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Understand Rudraksha

Rudraksha means Rudra (Shiva)’s aksha (tears).

As per ancient Vedic Scriptural references, once Lord Shiva went into deep meditation for the well-being of all living beings. After waking from the state of meditation, he opened his eyes and instantly his tear drops fell on the earth. These tear drops took the form of seed which grew into Rudraksha trees found in Nepal, Indonesia and some parts of India.

Why Wear Rudraksha

Rudraksha beads (the sacred beads) is a gift from lord shiva to heal and empower humanity to grow beyond the individual limitations and karmic patterns.

Different Rudraksha beads vibrate at the frequency of different chakras (subtle energy centres) in the body. As the 7 chakras (subtle energy centres in your body) govern your life experience and opportunities and are also the reason for problems in life – balancing the affected chakras through Rudraksha (and Gemstone) combination is the most potent, free-of-side-effects and quickest of all therapies under Alternative Holistic Healing Therapy. The variant property of resonance of Rudraksha tune in with different chakras of body help correct and tune in the right frequency to balance the physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Rudraksha-Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) - By Neeta Singhal

Neeta Singhal’s pioneer discovery of combining the Sacred Rudraksha-with-Ratna (Natural Vedic Gemstone) is a Scientific Therapy designed after rigorous study of Rudraksha from Upanishads and Puranas. Neeta Singhal devoted 15 years in researching the ‘exact effects’ different combinations of Sacred Rudraksha beads and Vedic Gemstones have on individual Chakras.

Unlike other Alternative Holistic Healing Therapies, Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) is the only quickest therapy in the world, free of side effects and does not require any difficult efforts to be taken from your side. When worn as per RRST, it automatically starts working. The remedial effects show in less than 3 days.

Scientifcally, the Sacred Rudraksha beads vibrate at the exact frequency of the Chakras. These beads come in the variety of 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi. Each Mukhi has a solution for a different problem that you are going through.
Ratna (the Gemstone) – the Nav Ratnas’ (the 9 natural  Vedic Gemstones) represent the 9 astrology planets referenced in the ancient Vedic scriptures as the key to counteract the negative karmic forces and heal the mind and body. Scientifically, Ratnas’ or Gemstones are mineral crystals that have the energies to heal. When the Sun rays pass through the body, they emit copious cosmic rays which are absorbed by the 7 Chakras of the body. They give strength to the Chakras and dispel negative energies.

Rudraksha and Ratnas’ (Gemstones) are paired in a unique stringing methodology (a patented therapy) and worn on specific body part that bring about miraculous effects to open or balance the Chakras. This specific methodology of wearing them is determined as per emotional and physical state and issues faced by an individual. This wearing methodology and combinations that are advised ensure 100% results in opening or balancing the Chakras. With RRST combinations, the blockages of Chakras get opened and healed easily and empower individuals with physical and mental wellbeing, spiritual progress, success and help tune in with the natural laws of life. 

In a RRST session, a Certified Senior Therapist gives one-to-one consultation, where the problems or concerns of an individual is discussed one-to-one to detect the root cause of the problems and accordingly specific RRST combination (Rudraksha and Gemstone) is advised, which help open or balance and strengthen the affected Chakras. 

Till date - an astonishing 20,000 testimonials shared by clients coming from all spheres of life, this therapy has proven to be a great success in areas of career, business, relationship, inter-personal interactions and education. Even when it comes to physical wellbeing, this therapy has been highly effective in providing relief from anxiety disorders, stress, phobia, depression, migraines, insomnia and treating ailments like headaches, backaches, allergies, high or low blood pressure, ailments related to skin, digestion and even the dreaded cancer

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Exact Benefits

  • Rudraksha beads come in the variety of 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi , each bead is blessed with the ability to align the mind and chakras.
  • From Lower to Higher Chakras – specific Rudraksha combinations can effectively and perfectly balance your chakras depending on the problems you are going through.
  • Specific combinations have healing and empowering effect for either achieving Success & Abundance or Health & Peace or Protection or Love & Marriage Yog or Wisdom Enhancement or/and achieving higher states of Spiritual experiences.

