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Pearl Stone Meaning

Pearl stones are a soothing and beautiful and exceptional gemstone, which actually is not a mineral found on Earth’s crust but nurtured in the depth of Oceans. Though it is termed as a gemstone/stone, it is unlike typical gemstones and crystals and is bred by Sea Oysters and other Shelled Molluscs. The Pearl gems are known as the "Queen Gem" and are said to symbolize purity, innocence, and modesty. The Pearl gemstone is blessed with inherent healing properties.

Natural Pearl gemstones are formed as a defense mechanism of the Oysters, Clams, and Mussels. When a foreign body or an irritant enters the Oyster Shell/Clam/Mussel, the soft tissues or rather the mantle of the living Shelled Mollusc, it automatically secretes a smooth crystalline substance called 'nacre' to form a coating on the irritant because it is not able to dispel it. This natural process goes on for years to form the natural Pearl stones. It is a misconception that a Grain of Sand/dirt is the cause of irritation which causes the nacre to be secreted in Mollusc Shell. Rather it is considered to be a micro-organism or parasite which mostly causes this phenomenon to set in the mantle of the Shelled Mollusc.

Naturally formed Pearl gemstone is precious, very rare, and valuable. It is a combination of Calcium Carbonate and a complex protein called Conchiolin. It is interesting to note that the nacre secreted by Mollusc shells is called Mother-of-Pearl which is commonly known as Mother Pearl stones. The natural Pearl gemstone breeds in the shorelines of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and also in the Indian Ocean.

The natural Pearl stones mostly have a flawless round formation but come in other shapes too. Most of the Pearl gemstones available in recent years are Cultured Pearl stones. Cultured Pearl stones are made with a process discovered in Japan by Kokichi Mikimoto and Pearl gems are reared in Pearl farms. Imitation Pearl stones are also available widely sometimes made from glass beads and other ingredients. However, nothing can beat the luster or quality of the prized natural Pearl gemstone. Moti stone or Mukta stone, are the Hindi and Sanskrit names respectively of the Pearl stones and are terms which are used in India.

The renowned Basra Pearl stones or Basra is held in high esteem because of its superior quality and is a natural pearl gemstone from the Basra region of the Persian Gulf. Symbolizing virtue, the Basra Moti stone is appreciated for its smooth texture and color. Thus it is called "stone of reliability". Apart from the Gulf, Basra Pearl gemstone is also found in Sri Lanka, Bay of Bengal, Australia and Japan, however, it is not easy to find a Basra Pearl gemstoneThe most popular use of the elegant Pearl gems is in making jewelry, which has been worn by women down the ages and is considered the jewellery of the Goddesses. Pearl Jewellery has been patronized by the Royalty and the wealthy strata of society since olden times. Pearl stones have an important use in Vedic Astrology for healing certain aspects if reflected in the birth chart of the native.

Pearl birthstone month

For people who are interested in knowing, Pearl’s birthstone is for those born in the month of June. As per the western concept along with the June birthstone Pearl gemstone, the Alexandrite gemstone is also considered the birthstone of June.

Pearl Moonstone is a substitute for Pearl gems or stones, which can be worn if Pearl gems are not possible to afford or get the genuine Pearl.

History of Pearl Gemstone/stones

Pearl gems have been in use since 300 B.C. The ancient Egyptians, who were used to Mother Pearl stones, valued the Pearl gemstone highly and considered it a symbol of power and wealth and the Romans too had the same sentiments. Legend says that Queen Cleopatra of Egypt had won a bet against Marc Anthony (later her husband) with a Pearl gemstone. The Greeks not only admired the beauty of Pearl gemstone but considered Pearl to bring love and bliss in married life. The Chinese and Indian texts record instances of 'Pearl Divers' who went for Pearl stones hunting. Though it was considered a gemstone for the feminine gender, it was worn by Kings as Pearl gems rope and by the wealthy men, as a mark of royalty and wealth. The Pearl gemstone was also considered a symbol of fertility

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Pearl Gemstone or Basra Pearl Stone in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Pearl gemstone is ruled by the planet Moon / Chandra. The Moon God rules over the water element and carries the embodiment of Shiva-Shakti. Planet Moon governs the basic habits, behavior, personal needs, and the emotions of an individual. It rules the mental and emotional state of an individual. The overall personality in terms of the psychological growth of an individual is reflected by it. A strong Moon denotes stronger creativity, imagination, fearlessness, emotional balance, adaptability, and introspection. The malefic effects of Moon include emotional instability, fears, insecurity, restlessness, sulkiness, and irrationality. If you want to attract the positive powers of the Moon, you may wear a Basra or Pearl stones.


