Agate lingam with pure silver yoni base


INR 3,58,900


A Divinely beautiful Lingam smoothly carved from 100% natural Agate Gemstone, mounted on an exquisitely carved pure Silver Yoni base, is sure to steal the hearts of devotees. The Agate Lingam looks mesmerising in Silver-Blue colour with patches of Brown and the Silver Yoni base with rich traditional designs, meticulously carved all over it, is mesmerizing . A dexterously crafted pure Silver Snake perfectly coils around the Lingam and rises to fan its hood above the Lingam. The Lingam has been worshipped as a representation of infinite Lord Shiva, who has no beginning, nor no end. He is pure consciousness. Endowed with the pure energies of Lord Shiva, worshipping the Lingam brings peace, calmness, harmony in relationships, unity, prosperity, courage, spiritual advancement, removes fears, including fear of untimely death and protection from evil energies, Black Magic, Ghosts, accidents, harm, danger. It heals diseases and ailments and bestows good health. Gemstone Lingams are preferred to worship as gemstones have high vibration and innate healing properties. This Agate Lingam on pure Silver Yoni base brings the double benefits of the Shivling and qualities of Agate Gemstone.

The Yoni base of the Shivling denotes Goddess Shakti/Parvati, Prakriti, the Divine feminine which unites with the Lingam, denotes Lord Shiva, Purusha, the Divine masculine, which is the point of creation of all living beings and the point of dissolution, at the end of time(Kala). The powers of the Shivling are unimaginable. The Snake represents the Kundalini Shakti(spiritual power), which lies in the Muladhara(Root) Chakra and with spiritual practice, it gradually rises up to the next Chakra, and continues till it reaches the Sahasrara(Crown) Chakra. It also stands of transformation. The metal Silver is associated with planet Moon which balances emotions and mind and Lord Shiva wears the crescent Moon on His head. Meditating on the Shivling brings self awareness, spiritual understanding, expands consciousness and helps to align with the Shiva Tatva. Lord Shiva is easy to please and benevolently blesses His devotees. The Lingam/Shivling is worshipped by performing Abhishek(sacred bath) usually with Milk and Water, and also with a mixture of Yogurt, Honey and Ghee/clarified Butter.

Agate Gemstone is found in a wide variety of colours. It is a stone which brings calmness, helps to release stress, anxiety, emotional pain, trauma etc. Agate is a harbinger of good luck and prosperity, it boosts courage, confidence, enhances creative skills and intuitive power. It helps to face the truth about self, develop a different perspective towards life, cleanses the negative energies from the space to replace with positive energies, heals relationships, brings peace and more.

The Agate Lingam with pure Silver Yoni base can be installed in Puja Mandir at home or office to keep the space in positive vibration and usher calmness, peace, prosperity, good luck, balance, harmonious relationships, helps to meditate, releases anger, anxiety, brings a positive perspective to life, provides all round protection and fulfils wishes of devotees, by the Grace of Lord Shiva.

Dimension of silver yoni base:
Height: 12 inches (top of snake till bottom)
Length of Yonibase: 11.5 inches
Base Diameter: 4.2 inches
Diameter of Lingam holder: 2.3 inches
Total weight of silver: 1.955 Kgs

Dimension of Agate lingam:
Height: 5.4 inches
Centre diameter: 3 inches
Weight: 1.040 Kgs

Total Weight of Set: 2.995 kgs