9 Mukhi Rudraksha with Gomed and Black Ebony Bracelet


INR 2,000


This handmade bracelet is designed using natural and uniform 9 Mukhi Rudraksha beads along with Gomed (Hessonite) and black ebony beads. Crafted in stretchable feature, it is further accentuated with a dangling Crown Chakra pure silver pendant. Designed as a trendsetting accessory, the bracelet flawlessly goes well with regular as well as weekend wear. The specialty of the bracelet lies in its Chakra healing benefits.


  • Attracts divine grace and develops an awareness to recognize spiritual help
  • Opens the wearer’s consciousness to align with higher power
  • Brings a feeling of optimism, contentment, and satiation of senses

9 mukhi Rudraksha: 12 mm (13 beads)
Black Ebony beads: 10 mm (2 beads)
Gomed Oval Bead: 15 mm (1 bead)
Length of the bracelet: 7 inches (adjustable)