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The glowing Yellow Sapphire stone is a popular stone all over the world as it ushers in prosperity, wealth and new sources of income. This precious stone has noteworthy benefits in astrology. It holds high esteem in Vedic Astrology as one of the most auspicious stones among the Navratnas (the nine important gems in Astrology) and is ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter. This lovely Yellow/Golden colour gemstone makes attractive jewellery, which makes it a pet stone of Jewellers all over the world.

The metaphysical properties make this auspicious gemstone a stone of wisdom, knowledge, power, good fortune, creative ideas, putting the plan into action, releasing fear and procrastination. The Yellow Sapphire healing properties are appreciated worldwide. In Hindi, it is called Pukhraj or Peela Pukhraj and Kanakapushyaragam in Sanskrit. This gemstone works great on the Vishuddha Chakra (Throat Chakra).

The best quality natural Pukhraj gemstone is found in Srilanka or Ceylon where it is called Pushparaga (Sanskrit) and is the primary producer of the gemstone. That is why it is priced high in from Srilanka and is much-in-demand, especially for those wearing it for Astrological benefits. Other countries from where it originates are Kashmir in India, Madagascar, Tanzania, Thailand, Kenya, Australia, Burma and the USA.

Found naturally, this prestigious stone consists of corundum (aluminium oxide) and is tinged with slight traces of Iron, which is the cause of the Yellow hue. The gemstone is usually found in igneous rocks and in alluvial deposits. Peela Pukhraj measures 9 on the Mohs scale, which makes it an extremely hard stone that cannot be scratched even by steel, only Diamond can scratch it. Because of its hardness, today it is widely used for industrial applications; including lasers, solid-state electronic devices and electronic wristwatches.

This gemstone can be opaque or transparent depending on how deep the Yellow colour is. It varies in shades of Yellow to Golden and sometimes Orange as well. However, the Lemon-Yellow colour is valued most. Its properties are also displayed in the sparkle of the stone and it may show different colours when viewed from different angles. Sapphires can be heat treated, diffused with beryllium or irradiated to preserve and enhance their yellow brilliance, however, the naturally occurring Yellow Sapphires are most valuable, especially for the Astrology connection.

History shows that this amazing sunset yellow colour gemstone has long held the admiration and wonder of all kinds of people from travellers and explorers to Kings and Queens. Since ancient times in India, natural Yellow Sapphire stone has been patronized by Priests, Spiritual counsellors/Gurus and healers as it aids in connection with the spiritual realm.

Yellow Sapphire Jewellery

Yellow Sapphire gemstone has been mainly used to make attractive Jewelry. Among its properties, the hardness is remarkable and close to that of Diamond. Therefore it becomes a delight for jewellers to carve cut gemstones and jewellery from its various kinds. Natural Peela Pukhraj when cut and carved, gives the gemstone the shine and glitter for which it is valued as a precious stone. It is no wonder that the Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendant, Bracelets, have been desirable jewellery items all over the world, down the ages.

The astrology Rings are made such that the gemstone touches the skin. Usually, people buy cut Yellow Sapphire gemstone, of the required weight and get the Ring made.

Yellow Sapphire Birthstone

The 'wisdom stone', it is the birthstone for those born in the month of November, along with Citrine and Yellow Topaz gemstone. It stands for good luck for those born in November and is worn as Yellow Sapphire jewellery as a birthstone.


The Yellow Sapphire Stone is connected to the planet Jupiter (Brihaspati), which is known as Guru, in Hindu mythology, the giver of knowledge and wisdom. Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System and holds one of the most important place in Vedic Astrology. Natives with ill-placed or weak Guru in their Kundli (Horoscope) are advised by Astrologers to wear Yellow Sapphire Rings.

Jupiter is associated with the virtues of good luck and prosperity. Ruled by the Guru, the teacher, this planet propels a person towards happiness and fulfilment through use of wisdom, and thus the correct use of this Gemstone can bring useful rewards. With the influence of Jupiter, the Yellow Sapphire when worn can bring a fortune in the fields of trade, analysis, profession related to the teaching of any kind, law, business etc.

While buying this gemstone, buy it from a reputed jeweller or gemstone outlet. It is important to wear genuine, natural Yellow Pukhraj for Astrological reasons as the treated Yellow Sapphire has a lesser beneficial effect. Rudra Centre offers an array of unheated, untreated Yellow Sapphire stones of excellent cut and colour, which can be made into Yellow Sapphire Rings, Yellow Sapphire Pendants, Yellow Sapphire Bracelets etc. Yellow Sapphire Rings are generally worn in Gold, which also suits the gemstone.


Peela Pukhraj is connected to Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra which is located at the neck near the spine. Vedic scriptures mention that the human body works in accordance with seven energy centres called Charkas

When the Throat Chakra is blocked, the person tends to lose their creative side, career path turns sluggish and numerous obstacles come in. They face thyroid disorders, constant back pains as well as immunity disorders.

Yellow Sapphire clears, balances and re-energizes this Chakra and the person regains their true unique qualities enabling them to articulate their feelings, voices and opinions. People with unblocked (Vishuddha) Chakra are great decision-makers.

Who can wear Yellow Sapphire?/ Who should wear Yellow Sapphire?

