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The charming Turquoise is a naturally occurring Gemstone, a gift from Mother Earth. Turquoise gemstone has been popular, since ages, as it makes attractive jewellery. The name Turquoise is taken from French, 'Pierre Turquoise' translating to 'Turkish stone' as it hails from Turkey and the Turkish traders were one of the first to introduce the stone to other parts of the world. The local Indian name for this eye-pleasing gemstone is Feroza.

The mineral composition of this gemstone is Copper-Aluminium Hydrous Phosphate. The colour ranges from a Sky Blue or Persian Blue (popular term) to Bluish Green, often having matrix patterns. The raw Turquoise stone is opaque, in shades of Blue, Bluish Green, Green. The fondness of this gemstone and its colour led to the colour Turquoise being named after it. Cutting across cultures all over the world since it was first introduced, it has been tagged as a symbol of protection, wisdom, tranquillity and lasting love.

Iran is still one of the biggest producers of Turquoise Gems. The gem is known for its uniqueness.


Since ancient times Feroza Ratna or Turquoise gemstone has been famous in Turkey, early Latin America, and Europe. In fact, the native Americans believed that Turquoise stone helps to connect with the Divine World or God, and called it Sky Stone. Shamans also used it to channel healing energies from heaven. Turquoise Gemstone was a source in ancient Egypt and China. Mongols, the Aztec civilization, Egyptians and the Mughal dynasty patronized the Feroza Ratna and was commonly worn as jewellery, amulets for protection, especially from evil eye, bad luck etc. The Turks and Persians also believed it to be a stone of good fortune. It was a symbol of love in olden times in England, where young single women gifted their lovers the Turquoise gemstone as a sign of everlasting love.


Turquoise is the National Gemstone of Iran which has been the biggest producer of Turquoise gemstone and has given the best quality of the gemstone. Other places where it is mined in are Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tibet, Australia, Mexico, Egypt and Brazil. In Southwest America, it is mined primarily in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado. However, the quality of the gemstones mined in these places is not up to gemstone quality as they are chalky and porous in nature.

Chakra Association of Turquoise Gemstone (Feroza Ratna)

The Turquoise gemstone Chakra is the Thymus Chakra as wearing the Feroza Ratna or carrying it, clears blockage of energy in the Thymus Chakra, balances it and acts as unconditional love (free of ego), spiritual growth, great immunity, compassion and forgiveness. These transpersonal features of the Higher Heart Chakra facilitate divine inner transformation and spiritual broadening. The High Heart Chakra or Thymus Chakra is intricately linked with your overall vitality and well-being. An open Thymus Chakra helps one to be forgiving, soulful and full of compassion. People with an open Thymus Chakra often believe in spreading and passing on these divine gifts of love and compassion to others through their deeds and aura. Turquoise possesses the power of healing diseases related to the throat and respiratory organ-related problems.

Popular and Effective Turquoise Gemstones products

Turquoise Stone

Collection of superior quality, natural Turquoise Gemstones in various cuts, shapes, sizes in the most preferred shade of Turquoise Blue. To enhance communication skills, creativity, for calmness, relief of stress, to boost immune system, for harmonious relationships, friends, love and romance, wear the Turquoise Gemstone for magical results. These Gemstones can be designed into attractive Rings, Bracelets, Pendants or Lockets, Necklaces, and worn to benefit from the healing Turquoise. Ready made impressive Turquoise Bracelets and pretty Earrings are also available.


Turquoise Necklace Mala

These enticing natural Turquoise Necklace Malas with options of round, oval, uncut beads and lovely Turquoise Pendants in pure German Silver are desirable jewellery which comes with benefits of the gemstone. Turquoise acts on the Thymus Chakra(Vishuddha) and helps in expressing one's true self, enhances communication skills and speech. Worn as Necklace/Malas/Pendants it stays in touch with the Chakra which amplifies the positive effects. Along with other healing and spiritual properties of the stone these products act as empowering tools.



The natural Turquoise Earrings are made with the gemstone beads, of different shapes are designed trendily, in German Silver. Turquoise gemstone is remarkable for physical healing, it helps to improve communication through speech, soothes the mind and detoxifies the body. The Earrings are also available in combination with Rudraksha beads. The Rudraksha bead represents Lord Shiva and blesses with good health, peace of mind and spirituality. These Turquoise earrings are lightweight and look good with all outfits.


Turquoise Bracelets Study Success – 1

Fashionable natural Turquoise Bracelets, perfectly designed and crafted in German Silver and Pure Silver are a must inclusion in your collection. Turquoise gemstone has the attribute of love, friendship, good fortune, self-realization and has been used since ancient times as protective amulets. These attractive Turquoise Bracelets are also an excellent gift of love for your friends, family or romantic partner. Ancient lore says that when Turquoise jewellery is gifted it brings in the energies of prosperity and good luck.



