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White Zircon Gemstones

The Zircon stones have been admired ever since it was discovered and started being used as a gemstone. Ancient Hindu poets have described the magical wish-fulfilling tree, Kalpavriksha, to be made of gemstones and its leaves to be made of Zircon stones/Zircon rock. Zircon stones are semi-precious gemstones that have the history of being used in the middle ages as a stone which helps in peaceful sleep, bring prosperity and wisdom. The Arabic word Zarkun (means vermilion) and Persian word Zargun (means golden) have made scholars opine that the name Zircon may have been derived from either of these words. Zircon stones in Hindi are called Jarkan stones. Produced in many countries, these are chiefly found in Australia, South Africa, China, which are main producers and other countries like, India, Indonesia, Mozambique, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil, and Kenya also produce Zircon rock.

The composition of natural Zircon rock is basically Zircon Silicate. The mineral is found Universally and in all types of rocks. Natural Zircon rock's typical Tetragonal structure leads to the White brilliance that is associated with the stone. This mineral is also used in the ceramic industry which is the use of Zircon. Also, traces of radioactive elements like Thorium and Uranium found in its deposits have contributed to the development of radioactive dating.

These stones are found in several Zircon colors, other than the popular colorless Zircon, the White Zircon stones. The other colors are Brown, Yellow or Golden, Red, Orange, and Blue is the most notable Zircon colors. Zircon gems can be changed in color with heat treatment which a common person will not be able to detect, like, colorless Zircon can be made by heat treatment of other Zircon colors. Raw Zircon is polished and cut deftly to make Zircon gems of the different colors that are used all over the world for making beautiful jewelry, which is also cost-effective for the buyer.

Natural Zircon gemstones measure 7.5 on the Moh scale and are reasonably hard. Bracelets, Rings, Pendants, Lockets, Necklaces are commonly made which is the maximum use of Zircon rocks. Natural Zircon gemstone jewelry has been worn by women down the ages which is an important use of Zircon stones. As birthstone Zircon is for the month of December. Zircon gemstone is worn by many of those born in Zircon month of December as it is said to be lucky for them and is a popular use of Zircon stones. As has been observed people often get confused between man-made Cubic-Zirconia and Natural Zircon gemstone, but which are totally different in composition and properties.

Zircon Gemstone Benefits/Jarkan Stone Benefits

Benefits of wearing Zircon stones are many as it has healing properties. It benefits by bringing prosperity and abundance to the wearer and his/her family. Zircon gems favor the relationship of women with other women, giving them an upper edge over the other. Zircon gemstone benefits by removing blocks in the energy flow in the wearer providing harmony and balance. Jarkan stone benefits in healing abdominal health issues, problems related to reproductive or genitals can heal by wearing Zircon gems. Natural Zircon gemstone is good to meditate upon and enhances mental and physical strength.

White Zircon Stones/White Zircon Gemstone

Among the Zircon stones, the glittering colorless version is the most popular one, called White Zircon stone. Because of the White Zircon's similarity in appearance to Diamond, it has been traditionally used as a 'substitute' for the far more expensive Diamond for centuries and this is among the most important White Zircon stone benefits in astrology. The similarity between White Zircon gemstone and Diamond has caused many confusions since ancient times. It is very similar to Diamond except that White Zircon gemstone is less hard (Mohs hardness of about 7.5) than Diamond, as Diamond is reputed to be the hardest of all gemstones. And of course, cost-wise White Zircon gemstone is more affordable than the expensive Diamonds. It has a similar luster and refractive index as that of Diamond and a brilliant sheen that the Diamond is so famous for. White Zircon stone is a gemstone of Planet Neptune and works on Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra), unlike diamond that is a Gemstone of Planet Venus and works on the Heart Chakra.

In contemporary Gemology, White Jarkan stone has been gaining importance in its own right. The Natural White Zircon gemstone is popular as a gemstone for jewelry and White Zircon stone benefits in astrology are well known all over the world as it serves as a substitute for Diamond with astrological healing benefits like that of Diamond.

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Benefits and Healing Effects of White Zircon Gemstone

White Zircon stone can be worn as Rings, Bracelets, Pendant/Lockets. It goes well with Silver and such combination ornaments of White Zircon stone with Silver is famous. The healing properties of White Zircon stone benefits are numerous.

  • These stone benefits unblock the Sahasrara Chakra known as the central crown chakra. This node of our body decides the awareness of our existence. When blocked, it leads to a lack of enthusiasm in life and fears of all kinds including that of death and bad luck.
  • White Jarkan stone helps enhance the wearer's memory, and prevents headaches, migraines, and old age memory loss or Alzheimer's disease or Dementia.
  • It benefits by giving clarity and brings blessings and brings harmony in relationships including in marital life.
  • White Zircon Gemstone benefits by protecting from nightmares, bringing deep and peaceful sleep.
  • It benefits by removing negative and lower energies and brings positivity to life.
  • White Zircon gemstone/ White Jarkan stone benefits, providing relief to migraine and headaches.

Facts about White Zircon Stone or White Zircon Gemstone

  • White Zircon stone Planet: Neptune
  • White Zircon gemstone Cosmic Color: White
  • White Jarkan stone Chakra: Sahasrara Chakra

White Zircon stone Source:

Available in many countries but Australia and Africa are the biggest producers.

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