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9 Mukhi and Gomedh Bracelet


INR 31,625


Pure silver bracelet featuring a pendant in hexagon shape holding a collector 9 Mukhi Rudraksha of Nepal origin. A series of finest quality Gomed (Hessonite) gems held in four prongs case settings are featured on the sides. With an intricately designed Crown Chakra motif on top of the center pendant, the bracelet looks truly elegant. The center pendant and gemstone setting come with openwork on the reverse side to allow it to touch the skin of the wearer and confer its healing benefits. The robust craftsmanship and lobster closure ensure carefree wear. The bracelet makes a sophisticated adornment and a Crown chakra healing amulet.


  • Enables the wearer to establish a connection with divine power
  • Develop awareness to recognize spiritual help
  • Enhances self-esteem and transmutes negative emotions to a positive state

9 Mukhi Nepal Rudraksha: approx. 27 mm
Silver Used: approx. 32 gms