For Complete Healing, Empowerment And Success - Opt For Rudraksha-With-Ratna (Gemstone)

Ratna (the Vedic Gemstone) – the nav ratnas’ (the 9 natural gemstones) represent the 9 astrology planets referenced in the ancient vedic scriptures as the key to counteract the negative karmic forces and heal the mind and body. They cleanse and empower the chakras and restore them in natural order.Ratnas’ or gemstones are mineral crystals that have the energies to heal. When the sun rays pass through the body, they emit copious cosmic rays which are absorbed by the 7 chakras of the body. They give strength to the chakras and dispel negative energies.

The Reasons To Opt For RRST:

  • Chakras are pivotal points of important life force which form the very basis of human life. RRST activates, opens, balances and strengthens the affected or blocked Chakras.
  • It is a holistic way of healing your deep rooted Chakra blockages which affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • The RRST combinations are designed as regular wear jewellery or accessory.
  • There are no side effects and is very quick and cost effective healing therapy.
  • Backed with overwhelming 20,000 and above testimonials, this therapy has high record of healing its clients.
  • Has no restrictions or taboo relating to wearing or carrying this combination and hence can be worn regularly while following your daily routine.
  • As compared to other energy-balancing techniques like meditation, Yoga or other techniques which are time consuming, it is a very easy and practical way to align your Chakra energies midst hectic modern life routine.

Client Testimonials

Deriving The Maximum Benefits From RRST

Consult a Senior Certified RRST therapist who shall first identify Chakra or Chakras that is/are blocked. They would accordingly suggest the best suited RRST combination to heal the affected Chakra.

Regularly wear the suggested combination as spiritual jewellery exactly in a way told to be worn by the RRST therapist. It can be worn as rings in the recommended finger or as pendants or bracelet in various points or position of the body.

Chant the beeja mantras and do Chakra meditation relating to specific blocked Chakra and focus and align your mind to the positive vibes around you.

You may avoid wearing the Rudraksha combination during shower or bath to prevent soap, talcum powder or any other toiletry chemicals from getting deposited in the beads which affects it longevity.

You can clean your Rudraksha on regular interval of one month by soaking it in lukewarm water for 10 hours, scrubbing it with soft plastic brush and allowing it to dry under fan and then applying mild perfume oil with a brush on it.

RRST combination takes 3 to 5 days and in some cases 8-10 days to align with the energies of the body when worn for the first time. You would feel the stress and tension getting released and pain getting eased related to the affected Chakras.

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    I want to write that RC is a really a need of each human being. I really thank for your prompt service. Neetaji you are really good even process lesser value order on time. I really want tell that i posted my query in various other website but never ever got a response. You are really great, you are really here for the mission you posted in website. Please shower blessings on me for my better life that i really need from you..   May God bless you & fulfill dreams of each and every member of RC family. Smriti Gupta close

    - Smriti Gupta
  • Shanivar Vrat Katha

    Dear Rudra Centre Staff, Thank you for your service. The divine blessings were felt and received with heartfelt appreciation. I will continue to come back to rudracentre for various religious services in the future. I am very satisfied indeed. All the best to Rudra Centre from Canada. Sincerely, Marcus Walsh close

    - Marcus Walsh
  • My pains are gone

    Dear Mrs Neetaji, As you know I was suffering severe shoulder & neck pains for 2 years and nothing could cure them even though I went to several doctors and attended hospital appointments. Thank you for recommending and guiding that I take up Aura-Chakra Therapy which found that I had throat chakra problems. I love the special mala you made for wearing near my throat. Its helped me a lot. I can say 80% of my pains are gone ever since I started wearing the mala. Previously I could only look downwards as movement of my neck was restricted by pain. Now I am able to look upwards and downwards close

