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Black Jade Ganesha - 1825 gms


INR 27,375


The idol of Lord Ganesh carved in black Jade is simply mesmerizing. This gracefully stylish idol has Ganeshji seated on a lotus. This commanding icon has four hands; with one hand He blesses His devotees and the other hands hold an axe, ankush and modak. The meticulously carved ornaments and the finesse with which this idol is carved, makes it desirable and beautiful. You can install this idol in your home or your office. We often offer prayers to Lord Ganesh before beginning anything new, as He is the omen of positivity, good fortune and wisdom. Whereas, Black Jade gemstone attracts money, absorbs negative emotion and lends courage.


  • Black Jade stimulates the Root Chakra.
  • Absorbs and transforms negative emotions
  • Brings peace and positivity
  • Wards of negativity

  • Height: 7 inches
    Base Dimension: 4.3 (L) X 2.9 (W) inches
    Weight: 1.825 kgs