Wearing a combination of Gemstone and Rudraksha is the best way to make the most of it. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy® (RRST®) devised by Neeta Singhal makes the use of both Crystal gemstone and Rudraksha beads. It is a holistic healing therapy that uses the curative and healing properties of Rudraksha and Gemstones to balance and energize Chakras. In RRST we deal only with natural and untreated gemstones. The reason this Therapy is widely acclaimed by many is that it works on Chakras, the very basis of life, and is a holistic therapy that heals from deep within with absolutely no side effects. In the RRST setting of a gemstone, as a ring or as a pendant, the 'Bhasma' made of the planetary herb is kept inside one tube and the metal that improves the planetary effects is kept in another tube. In the case of Turquoise stone, Bhasma and metal are used to attract the cosmic power of the stone. The gemstone is then energized with its precise Beej mantra on a specific day to empower it to eliminate all the malefic effects of the planet and reinforce its beneficial effects. Thus the gemstone becomes a powerful talisman suitable to be worn by any person irrespective of his birth chart.


In today's time consider yourself lucky if you get a genuine natural Turquoise gemstone as it is almost impossible to get a natural Turquoise gemstone. Mostly all of them go through treatment in order to craft them into jewellery. Some types of Turquoise gemstone from Southwest America from the different mines, which are of various colours and appearance are:

1) Carico Lake Turquoise - Said to be a rare variety and of high-grade, the colour varies from electric Green to Sky Blue. The presence of Zinc, in this variety of Turquoise, is responsible for the colour shade of Lime Green and it has a spider web matrix. It is much sought after because of its striking colour and look.
2) Number Eight Turquoise - The number 8 Turquoise is valued as this mine is now depleted of produce. Characterized by black, golden-red and brown spider web matrix on light Blue or Powder Blue Turquoise colour.
3) Dry Creek Turquoise - One of the collectable, rare varieties of Turquoise stones. Dry Creek Turquoise is set off on a pale blue background with prominent golden to a deep Brown colour matrix, and said to have veins which are unique and only of its kind.
4) Golden Hill Turquoise - Coloured a distinctive Periwinkle Blue with a lovely burnt umber matrix. The Golden Hill Turquoise makes natural cabochons.
5) Ithaca Peak Turquoise - Baby Blue to Deep Blue in colour with Pyrite matrix.
6) Kingman Turquoise - A collector's Turquoise, it is an industry standard Blue matrix Turquoise. It is one of the easily recognizable American Turquoise.
7) Kings Manassa Turquoise - It is known for rich, brilliant greens and golden matrix.
8) Red Mountain Turquoise - This Turquoise gemstone is often golden or reddish in colour with dark spider-webbing and sought after.
9) Royston Turquoise - These come in lovely mossy Green, light Blue to dark Blue colours, with Brown matrix of various intensity.
10) Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - The price of the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise has shot up in current years as the mine is not operational. Said to be one of the most recognizable North
11) Turquoise Mountain Turquoise - A high-quality Turquoise ranging from lighter Blue shades to darker Blue with both webbed and non-webbed matrix, of Brown or Black colour. Turquoise Mountain Turquoise looks attractive and different.
12) American Turquoise stone - The uniform solid Sky Blue colour of the stone makes it popular, with no matrix or web. Colour ranges from Royal Blue to pale Sky Blue.
13) Sonoran Gold Turquoise - This is quite new in the gemstone market. Having its individual look of Green background with accents of Gold and Blue.
14) Lander Blue - Considered the rarest and most valuable Turquoise stone, Lander Blue is admired for its attractive spider webs.
15) Bisbee Turquoise - Well known for its deep blue shade and the distinctive feature (said to be found in only this mine) of a smoky matrix of Black colour.
16) Ajax mine Turquoise - A fairly new mine, the Turquoise stones mined here has the rare dark Green with light Blue veins variety.


Feroza Ratna Rings, Bracelets, Pendants, Necklace or Mala, Amulets when worn have multiple benefits, as is experienced by many.

  • It is a stone that helps in self-expression, improves communication, speech and aids to speak sweetly and lovingly.
  • Turquoise gemstone alleviates depression and elevates one's self -esteem and confidence.
  • All those who are prone to mood swings can wear Turquoise to bring balance and boost the mood.
  • It benefits by balancing the energies including the energy of money. It takes care of the flow of money.
  • It is a stone of wisdom and creativity and appreciated for these attributes. Wearing Turquoise enhances creativity and wisdom.
  • For clarity of mind, this gemstone is recommended.
  • Feroza Ratna is excellent in absorbing negative energies and a highly protective stone. Said to protect from the evil eye, accidents, violence and similar things.
  • It is a stone that brings good fortune and flourishes for the wearer and has been worn for this purpose since ancient times.
  • Renowned as a stone of enduring love, Turquoise gemstone has been used to give rise to and promote romantic love.
  • The tranquil Turquoise gem aids to soothe nerves, bring calmness of mind for those who suffer from anxiety. It is also said to steady people prone to hysteria and panic attack.
  • It brings harmony between married couples by establishing compassionate understanding.
  • Wearing Feroza Ratna helps to remain physically fit and increases immunity.
  • It is said to heal high Blood Pressure, Asthma, Migraine, Viral fever, acidity and ailments caused due to exposure to pollution of any kind.
  • Wearing Turquoise means, there will be no dearth of friends.


