Bal Gopal Gomukhi Japa Mala Bag


INR 900


Significance of Bal Gopal Gomukhi Japa Mala Bag

The Bal Gopal Gomukhi Japa Mala bag is recommended for using while chanting Mantras on Rosary/Japamala. The Gomukhi Japa Mala is made in the shape of Cow's mouth(Go means Cow and mukhi means mouth). Ancient Hindu texts have advised the use of the Gomukhi bags for keeping the Japa Mala and using it while chanting Mantras on the beads of the Japa Mala. The strap of the bag makes it easy to wear it round the neck and chant on the Japa Mala while travelling.

Benefits of Bal Gopal Gomukhi Japa Mala Bag

There are many advantages of using the Gomukhi Japa Mala Bag. The bag protects the Japa mala from dust and dirt. The process of chanting on your Japa mala is hidden from curious eyes, especially if you are chanting while travelling. As the pointer finger or Tarjani is not used while chanting on the Japa mala, there is a small outlet(hole) in the Gomukhi Japa Mala bag, from which the finger is placed out of the bag, which ensures that it does not touch the beads. Wearing the Gomukhi Japa Mala bag around the neck while chanting on your Mala, when sitting on the ground, prevents the Mala from touching the floor and it also remains close to your chest, which is ideal.

Bal Gopal Gomukhi Japa Mala Bag Design

The soothing Turquoise colour Bal Gopal Gomukhi Japa Mala bag is neatly made in Cotton fabric and has a lovely image of child Lord Shri Krishna playing His flute, printed on one side. The Hare Krishna Mahamantra is printed clearly in Hindi and English script, below a Sudarshan Chakra emblem on the other side. Lord Krishna is the 8th. Avatar of Lord Vishnu, who is revered and loved by devotees all over the world. From an infant stage Lord Krishna surprised everyone with His numerous Leela. He played the Flute to perfection and it is said that the melodious tunes He played were Divinely mesmerizing and used to magically draw every living being to Him. Bal Gopal bestows joy, love, peace, happiness and progeny. The Sudarshan Chakra is a disc like powerful weapon of Lord Vishnu and one of His emblems. The sturdy strap of the bag has the Hare Krishna Mahamantra printed on it too. There is a small compartment with a chain, on the inner side of the bag which can be used to safely keep the Japa mala when it is not used. This attractive bag has the provision to be tied to your wrist, while chanting on the Japa mala. It is spacious and can hold Japa mala of any size and the process of rotating the mala can be done comfortably.

Which Mala to use for Bal Gopal Gomukhi Japa Mala Bag?

One can use any mala to perform Japa there is no restriction, however, Tulsi Beads Mala is recommended. Ensure that your Mala has a Sumeru Bead which not only helps you keep track of your Japa counts but also helps you absorb the energy of the Mantra Chanting from the circuit of the mala.

Which Mantras to Chant in for Bal Gopal Gomukhi Japa Mala Bag?

One can chant any Mantra using this Bal Gopal Gomukhi Japa Mala bag. However chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra is recommended.

Mantra: Om Kleeng Krishnaay Namah

Dimension: 10.5 ( L ) x 9.5 ( W ) inches