2-16 Giant Beads Set


INR 4,03,900


Rare collection of Large super collector beads from 2 mukhi- 16 mukhi beads set. 2 mukhi for Emotional balance, unity and harmony, 3 mukhi for Burning of past karma.Releasing of stress, 4 mukhi for Knowledge and communication, 5 mukhi for Realization of higher self. Intellect and enhanced awareness, 6 mukhi for Virtues of willpower, courage, perfection, grounding and focus, 7 mukhi for Wealth and new opportunities, 8 mukhi is for removal of obstacles and success in undertakings, 9 mukhi is for self power, materialistic benefits and spiritual awakening, 10 mukhi gives peace, protection and pacifies malefic of planets, 11 mukhi enhances wisdom and self-confidence. 12 mukhi invokes self power and gives good health, 13 mukhi enhances charisma and attraction, 14 Mukhi enhances willpower and gives balance of mind, strength and courage, 15 mukhi for Healing of heart and relationships. Desire fulfillment and 16 mukhi for Cure of diseases. For protection. Release of fears and insecurities.

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