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White Sapphire Gemstone
White Sapphire Gemstone

White Sapphire Gemstones

White Sapphire

White Sapphire gemstone is a precious gem associated with the planet Uranus. Unlike other sapphires, the White Sapphire gemstone is entirely colourless. Commonly known as Safed Pushkraj, this gem helps the wearer to have a luxurious life. It also bestows beauty, charm and fulfilment of wishes and enhances financial prosperity. It is beneficial for those in business, especially people connected with travel and tourism, hospitality, beauty industry and art as well as import and export. White Sapphire Gemstone is significant in astrology as it corresponds to the vibrations of the planet Uranus, is a planet for good luck, divine grace and immense wisdom. Like the Jupiter-ruled Yellow Sapphire, the White Sapphire is also helpful in attaining marital happiness.

White Sapphire Gemstone benefits:

The White Sapphire Gemstone is connected with the planet Uranas and the wearer of this gemstone will have a number of benefits at different levels. It blesses the wearer with affection, beauty and an artistic temperament. This gemstone enhances the positive energy of planet Uranas. As a result, the all negative energies from the wearer’s mind are swept away, filling them with love, peace and joy.

Physical benefits

White Sapphire bestows magnetism and attractiveness to the wearerIt is believed to have control over the reproductive organs of the body.It helps in treatment of venereal diseases as well as aids on conception

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Spiritual benefits

White Sapphire gemstone works on the Sahasrara Chakra, or the Crown Chakra. Vedic scriptures state that the human body works in accordance with seven energy centres called Charkas. The Crown Chakra is believed to link a person with the Divine Consciousness and fills them with gratitude. When the Crown Chakra gets blocked, the person faces difficulties in learning, problems in socializing with others and develops narrow-mindedness or is unable to have new ways of thinking. Moreover, negative thoughts start flooding their minds. In extreme cases, it may cause migraine attacks, amnesia, epilepsy and depression.

The White Sapphire gemstone re-energizes the Crown Chakra and the wearer regains their ability to express gratitude, contentment and a positive outlook on personal and professional life as well as gets rid of various ailments.

Material benefits

The wearer of White Sapphire will enjoy wealth, luxuries, fortune and above all, a happy married life. Anyone who aspires to attain abundance and financial prosperity and seek the fulfilment of their heart’s desire should wear this gemstone.

White Sapphire Vs Diamond

There is a common comparison between the white sapphire and diamond, possibly due to its white colour and high lustre. On the Mohs scale, White sapphire Gemstone has a rating of nine. When compared with diamond, which has a rating of 10, the White Sapphire Gemstone as the second hardest natural mineral found on earth. However, diamonds are more expensive than the white sapphire on a per-carat basis.

Original white sapphire

In order to give optimum benefits to the wearer, a gemstone must be in its natural state. This means it should not have been subjected to heat treatment. Generally, sapphires are heated to enhance their color quality, whereas white sapphires are heated to get colour fade and render them white. But heating damages the inner value and quality of gemstones. Untreated gemstones that are naturally authentic tend to provide better results.

White Sapphire price

This gem is not commonly found in nature and therefore, the White Sapphire price is higher when compared with other gemstones. A White Sapphire can be worn either in a ring or made into a pendant. If worn studded into a ring, it must be worn on the right hand index finger for best results.

To get optimum results from wearing a White Sapphire, contact our team of experts, who will guide you through wearing it as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST).

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