Auspicious Paduka - Sandalwood


INR 37,775


Auspicious Paduka pairs of different sizes handcrafted perfectly from genuine, natural Sandalwood(Chandan) is apt for keeping at home, as a symbol of Divine presence or one's Guru. These Paduka represents the impression of feet of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is the preserver and protector of the Universe. The meticulous carvings on the Paduka pairs are commendable with auspicious symbols like the sacred Swastik, Om, Lord Vishnu emblems like the Shankh(Conch shell), Chakra, Gada(Mace) and traditional patterns all over and also on the sides. The Paduka in Sandalwood are harbingers of auspicious energies, creation of wealth, good health, righteous living, spiritual growth, worldly comfort and protection. Sandal is associated with Lord Vishnu, as Sandal paste is offered to Lord Vishnu and as per rituals, the Tilak of Vishnuji, the Urdhva Pundra is a paste of Sandalwood paste and other ingredients.

It is believed that the tradition of keeping Paduka or one's Guru's Paduka home started from the time of Ramayana. The Epic Ramayana narrates that when Lord Rama was in exile, Prince Bharat, Lord Rama's brother, had placed the Paduka(wooden Sandal/footwear) of Lord Rama on the throne and worshipped them. Bharat loved and respected Lord Rama and was never in agreement to sitting on the throne, which rightfully belonged to Lord Rama. Following the tradition, the Paduka is offered flowers and anointed with Sandal/Chandan paste. The auspicious Paduka in Sandalwood has the advantage of being made with the fragrant Sandalwood.

The auspicious Paduka in Sandalwood is desirable for all homes for its exquisite appearance and virtues. Keeping these Paduka in Sandalwood brings harmony, peace, prosperity, success, feeling of security, spiritual advancement and abundance.