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Amazonite Mala


INR 2,950


Made with selected turquoise-green Amazonite beads in knots with a tassel, this mala provides a soothing and relaxing effect on the wearer. It dispels fears and anxieties and provides clarity of thoughts. Amazonite Gemstone is a spiritual stone that helps an individual lead a healthy and balanced life. It helps to ward away negativity and attract positivity and auspiciousness. Amazonite Gemstone also aids in meditation, concentration and enhance intuition.

Bead size: 8 mm
No. of beads: 108+1
Length: 38 inches

This item is made of 100% natural and untreated gemstone and certificate is shown here. If you need certificate for your individual product, you will need to email us at contact@rudracentre.com and pay an additional amount of Rs 300.