    - Kerry M, Sydney
  • Choose Rudra Centre for any spiritual related purchases

    First of all I would like to thank Miss Neeta for giving in-depth consultation on the purchase of a Shiva Lingam from Rudracentre. I was having few questions in my mind pertaining the type of Lingam that suits myself. It is when Miss Neeta elucidated the points and choices I have for the purchase, I finally made my mind to purchase a Shiva Lingam. She then handed over the necessary arrangments for the purchase to a very down-to-earth and competent staff named Mr. Vikram. I would like to thank him very much for all the help and arrangements he made for my purchase here. All these pleasant exper close

    - S. Kumar
  • Thanks so much for ur consultation

    Hi Neetaji, First of all thanks a lot..!!!! I am really at peace. Thanks so much for ur consultation. It has really helped me, I really have no words to express the how high I am feeling. Its superb. Looking at the effects, my dad too wants to meet you & wishes to wear rudraksh beads. I am really glad to have ran into ur site :) I am feeling great now very much positive. My dad wishes to meet you & have a small consultation session with you today if you are available. Thanks once again for ur prompt replies & polite approach. Lots of love & Regards. Shalini Mishra close

    - Shalini Mishra
  • Thank you for great customer service

    Hi, I received the parcel today in excellent condition. Thank you for great customer service. Please give my best regards to Neetaji and Tusharji who have been responding to all my queries on time. I am definitely recommending your site to whoever is interested in Rudrakshas. Keep up the great work. Kind Regards, Suhrud close

    - Suhrud
  • Thank you for making the genuine product available

    Dearest Neeta-ji, Thank you so much for your advice. I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I particularly resonated with your Blog of September 22nd, 2012, I have read the line Everyone of us has a duty and a birthright to realize and execute our powers in every given situation to our advantage over and over. I was raised to think that was selfish and you should always put others needs first. These ideas were shared with me by a well-meaning mother and it is interesting to note, she died at 62 years of age and suffered from diabetes. Successful survival, better late than never!! I a close

    - Samira E, UK
  • Thank you for rendering assistance and you have given me good suggestions and options

    Dear Aashish, Thank you for rendering assistance and you have given me good suggestions and options, whereby your guidance has been very helpful to me in making the right decision. Most of all you have been very patient in handling my questions and issues even though I tend to be impatient at times. I would to take this opportunity to thank and compliment all the staff at Chakrayog and appreciate all the effort that has been put in to assist me. Keep up the good work. Best regards, V. Subramaniam (Malaysia) close

    - V. Subramaniam
  • Your guidance has saved my sanity

    Namaste Neetaji:   I am infinitely grateful for your generosity and the angelic guidance you provided through the report you sent. I am reading, re-reading and internalising the information whilst noticing my thoughts. This amazing process has slowed me down, enabling me observing, appreciating rather then dismissing. I am in the process of transforming myself and my life. Facing my fears and releasing them is an ongoing process and your guidance has saved my sanity. Much love n light from us both   Samantha and Mark close

    - Samantha and Mark
  • Thank you

    Dear Priti,Received the courier today and I thought to thank you for keeping up with me on the emails and phone calls regarding the product delivery.Secondly, the product looks outstanding and packing is so lovely and generous. We are truly blessed by Divine Mahadev ji to have the opportunity to have this opportunity to wear Rudraksha.I also thank Neetaji for her consultation. I will write more now how I felt the effect of the holy rudraksha one month from today.Thank you and wish you a vey happy Shivratri. close

    - Avinash
  • Excellent

    Dear Neetaji and Team, Namaste, I am very impressed with Neetaji's consultations, rudraksha bracelet and the gifts. I have to say that the whole service is excellent. I appreciate their thoughts, attention and the effort given to the whole process including packaging, quick delivery arrangements and prompt email responses. Many thanks to you Neetaji, Premanadji and the team members. close

    - Sen
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