Gemstones have innate healing powers, their own frequency and vibration which can be creatively used to aid the energies of human beings in positive ways. The Turquoise stone proves that with its many healing properties and powers.

Metaphysical Properties - Turquoise is a gemstone which makes the energies flow through the body, purifies the energy bodies by clearing negative energies that ensures easy flow of life. As it activates the Thymus glands, it helps in expressing one's truth. It balances the inner and outer self. Turquoise is believed to cleanse the Chakras of the body. Increases compassion and love. The Turquoise is said to fade in colour, denoting impending danger, an observation made since ancient times. The bright colour of the stone serves as a symbol of hope. Turquoise is used often for meditation as it brings tranquillity. Being a stone of protection it is used to shield during the practice of Astral travel.

Spiritual Properties - Feroza Ratna helps in self-realization, getting in touch with the truth of self. Recognizing the plus and minus points and accepting them. It is a great stone for grounding as it denotes the Earth and Sky. Since ancient times it has been used as a bridge with the Divine World and till date is used as a Divination tool. It increases and fortifies intuitive powers.

Magical Properties - The Turquoise is considered to possess magical properties. When the stone is gifted with love, it ushers in prosperity. It was believed, by the Eastern part of the World, that if one saw the Turquoise stone in the morning soon after waking up, the day goes with an easy flow. In situations of Quarrels, arguments in the family or between friends, Turquoise quickly brings a calming effect defusing anger and establishing harmony. Women in the Middle Ages used to sew the Turquoise stone in the clothes of the man she wanted to win. It is used to draw money and love.

Factors to Determine Value of Turquoise

The primary factors that determine the value of Turquoise gemstone are colour, the presence or absence of matrix and its texture. The colour plays a big role, as an even deep Blue to medium Blue (also called Robin Blue) colour of the stone is of the highest value and desired. The Greenish counterpart of the stone is not that valuable. The weight of the stone is surely one of the factors that determine the cost. It measures 6 or 7 on the Mohs scale and is prone to get damaged during cutting. The colour, texture and surface properties of Turquoise Gemstones can also be chemically enhanced. It is the easiest gemstone to imitate. The colour, texture and surface properties of Turquoise gemstones can also be chemically enhanced. So buy genuine Turquoise from a trustworthy jeweller or dealer of gemstones.

The Meaning of Turquoise in Different Religions and Cultures?

  • The Native American used the Turquoise stone as a stone of protection, to connect with the spirit World, and ward off evil spirits. It was also used in amulets and for weapons of war.
  • In Tibet where it was abundantly available, common people and Buddhist Monks wore Turquoise. Their main focus was on the change of colour of the stone from Blue to Green which depicted the cycle of life and death and evolving wisdom, which is the crux of their religion.
  • In the Middle East, the Turquoise stone had a different meaning and use. It was a symbol of Heaven for the Persians and was included in daily life in their ornaments and used in Palace domes, etc. The abundant availability being one of the reasons as Iran was a rich miner of Feroza Ratna. Egyptians used it in their Tombs for protection.
  • Young unmarried Greek women wore the Turquoise gem to signify purity.

How to Tell if Turquoise is Real?

Though it is not easy to verify whether the Turquoise is real or fake, if you run your nail on a rough piece of Turquoise and your fingernail gets stuck/caught in the place where the Turquoise meets the web, then it is a real one. Another sure shot way is to heat up a needle and place it over the gemstone if the surface starts melting or you smell burnt plastic then it is surely a fake Feroza Ratna which is made of resin or plastic.

Who Should Wear Turquoise Stone?

Turquoise is a stone which can be worn by anyone as it does not have any negative side-effects. People related to the education sector, law, accountancy stand to gain from wearing Turquoise stone. For those involved in creative fields like the Fashion industry, Film or Television, authors/writers, Jewellers, designers, artists, painters, etc., the Feroza Ratna works favourably.

Those who find it difficult to express themselves, not good in any type of communication may wear the gemstone. For good fortune wear the Feroza Ratna.

Turquoise Birthstones month is the month of December, so those born in the month can wear it as a lucky charm.

How to Clean Turquoise Jewellery

To clean Turquoise Jewellery use a soft toothbrush and dip it in water and gently rub the brush on the stone. Pat it dry with a soft dry cloth. Metal parts can be cleaned with a metal polish agent or a jewellery polishing cloth. Turquoise gets damaged with chemicals so do not use any chemical to clean the stone.

Effects of Turquoise

Turquoise gemstone effects best when you wear it following the Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) method. It is the most unique and beneficial way you can wear the healing Feroza Ratna.

Before you buy Turquoise Gemstones:

Indian Name: Peroj
Cosmic Color: Blue

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