Blue Sapphire Shivlinga - 800 carats


INR 36,000.00


Made from a 100% single piece of natural Blue Sapphire.

Lingam prepared from natural gemstone is said to impart fame and prosperity as per Linga Purana . Shivalingam blesses the home with harmony and abundance. Worship of this connects a devotee with the Supreme Being Lord Shiva. Each Lingam puja, step by step, takes the devotee to the eternal truth that he/she is part of the Supreme Being.

Blue Sapphire is an extremely powerful stone. If it proves conducive for a person, it can bless one with immense good luck, wealth and prosperity, and grant unexpected riches & sudden financial gains. Blue Sapphire also protects from misfortunes, accidents, unexpected & natural calamities, and guards one from unforeseen risks & dangers. This Gem stone guards one from all evil, purifies the mind and increases flow of positive energy and thought. It is specially recommended for protection.

Height: 1.9 inches
Diameter of Base: 1.7 inches
Length of yoni base: 2.2 inches
Weight: 800 Carats / 160 gms