffraction of light on the Opal's surface. Opal has properties similar to White Sapphire.

Appearance, Actual Color, How To identify Authentic Opal and Synthetic Opal

Natural Opal Gemstones are generally milky in appearance, or have a woody yellowish colour to them. The play of colors that an opal can display, has also led to numerous theories about its healing effects. Synthetic opals Gems have slightly distinct properties, lesser densities and lesser spectrums of reflection than the naturally found ones. Also, the internal structure is more regular and has more structured water content. Black opals Gemstones are considered to be incredibly fascinating as well.

Australia, is a major source of Opal gemstones and the country produces most of the Opal stones in the world. In fact, it is Australia's national gemstone. The beautiful Andamooka Opal Gemstones was given as a gift to Queen Elizabeth II in South Australia, and it's one of the most famous Opal Gemstone of all time. Interestingly, Opal stones have also been discovered on Mars!

Five Benefits of Wearing Opal Stone, Health Benefits Significance, Properties, Associated Chakra, Uses in Jewelry

The Opal Gemstones has long been known for its effects of love and lusciousness. It's a very sensual Gemstone, and is supposed to be a stone that attracts lovers. It's ruling planet is Neptune.

  • It's associated with the attributes of beauty, intellect and good fortune. Wearing a Opal ring or stone imparts good luck, power, and high status in society.
  • They are worn as jewelry, most popularly as rings and as bracelets, and Opal can be worn irrespective of a person's horoscope or birthdate.
  • People connected to travel, tourism, media and other businesses are also supposed to highly benefit from it.
  • It's also highly beneficial for the nervous and immune systems of the body.
  • It works on the Sahasrara chakra which is your connection with Universal consciousness.

Sources of Opal Stone:

Australia produces most of the Opal Gemstones in the world. Other sources of Opal Gemstones include the USA, Turkey and Brazil.

How To Care and Clean, How To Purify, Cleansing Process of Opal Stone

It can be cleaned with warm detergent water and a soft brush.

How To Wear After Buying, Best Day To Wear Opal Stone, Best Time For Wearing

The Opal Gemstones can be worn irrespective of a person's horoscope. Opal jewellery is usually worn as pendants, bracelets, rings. The gemstone might carry negative energies or other people’s energies as it is handled by numerous cutters, chisellers etc. before being studded into a ring or necklace. A good way to remove negative energies from the stone is to dip the ring/ pendant in water overnight. Know More About Opal Stone Here.

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