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Red Carnelian Gemstones


The ancient Egyptians compared it to the setting sun. Red, orange, reddish-orange, reddish brown, and dark red Carnelian colours of Carnelian stone are admired by crystal lovers all over the world. The attractive red Carnelian stone/ gemstone is a variant of the mineral Silica (quartz), the basic constituent of sand (Si02). The presence of iron oxide gives its characteristic red colour or dark red Carnelian. It belongs to the chalcedony quartz family and appears translucent/glassy. The name red Carnelian meaning is derived from Latin, which means 'flesh' and is sometimes referred to as Cornelian stone. Red Carnelian stone in Hindi is called Raat Ratuva Gemstone (रात-रतुवा). It is available as red Carnelian Agate, red Carnelian beads of different shapes, designs, and also are available as rich Carnelian red colour jewellery, like, Red Carnelian Bracelets, Red Carnelian pendants, Red Carnelian rings and other desirable jewellery items. It can be enhanced to improve properties like texture and colour.


The Red Carnelian stone/Red Carnelian gemstone is said to have been mentioned in records of history approximately 4000 years ago. It has been used to make everything from weapons to jewellery since ancient times, as far back as the Bronze and Stone Ages. Master Architects of ancient Egypt used to wear Red Carnelian gemstones to show - off their high grade. In the Book of Exodus, the famous blessed Breastplate of the High Priest, Aaron, had the Red Carnelian as the first gemstone which adorned the Breastplate. It has been worn by warriors to boost energy, vitality, courage, protection, and its other properties which gave Red Carnelian benefits and are still a part of Red Carnelian stone meaning. Sumerians, Egyptians, and even the early Greeks and Romans were huge fans of Red Carnelian Chalcedony. In ancient times, the stone was used for a variety of symbols. Red Carnelian Agate/ gemstone was used to display the signs of success at war because it was associated with the blood of the victors. It has also been associated with fertility and potency. Red Carnelian stone was also worn to keep illnesses and plagues at bay.

It is considered a stone of good luck and hope and has been used by famous Historical figures like Napoleon, who wore a Red Carnelian studded watch as a lucky charm. The Red Carnelian is popularly worn by athletes even today for energy, strength, and vitality. Reputed as a stone that provides the courage and boosts confidence to take the leap of faith, this powerful stone urges one to take the risk with confidence and move beyond self-created boundaries. The warm Red Carnelian stands for male energy and power. It represents leadership qualities, motivation, and tolerance. Red Carnelian Agate/ Dark Red Carnelian gemstone is popular for its significant meaning in passion, desire and love, as its fire energy stands for passion.

The Red Carnelian gemstone is said to be a stone for boosting self-confidence in performers, be it performing on a stage in front of an audience or the simple performances of tasks/chores at home. Red Carnelian stone is known as the Singer's Stone as its properties include clearing the voice. Dark Red Carnelian properties include fertility, which means, Red Carnelian is used for improving fertility in both males and females and also supports childbirth, which is one of its beliefs.

One may be confused between Red Jasper and Carnelian as they look somewhat similar to each other, and only people who know about gemstones and crystals can make out the difference by a mere glance. However, Red Jasper and Carnelian have a visible difference. Red Jasper is opaque, while Carnelian is translucent. So on looking closer, the differentiation can be made.

The dark red Carnelian stone price depends on the quality of the gemstone. The price per Carat for Red Carnelian stone used for astrological purposes is slightly more as the stone needs to be of high quality.

Rudra Centre has a wide collection of genuine red Carnelian gemstones of different sizes and weights. We also offer our customers well-designed and crafted red Carnelian jewellery, like red Carnelian bracelets, Red Carnelian pendants, and Red Carnelian beads necklaces with different beads shapes at the best Red Carnelian stone price.

The dark red Carnelian Chakra is the root Chakra or the Muladhara Chakra. It is one of the Red gemstones which clears, balances and energizes the Root Chakra, thereby helping the wearer to feel secure, stable, and confident and gives benefits, connected to the Red Carnelian Root Chakra. It is extensively used by healers for Chakra healing and Crystal healing and is in keeping with the Red Carnelian meaning.

Red Carnelian Stone for which planet?

The powerful Red Carnelian gemstone/ Red Carnelian Chalcedony is a stone for the Planet Mars (Mangal).

How to use Red Carnelian?

  • It can be used for meditation, by simply holding the gemstone in your palm or by wearing Red Carnelian jewellery, like, bracelets, pendants, rings, or mala serves this purpose very well.
  • While meditating, a belt, with a small Carnelian tied with a thin chain, to be positioned on the base of the spine after wearing the belt, is a good use of this gemstone.
  • Red Carnelian Chalcedony can be carried in the wallet or purse to be benefitted from its healing properties.
  • Place a bottle or glass of water on Red Carnelian Agate to be charged with its healing properties.


Red Carnelian healing properties comprise physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This brilliant stone has been used since olden times because of many of the healing properties that it offers. When worn as bracelets, pendants, rings and necklaces/mala, it can bring rich benefits to the wearer. The colour red symbolises power, and so is red Carnelian.

  • It boosts energy, vitality, and strength by balancing the energy levels in the body. If lethargy or laziness is a problem, this gemstone is the solution.
  • It benefits by providing the courage to take action to achieve a goal and urges to go that extra mile with confidence.
  • It rekindles passion, love, and desires between a couple.
  • Red Carnelian Chalcedony clears confusion and removes repression giving the wearer/user a sense of mental freedom.
  • Red Carnelian Agate benefits by protecting from accidents and is said to protect one's house from natural calamities, theft, etc.
  • It draws energies of prosperity, and good luck and helps usher in new resources.
  • Wearing or keeping this gemstone with you will help any performance go easily, smoothly, and successfully.
  • Emotionally, it grounds the wearer in the present or the 'now'.
  • People who are over-possessive in a relationship, or have a jealous nature can wear Red Carnelian to relieve these emotions.
  • This gemstone is said to be very effective in getting freedom from addictions, be it alcohol, Drugs or any other unfavourable bad habits.
  • Its meaning in physical healing includes improvement in blood circulation, which is of the primary importance of having a healthy body.
  • Body metabolism is increased with the wearing of red Carnelian Chalcedony.
  • It benefits by healing musculoskeletal system issues and helps in getting relief from back pain problems, arthritis, rheumatism, and neuralgia and accelerates the healing of bones and ligaments.
  • It helps cure skin problems, boils, varicose veins, and haemorrhoids and also wearing this gemstone is said to stop a bleeding nose.
  • Its effect on the red Carnelian Chakra, which is the Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra, elevates the feeling of stability, security, and grounds the wearer.


Brazil, Germany, India and parts of Russia are the biggest producers of the Red Carnelian Gemstones.

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Indian Name: Red carnelian
Cosmic Color: Vermillion


It is recommended that you periodically clean the gemstone and not expose it to continuous sunshine, bright lights, or high temperatures. This stone might routinely carry negative energies, and the stone or jewellery can be detoxified by dipping it in water overnight.

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