Generally, the Pearl or Basra gemstones are worn in Silver or Gold metal as pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Pearl gemstones are either White or have a Yellow/ Blue tinge. The Rainbow color shimmer of the Pearl has been the point of attraction and value of this gemstone since the earliest times. Since ancient times it had been powdered to use as medicine and have been used as a healing stone.

The miraculous gift of Mother Nature, the Pearl gemstone, and the Basra Pearl Gemstone have many healing properties to offer to the wearer on physical and mental aspects.

1) The Pearl gemstone is known for its calming effect on the mind and emotions of the wearer and famously worn to douse anger, which is a prime healing ability of Pearl gems.
2) The gentle energies of the Pearl gems aid to get in touch with the truth about one's own self and recognize it. It gives clarity in a confused state of mind.
3) The Pearl gems / Basra Pearl gemstone helps to reorganize haphazard feelings to be more centered.
4) All women who desire to enhance the physical beauty and be touched by the luster of the magnificent Pearl stones, then it is a perfect gemstone as it beautifies external and internal beauty.
5) Pearl gemstone bestows love and empathy to the wearer.
6) It attracts name, fame, popularity, and good fortune. Individuals who work in close quarters with many people can wear the lovely Pearl.
7) Pearl stones assist in being aware of his/her sexuality.
8) The purifying attribute of Pearl gemstone helps to purify Blood and Kidney.
9) It boosts memory power and the power of the brain and enhances creativity.
10) Pearl gemstone makes the home environment harmonious and relationships between couples become blissful with the energies of this gemstone.


Wearing a combination of Gemstone and Rudraksha is the best way to make the most of it. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy® (RRST®) devised by Neeta Singhal employs the use of both Basra Pearl and Rudraksha beads. It is a holistic healing therapy that uses the curative and healing properties of Rudraksha and Gemstones to balance your Chakras. In RRST, we deal only with natural and un-treated gemstones. The reason Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy is widely acclaimed by many is that it works on Chakras, the very basis of life, and is a holistic therapy that heals from deep within, with absolutely no side effects. In RRST, setting a gemstone in a ring or in a pendant is done by placing the Bhasm made of the planetary herb inside one tube and the metal that improves the planetary effects in another tube. In the case of Pearl stones/ Basra Mukta stone, Palaash Bhasm and metal Silver are used to attract the cosmic power of Moon. The gemstone is then energized with its precise seed mantra on a specific day to empower it to eliminate all the malefic effects of the planet and reinforce its beneficial effects. Thus, the gemstone becomes a powerful talisman suitable to be worn by any person irrespective of his birth chart.

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During the consultation, the blocked Chakras that are causing mental, emotional, physical issues are identified, and limiting beliefs are addressed. Chakras become imbalanced when your thoughts and attitudes tend towards fears and negativity when facing challenging situations in life. Blocked Chakras manifest emotional disorders and physical ailments. You can live a successful, loving, and happy life only after your blocked Chakras are activated and balanced. As per the Chakra status and concerns of the client, a suitable combination of Gemstone and Rudraksha bead is recommended. As per the cosmic color they emit, the gemstones work on specific Chakras. The Basra Moti stone influences on Swadhisthana Chakra and the RRST Consultant identifies the correct finger position for drawing maximum energy from the stone. Rudraksha and Gems are powerful agents of energy and work on releasing the negative energy stored in the form of stress in the blocked Chakras, thereby activating them and turning them to their natural state.


Swadhisthana Chakra means “residence of the self". It is the seat of the Identity, it can bring body, soul, and spirit in perfect harmony. Water is the element of this Chakra; hence it refers to the clarity of mind but may get distorted by emotions.

When the Swadhisthana Chakra is blocked/ imbalanced, fears and insecurities grip you. You may feel abused, hurt, and confused and won't believe that you can be loved for being the way you are. You fear to take risks in life and often end up in problems.

A balanced Swadhisthana Chakra makes you fearless by nature and also makes sure that you are safe and protected. You are creative and have a trusting nature. If this Chakra is balanced, you have a good sense of your sexuality and you identify it as one of your most powerful creative energies.

Hence proper functioning of all the Chakras ensures appropriate energy flow to all body parts including our vital organs. Thus, Chakra cleansing and balancing are essential to enjoy good health and happiness which translates to overall abundance and wellbeing in every sphere of life. The purpose of Swadhisthana Chakra is to make you get established in your being, feel cherished, precious, and special and live a life free of fears and guilt.


At Rudra Centre, all the gemstones are pre-energized as per Vedic rituals and can be worn immediately, on the suggested specific right/left-hand finger.

The Pearl gemstone/ stones or Basra stones can be worn on Mondays or any auspicious day or any day, in the morning after bath. If need be, one may additionally chant the seed mantra “VAM” 108 times before wearing.


  • Moonlike iridescence
  • Spherical shape
  • Rainbow-like luster, near-perfect reflection
  • Coherent and flawless texture
  • A relatively high specific gravi
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