The brilliant Yellow Sapphire gemstones can be worn by:

  • Students for any field can wear Yellow Sapphire as Jupiter is the giver of knowledge and intellect and helps to focus and concentrate.
  • Individuals in teaching profession, Lawyers, Judges, advocates, writers/authors, artists and traders.
  • Individuals with weak Jupiter in their birth-chart(Kundli), in consultation with a qualified Astrologer can wear it.
  • It is good for a harmonious married life when worn by married women.
  • People desirous of higher education can wear this gemstone to achieve their pursuit.
  • Healers, Spiritual Gurus or counsellors can wear this gemstone and expect desirous help and support.


Yellow Sapphire stone benefits include metaphysical properties, healing properties, health benefits and its Astrological benefits. The benevolent planet Jupiter being the ruler of the magnificent gemstone adds to its power. It is worn as Yellow Sapphire Ring, Pendants, Bracelets, etc.

  • This stone draws financial prosperity, wealth, good fortune, name, fame and abundance which makes it one of the favourite gemstones to wear.
  • It bestows wisdom, knowledge, enhances the intellect, boosts sharpness of mind and understanding.
  • Wearing the Yellow Sapphire helps in achieving professional and academic goals. It helps to put thoughts into action by directing to take the correct decisions and judgements.
  • Its metaphysical properties include its contribution in clearing communication problems by acting on the Vishuddha or Throat Chakra.
  • Further, it has many health benefits include healing problems related to the Throat, Mouth, Lungs, Jaundice and is also said to be effective for Kidney ailments.
  • Wearing the gemstone helps to boost energy, vitality and blood circulation.
  • It calms down the mind, gives it balance, urges to get out of procrastinating attitude.
  • It can help to reduce anger.
  • Enhancing the artistic and creative skills, acumen make Pukhraj a desirable stone for individuals in artistic or creative field.
  • Yellow Sapphire can be useful to bring promotion, increment in salary or increase in profits for businessmen.
  • It works great for women who are pregnant, ensures safe delivery and is known to protect from miscarriage.
  • Women who are single and facing difficulties or delays in marriage can wear to get the desired outcome.
  • It can be beneficial for those wanting to be connected to the spiritual world is profound and wearing this gemstone has proved itself, since ages and is an important Yellow Sapphire metaphysical properties.


The biggest advantage is that there are no ill side effects of wearing Yellow Sapphire gemstone. Pukhraj can be worn without fearing about the negative side effect it may have as it is considered a safe stone to wear as per the experts of gemstones. Its astrological connections are advantageous too because of benevolent planet Jupiter being its ruler.Some disadvantages of this gemstone can be due to defects/flaws in the gemstone that brings some unpleasant side effects of wearing Yellow Sapphire. It is advisable to be check the gemstone properly before buying it and be careful not to wear the following types of flawed Peela Pukhraj gemstone.
1) As a rule it is said one should not wear gemstones which have cracks or is chipped, as it is inauspicious. On the same line of thought, it is said that if the Yellow Sapphire has a crack it might result in theft of something of value.
2) Do not wear a stone which has a dot or spots of Red, Black, White colour in it, as different colour dot and spots affect adversely, like, if the gemstone has Red dot it can have bad effect on your wealth and cause loss, wearing Yellow Sapphire which has Black spots may bring sorrowful situations etc.
3) It is said if the Yellow Sapphire is milky inside, then it is better not to buy it as it may cause physical injury to the wearer.
4) Yellow Sapphire stones which are unsymmetrical and rough to touch is said to bring in ill-luck.
5) It is believed that wearing a dull, lack-lustre/opaque it may be the cause of problems in family or enemies may make the wearer suffer.

How to identify Original Yellow Sapphire

  • An real and original Yellow Sapphire Gem is one of the hardest known minerals. It can't be scratched, even by steel and can be scraped only by Diamond so can be tested by scratching.
  • If it is an original then it will show no colour changes if placed in milk for nearly a day


Only a Gem expert or a Chakra practitioner can guide you about the proper gemstone to wear and the wearing method. When worn as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) where the Gem is set with Bhasma and metal, it gives only beneficial results to the wearer.

When wearing, it needs to be purified first and then worn. Do the purification on the day you will be wearing it after having a bath in the morning. Soak the Ring in a mixture of Milk, Gangajal, Tulsi(Indian Basil) leaves, Ghee in a metal bowl for half an hour or so. Take it out of the mixture and dab it dry with a clean soft cloth. Then light five incense sticks and run it in circular motion around the Ring. Chant the Mantra is given below for 108 times. You can now wear the Ring.

Mantra: "Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namaha"
Yellow Sapphire Finger for Rings - You can ask our RRST Consultant
Day to wear: Thursday
Best Time for wearing: Pushya Nakshatra; Shukla Paksha

Origin and History of Yellow Sapphire gemstone

Planet: Jupiter
Indian Name: Pukhraj or Peela Pukhraj
Sanskrit Names: Pusparaga, Pushyarag, Puspa-Raja , Guru-Ratna
Hardness: 9 (Mohs scale)
Chakra: Vishuddha
Did you know? One of the largest Yellow Sapphires Gems ever found weighed nearly 2020 carats, and was called the Tomahawk Tiger. It was stolen and found nearly six years later!

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